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THEBES, EGYPT – Graffiti has been found all over the city bearing the tag #BelievePotipharsWife. Digging into the story, Men of the West has found credible accusations of attempted rape by a Hebrew slave, Joseph.
“My husband was away on one of his many business trips,” the wife of Potiphar reports. “While he was gone, the chief steward had the audacity to come into my room and try to force himself on me! I screamed, and managed to catch a hold of his garment. He ran out of the room, and when my husband returned, I told him what happened. He had that filthy Hebrew thrown in prison! I hope he rots there!”
“It was completely out of character for him,” Potiphar said. “I bought a young man from some Ishmaelite traders, and I tell you, he was the hardest worker I’ve ever seen. My gardens were tended, my affairs were profitable, and my household ran like the Nile–everything on time, all the time.” Things took a dark turn when he returned from Giza last month. “My wife met me at the door. She told me what happened, and showed me his clothes that he left when she screamed. What was I supposed to do? How could I trust him? I banished him to the prison. Good luck getting someone as beautiful as my wife there!”

Akun, a friend of the imprisoned slave, was devastated. “He was the best boss I’d ever had. He made sure I had all I needed to do my job. I don’t know how he could have done such a thing.”
Patra, a servant girl of Potiphar’s wife, assured us that she was telling the truth. “All the men in the household want her. It’s obvious with how they look at her. She’s just lucky she could get a good scream out.”
Nevertheless, a rumor among the slaves in the city has started that states that Potiphar’s wife actually tried to persuade the slave to be with her. An underground war is raging, with tags of “#InnocentSlave” being overwritten with “#BelievePotipharsWife”.
City officials state that graffiti removal is moving up in priority.
For an account of this story that hews more closely to the truth, see here.

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