The Incentive Of Civilization

April 15, 2021
2 mins read

by Den Blonde Ulven

We men are simple creatures. We like honor, glory, comaraderie, alcohol, good times, and of course legendary stories to pass on to our children. But these things are not enough to satiate our appetite for one of the most important roles we are given: to build civilization.

Whatever it is that feminists like to drawl on about, women do not build. And lest any female readers get their panties in a wad over my previous statement, let me clarify myself to avoid any and all confusion as well as criticism. WOMEN. DO. NOT. BUILD. Compare any- and I mean any– female meetup to a male meetup. Even the nerdiest of male Dungeons and Dragons groups are more productive than top-tier female groups can muster. From what I understand, it usually involves gossip, fashion, and a comparison of who is the largest victim of that particular moment.

And if the nerdy D&D session is not the clear enough winner in the previous example, go into a place of pure masculine patriarchy. A martial arts or weightlifting gym, an old school monastery, an engineering meeting, or even online discussions on if 6 million seems a bit high. Some take physical reality and attempt to conform to it. Others need a hype up to hit a PR on bench. What they all have in common is men trying to figure out how to achieve certain goals.

And the most fantastic of goals is civilization. Make no mistake, men build civilization. Everything from the physical buildings, to the ideas on which the true foundations lie. But, civilization is a multi-generational endeavor that requires an unbelievable amount of dedication and maintenance. And something as grand as this requires the greatest of motivations to undertake.

And that motivation? Women.

Women are not what civilize. They are the incentive for men to civilize. Men build civilization for women. And why is this the case? Because civilization is a multi-generational effort, which by definition requires children. And what makes children? Women.

What we have in the modern world is the destruction of men’s incentive to build. If one wants to destroy a nation, which is the more effective way of doing it: Killing all the men? Or empowering all the women? Seeing as all the nations utterly decimated from World War I were quite readily replaced after the war, the first cannot be the case. And if fertility rates are to be believed, empowered women have done a right proper job of obliterating the said rates of the Western nations.

This strategy explains many phenomena that exist: interracial porn, educating women, encouraging women to leave home and go on “experiences” traveling abroad (read sleep around with exotic foreigners), mass immigrating the 3rd world to dilute the gene pool as well as destroy the male’s ability to provide a living wage for his family. The entire point is to make the Western female population as repulsive as possible to the Western male.

This need not be taken as a black pill. In fact, it is one of the most encouraging signs that could exist. We Western men are so strong, that our enemy need resort to wickedly deceitful tactics, generational propaganda, and taking the fight to our incentive rather than face us head on. I do not believe their fears to be misplaced. When the women of the West get upset, the media eats it up, popularizes it, and maybe get a few laws changed or people metoo-ed. When the men of the West get upset, we rewrite maps.

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  1. It disappoints me to no end that as a man eligible for social security that I have seen so many on the DR and other advocacy groups spend their time on blogs and stuff trying to advocate for western civ, but are either PUA’s, MIGTOW, or gay in their personal life and Never going to have the children whose future they are supposedly advocating for. the common whine is “don’t have money !” . BS , it doesn’t stop other groups from having children. Only the trad Catholics get the importance of this .

    • I would say there are far fsr more “quiver full” people than just trad Catholics.

      Although i greatly respect the trad catholics for this!

    • Also brother, i’m not super Social Media savy or acronym savy.

      What is “DR”, “MIGTOW”, “PUA”

      Thanks and God bless from a young Man of the West with 5 sons and 1 daughter.

    • There are many many Protestants who understand this also, the problem is most of them don’t have a church, or are the only ones in their church who understand. You can find a few pockets here and there, but by and large everyone is atomized.

  2. PUA- Pickup Artists. pump and dump mentality.
    MGTOW- Men going their own way. Ignoring women entirely
    don’t know what DR is.

    • Dissident right , similar ton alt right . As a trad catholic I believe children are gods greatest gift. My nearly broke relatives in the mountains of west Virginia had and raise children . and the kids turned out to be faithful and loving . some of them were materially successful , and some just get by. they are all tremendous blessings to their parents.

  3. I don’t know about DR and PUA, but MIGTOW is Men Going Their Own Way. They’re straight men who have, for what ever reason, have stopped chasing women.

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