Author: Phantom

Alt-Right or Die

It’s not a threat; it’s an admonition. Depending on who you listen to, the Alt-Right is a small but loud group of homophobic, racist, Nazi, hatemongers that should be completely ignored because we’ll amount to nothing. On a different day, the same people will tell you that we’re dangerous and needed to be shouted down or beat down or jailed along with climate change deniers. Here’s what the Alt-Right actually is. Here at Men of the West we consider ourselves Hard-Right, which is a more highly engaged strain of the Alt-Right. I believe the cuckservatives/moderates fear the Alt-Right even...

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The Moral Reflex

What is a moral reflex? It’s the immediate, raw reaction you have to wrongdoing, injustice, goodness and righteousness. Let’s start with the basics. If a clerk hands you too much change at the store, do you instantly correct the mistake, or is your first thought telling you to keep it? You might still do the right thing, but what was your first intention? That is your moral reflex. For most of us, we would hope that our moral reflex would compel us to save a child in mortal danger, to tell the truth, to act righteously from a base...

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Trump’s First Joint Address To Congress: Insights

If you didn’t watch President Trump’s speech last night, I encourage you to go watch the whole thing. I’m not going to focus on the political content of the speech, as there’s plenty of that elsewhere. Let’s discuss the impact of the speech instead. Trump was very well prepared tonight; he spoke with confidence and aplomb. Unlike his predecessor, Trump rarely uses the word “I” in his speeches. He stays focused on the issues he’s addressing rather than himself; it’s a refreshing change. This was, arguably, his best speech ever. He held back on the sarcasm and turned up the...

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Trump’s America: 30 Days In

One month ago today, safe spaces were destroyed, butts were hurt, and the California drought ended because of the flood of liberal tears. Donald Trump, the man they said couldn’t win, the man they lied about and constantly defamed, was elected the 45th President of the United States of America. There were protests, minor riots and yes, some people were hurt. Most people thought it would all die down after a few days, and we’d get on with the business of being Americans again. Those people were wrong. Today, Trump has a 55% approval rating. Trump, without even having...

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Useless Protesters

A week ago today, Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States of ‘Murica.  The anti-Trump protests are not only still going, they’re intensifying. I could fill this page with hundreds of images and and videos and news stories showing people getting out of hand, breaking windows, starting fires, beating perceived Trump supporters, shouting anti-White epithets and generally acting like complete idiots. You’ve seen plenty of that already. Who has time to riot for a week? Do these people not have jobs? If not, shouldn’t they be looking for jobs or starting businesses or doing neighborhood watch...

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