Senator John McCain, husband, father, traitor, died this past August 25th. This was about 50 years later than he should have died. He should have been executed for treason during the Vietnam Era. Some say not to speak ill of the dead, but dying doesn’t magically transform an evil man in to one to be revered; the false narrative must be countered, the truth must be told.

The esteemed Alan Stang wrote an article about McCain back in 2008 and this is what he had to say:

Toiling daily for many years in a suburb of Phoenix is a lady unknown to most Americans. But the moving finger that writes history loves to play little jokes. A man named Hussein, many of whose relatives are Muslims, who cavorts with Communists, has a voting record worse than Hillary’s and belongs to a racist, anti-American church, could be our next President, because a man named Jack Ryan fell out with his wife, about which more in a piece to come.

And the moving finger could be about to push the Phoenix lady into prominence. She is Patty Hopper. Mrs. Hopper is the wife of retired Army Colonel Earl Hopper, an airborne troop, whose troublesome knees she attributes to his penchant for “jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.” She runs an outfit called Task Force Omega and spends most of her waking hours researching the hundreds of U.S. military men every Administration has left behind in Southeast Asia since Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger disgraced the Oval Office.

One of those men is Colonel Earl Hopper, Jr., who was shot down in the area and never recovered. Another man she knows almost everything about is John Sidney McCain, putative Republican presidential candidate this year. That is why she could come to well deserved prominence. On a video I saw recently, Mrs. Hopper explained one aspect of McCrud’s long career. Task Force Omegaï’s URL is Or call her at (623) 979-5651.

We all know that the North Vietnamese Communists became quite proficient at shooting down our planes. How? In order to get medical treatment for his injuries when he was shot down, John Sidney McCrud told them what to do. He told them the altitude our aircraft were flying, their heading, where and when they would turn and how they entered North Vietnam. He told them which targets had been selected, a bridge, an ammo or fuel dump, a railroad, etc.

Col. Hopper, Sr. explains what the Communists did with the information McCrud provided them. The Vietnamese “naturally moved their anti- aircraft defenses into those areas and built them up and strengthened them. They also moved the rockets, aircraft weapons, into the ‘package route’ where the airplanes were flying in or egressing. The result of this, according to the information that came out later on, in intelligence, was that the Vietnamese started knocking down our aircraft in greater amounts than they had before. In fact, there was an estimate that we started losing 60% more aircraft and more men than we had previously. This went on for about a month, and it got so bad, that they finally called off the bombing of North Vietnam because of the information that McCain had given to them.”

No doubt this is the reason John Sidney McCrud has worked as frenetically as he has to bury DOD records about what happened there. No doubt it helps explain why he has prevented the return of POWs we know are still there and why he has been so inexcusably rude to POW families. He has managed to sequester some thirty two treason tapes he made for North Vietnam, but men who returned from captivity and who are still alive have heard them.

So, in a few respects at least, John Sidney McCrud is very like Hillary Rodham Clinton. Both of them are extremely obnoxious. Both routinely drop the F-Bomb on whoever happens to get in their way. Both scream loudly to get it. Some politicians are associated in the public mind with certain crimes. If I say, “Harding,” you think Teapot Dome. If I say, “Nixon,” you think Watergate. If I say, “Barney Frank,” you automatically think buggery and sodomite prostitution.

But when I say “McCrud,” or “Hillary,” you don’t know where to start. In both cases, there is a lifelong train of unspeakable crime. In the womanoid’s career, for instance, there are those dozens of corpses, including the women and children who died in the massacre at Waco.

There is the rape victim she intimidated, to protect Attorney General husband Bill, the rapist. It continues today. As I write, she must testify in a trial for fraud in Los Angeles. And has she hired dozens of private detectives, just in case any of those 800 super delegates have anything in their pasts they could be blackmailed about, like bareback Client No. 9, who has just resigned as Governor of New York?

In McCrud’s case, there are the fellow Navy pilots who died because of the information he gave the Communist enemy. Indeed, there are the some 132 men he killed himself on the U.S.S. Forrestal. Of course we shall go through all of this in pieces to come. We shall certainly cover Hussein, but he is not old enough to have done anything resembling the exploits of these others.

Stang lays out just some of McCain’s bloody legacy. The man never met a group of people he didn’t want to bomb. The McCain Feingold Act was a Constitutional abomination and his blind hatred for Trump seemed to be a mixture of jealousy and fear that his Deep State buddies were about to be exposed. And don’t forget to look up McCain’s “Tokyo Rose” recordings if this hasn’t convinced you enough.

The flags flew at half-staff over the White House as per protocol, but it was just a polite fiction. Apparently now, McCain’s body is going to lie in state first at the Arizona Capitol and then in D.C through an agreement made by Mitch McConnell and coordinated with Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. More puppet theater. A last gasp at trying to legitimize the legacy of a traitorous bastard.

So, good riddance you filthy pig, you didn’t serve your country, you served yourself. Now you face judgement.