Wake up, Neo.

Physicals vs Virtuals

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People are becoming more aware of the fight we face and are putting words to their thoughts and the reality they see on the ground. It doesn’t have to be a fight, but given the nature of Man and human history, it’ll be a fight.

So who is fighting? It’s people who live and work in the real world, farm the bounty from God’s green earth, and build with metal and wood, versus people who live in virtual reality, control digits and information across a global network, and believe that their Internet metaverse is real.

About three weeks ago, The Z Man published The Covid Matrix over at Taki’s Mag. When I read it I thought, “Yep. He’s onto something.”

When you examine the online left, you begin to see what can best be called the “many false realities” problem of modern technological societies. For these people, the prospect of Hitler magically appearing to enslave humanity is more real than their daily experiences in the regular world. They are motivated to act by the imaginary things they experience online, but unmoved by observable reality.

The Z Man, The Covid Matrix

The laptop class and government workers have been living in a dream world, Neo. They operate in a computer generated “reality” that they think they can control.

N.S. Lyons calls the two groups the Physicals and Virtuals is his recent post Reality Honks Back.

… all this seems like such a perfect reflection of the Reality War.

In that essay, I noted how from the perspective of those with the most wealth and power, as well as the technocratic managers and the intelligentsia (our “priestly class, keepers of the Gnosis [Knowledge]”), digital technology and global networks seem to have created “an unprecedented opportunity for Theory to wrest control from recalcitrant nature, for liquid narrative to triumph over mundanely static reality, and for all the corrupt traditional bonds of the world to be severed, its atoms reconfigured in a more correct and desirable manner.”

– N.S. Lyons, Reality Honks Back

I encourage you to read both pieces. Then go for a walk and breathe in the real world.

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


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