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How to Defeat Antifa: Show Up

Although we’re winning The Great Meme War of 2017, we won’t defeat Antifa on that front. We already have a massive troop count of keyboard commandos sharing links, memes, taunts and even a few share serious and valuable information. I don’t want to discourage that, but it won’t win the war either. There is only one way to defeat Antifa and other such elements: show up. Show up to rallies, show up to marches, show up to protests. Show up to any event that makes these little cockroaches crawl out of their garbage piles and come out to play....

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Antifa & Red Guards Admits Defeat in Austin

On the heels of yesterday’s post wherein I chronicled the punching of commies and the seizing of pizzas, the bastards have admitted defeat. You can find the archived version of their defeat here (let’s not send any traffic their way). Even in defeat, they can only manage to use the passive voice. In their own words: In the final analysis we cannot conclude International Worker’s Day in Austin to have been a success, so this public statement must necessarily serve a dual purpose as a self-criticism. Red Guard Austin has done this for the last 3 years. However, they were easily defeated...

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Antifa Routed In Austin

Yes. We bullied Antifa. We punched them in the face. We took their flags. And we ate their pizza. First and foremost, I want to boast that I got to punch a commie. In the defense of one of my fellow Americans that was being attacked, I actually got to punch a commie. Granted, he was a weak, noodle-y looking thing, but I got a shot in before the cops stepped in the middle of it and prevented more. I also got a souvenir from one of them. I kept offering to give it back to them if one...

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Thank God For AntiFa

The Men of the West are beginning to stir. No longer content to be a keyboard warrior locked in an a echo chamber of his own choosing, the Man of the West is rubbing the sleep from his eyes, getting outside and taking action. This past week saw AntiFa suffer a major blow when they were caught off guard by well prepared Men of the West, prepared to defend the liberty we cherish. Thank God for AntiFa. Thank God for AntiFa. Thank God these liberty hating morons are revealing themselves to us so willingly. Thank God they’re making it easy...

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Libertarian to Alt-Right: Flight from Utopia

I was a libertarian (small L, I’ve never been a Libertarian Party member) before I even knew what the word meant. Now I call myself a full-fledged adherent of the Alt-Right, or even Hard-Right if you prefer. If you don’t know what these terms mean, read here, and here. After leaving the military in the late 80’s, I became friends with a pastor who was delving into church and state issues. Before that, I wasn’t so much apolitical as just simply ignorant; I had never stopped to consider it before. What I discovered got my blood boiling; I had...

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