Should You Vote?

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I’ve been checking out the online intelligentsia lately and there seems to be a consensus among them that it is now cool to not vote. These folks don’t think of themselves as a peer group and hold themselves to be above the average joe, but they exhibit the same behaviors as any other bunch of teenagers.

It is obvious that most of ’em are highly intelligent folk with reasoning capacity out the wazoo, but the younglings are still striving to be fashionable. One highly respected fella puts this crap out, and the rest stumble over themselves to agree.

“oooo! That sounds shocking and witty. I should think that, too.”

And so the online idiots fan out to spread this crap.

Never once have I seen the operative concept applied.


It’s your damn job to vote. Go do it. Get off your lazy ass, figure out which is the best, or the lesser of two evils, whichever barometer you decide matters, and pull the lever.

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  1. Might even be a bit of fun to encourage folks on the left to be too cool to vote. You could even mention the Kung Flu as a reason to avoid voting in person and the chances that a mail-in ballot could transmit it.

    It is a lot easier to get ten opponents to stay home that to get ten good folks out to vote. Trying for both would be good.

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