Partners in Crime

April 9, 2021
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We all know that the Feds and Democratic commie states have no desire to protect the rights of Americans. What is surprising to see is a Republican governor abandoning Americans as well. I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked, because cucks gonna cuck.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson recently went full retard on Tucker Carlson while trying to defend his veto of a bill that would protect children from tranny hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

Governor Hutchinson would sign a bill that prohibits tranny hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery for minors, but he also won’t sign a bill that prevents tranny hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery for minors.

What a fucking retard.

It’s okay for the government to pass laws that prevent minors from drinking or smoking or getting married or buying a gun or joining the military, even if the parents support those choices. But when it comes to trannies, hey now! The government can’t get between a parent and minor and doctor when we’re talking about cutting off breasts and chemical castration! MUH LIMITED GOVERNMENT, TUCKER!

To further his retardedness, Hutchinson runs to The New York Times to double down.

What is happening right now in America is elected leaders are abandoning their responsibility to protect the rights of Americans. Government does have certain roles and responsibilities. All sane Americans believe in some government.

The primary function of government as envisioned by the Founders was to protect our rights and prevent people from defrauding or harming their fellow Americans.

Minor children deserve to be protected from physical, irreversible harm. If government has any responsibility at all, it’s to protect minors from physical, irreversible harm, even if the parents support the harm. We don’t let parents beat or starve their children.

I supposed we shouldn’t be surprised. Government hasn’t been able to stop moms and dads from murdering their babies through abortion, so why should they stop moms and dads who want to let their child cut his dick off or cut her breasts off?

Government mandating vaccines? EVIL! Corporations mandating vaccines? TOTALLY OK CUZ MUH FREE MARKET! Businesses refusing to serve people without a mask or vaccine? WONDERFUL! Businesses refusing to serve blacks? RACIST BIGOTS THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD SHUT YOU DOWN! Government telling minors they can’t drink alcohol. PERFECT! Government telling minors they can’t chop off their breast? CONSERVATIVES HAVE TO SUPPORT LIMITED GOVERNMENT!

I think I hate libertardians more than commies, and I’m starting to hate conservatives, too. They are totally fucking useless.

Our rights are ours. They come from God. What good is it to say government can’t take away our rights, but then let corporations take them away? What good is the government if they can’t prevent doctors and parents from harming kids?

How long will we allow evil commies to use government and corporations to destroy Americans and America?

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


  1. […] Trymian over at Men of the West has it right. “MUH LERRMERRTURRRD GURRRVMERRRRNT!!!” libertardians and cuckservatives like Asa Hutchinson are absolutely f***ing useless. Libertoonianism and cuckservatism fail because they have no core philosophy or position to defend. They are inherently negative philosophies and their adherents almost (not always, but ALMOST) inevitably give way like toilet paper dipped in battery acid under any real pressure. […]

  2. “…If you want to broaden the party…”

    We don’t. A party with a big tent is the party of the god of this world.

    Caring about who is ‘on our side’ is no longer helpful. Get used to the idea that the surrounding nations/communities will NEVER be on our side and stand up for Truth regardless.

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