Panic Gardening (Sorta)

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I’m not panic buying, but I have to admit I’m panic gardening a little.

50 broccoli seedlings, a bunch of mixed greens, 50 Ethiopian kale seedlings, (actually a mild mustard green), a handful of tomato plants, a handful of bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger, a bunch of herbs, and I’m trimming and prepping all my grape vines, fruit trees, etc…

And replanting lots of oak tree seedlings that sprung up, because they are good long-term goat feed.

Yeah I doubt it will come to this, but I told myself when I moved here that one goal was to be able to go off-grid if I had to, so this is a mini-test of that.

Next, I’ll be on to the underground plants: potatoes, sweet potato, peanuts, yams, all stuff that can provide lots of calories for little work.

Another benefit? I am getting a little more exercise and fresh air.


  1. #MeToo

    Converting a couple of flower beds into veggie beds, and I’m going to be building some long planters to convert deck edges into narrow leafy-veg gardens.

    Plus I picked up a whole tassel of seeds this morning that I’ll be putting into the deep freezer for next year – stuff like squash that tends to get cross-pollinated in my garden…

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