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Editor’s note: We present a guest post by Don’t Swayze Bro.

Since at least the implementation of the Income Tax, the Usurped United Statesian Melted Pot Man has spread with such virulence that even the sane remnant of Americans may be forgiven for suffering an identity crisis.

“Perhaps,” thinks the American, “the Melted Pot Man, a monstrous hybrid of competing foreign interests and native platitudes, is what he says he is: the true American, the real McCoy, the progeny and rightful heir of the forefathers, the U.S. Constitution and all its amendments, prenumbrae and interpretations.”

So thorough has the Ministry of Truth’s campaign against the American been that the American has learned to keep so much to himself that he can no longer be recognized by his national brethren.

The American may have lost sight of the things that make him American. When the American is scolded for not wearing a mask, he reminds the mask nazi that she is not wearing two masks, and she is as much out of social favor — as dictated by the CDC, PSAs and the Usurper-in-Chief — as he himself is. When he does don the mask, it is to conceal his identity in occupied territory, so that he may move freely to do the needful. But he otherwise keeps his mouth shut, and falls silent because even his mildest utterances are vaporized by the Loving Hate of the Usurper.

The real American has read Alinsky’s rules, or SJWs Always Lie, or Gramsci’s Letters from Prison, and certainly the Communist Manifesto and GB Shaw’s Fabian Essays in Socialism. He understands the enemy, is aware of the footholds in the systems of the world that Satan has freely given to his slaves. He has read his Sun Tzu at least that far.

But the American may not fully understand his own forces, his own power and his own identity, so after a number of jarring awakening moments (perhaps starting with the collapse of the world-reigning Soviet Union, then the Y2K fakery, 9/11, “compassionate conservatism”, the fat mannishness of practical feminism and the Game fad, GamerGate, MAGA, and the Chinese overthrow of the U.S. Government) the American has started to take inventory:

The American is in much greater company than once believed. The Americans, you see, have not been talking to one another. They have not been putting their social shields (hard-earned against the flying barbs of the soft Huxleyan takeover of the country) down for their allies, and therefore have not seen them.

Instead, they have seen the Steward of Gondor, paralyzed, rotting in age and fear upon a throne he holds in the stead of the rightful king, awaiting the dark, awaiting his moment to become a mere faggot for the fire. They look north to the Spire, where a former powerful ally has become a treacherous foe, a rainbow colored flag flies above his degenerate nation. Of course, the black south gathers its hordes of multicultural fiends, intent on breaking the Good.

What the Americans do not see is each other. Not yet. But the voting system in America was raped and murdered before American eyes. And the MeToo Usurpers scream, “no evidence! And if there were, she was asking for it, anyhow.”

And, in dismay or possibly shock against the double crime of rape and denial, the lone American lowered his shield for a moment; long enough to look across the lines, and, for the first time, perhaps in decades, see other Americans. Americans who look like him, who act like him, who think like him.

The enemy has taken away all the distractions that kept the American isolated: the false likemindedness of sporting events, the politics-free banality of white television, even the small luxury of time-share elitism of the casino. In its place, Sunday afternoon attendance-free racism seminars, hilariously mixed-race same-sex mutant romances and betting on fraudulent elections has donned the skinsuit. The American walks an unfamiliar, blasted land, with only childhood memories of real America (if that) to guide him.

So the American dons the mask when it suits his campaign. The American Anonymously studies himself and the fields around him, and most importantly, the American studies his dual citizenship:

The American, by faith, is also (and dominantly) a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. Through faith in Jesus Christ, he has been brought into the Kingdom, and lives and studies under its social order. The laws and customs of this citizenship are at several levels, contrary to any citizenship of this world, but in some ways, in least conflict with the norms of nations which have attempted in the past to subject their law to the higher law of Heaven. The American remembers that Melting Pot U.S., and what it has degenerated into, is not the Nation, and is the Nation’s enemy and conqueror. The American knows that and now bends his knee to his rightful King, and salutes the rightful flag of his earthly nation – the American flag of Gadsen or Washington’s Cruisers or Moultrie or even voluntary Colonial. The American knows what those flags represent, and no traitor regularly salutes them like he might (when it suits his venial interests) the Imperial stars and bars of the Usurped States.

As a son of the Kingdom, the American is on a mission to, gentle as a dove, subtil as a serpent, welcome the lost and to invite sinners into citizenship. As a son of liberty, as a native son of America, the American is on a mission, gentle as a dove, subtil as a serpent, to gather forces, survey the field, strategically strike back at the Usurper Americans until they are driven deep into their wet shelters and fevered swamps, whilst their leaders are hanged to death in public view.

The American prepares for violence. The American knows how to use his weapons, and trains to use them. The American puts on the full armor of God every day, to declare salvation and to slaughter the wicked.

The American has a wife and children and maybe grandchildren to protect and raise up while he struggles against powers and principalities. The American knows he can only do this under the command of God and in alliance other Americans.

And, now, at long last, the American can see that he is not alone. Despite the 150 year campaign to suppress the American mind, to unperson him, to melt him along with all the foreign, globalist contaminants, to destroy the good, to obscure the truth, the scales have fallen from his eyes.

Today the American can identify his allies, because today the American can see himself in the mirror.

The American is you.

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