The Devil's Pattern

July 6, 2017
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As Christians, we accept two great Truths. God lives and evil is real. We accept there’s an architect to this evil, commonly referred to as Satan or the Devil.

Although the adversary’s ways are subtle, and his lies are soft and appealing, his plan is always the same: subvert, pervert, and invert. 

He’s been doing that since the start. In the Garden, God gave Adam and Eve one command: don’t eat the fruit.

Satan shows up, his first act was to start subverting.

“So let me get this straight, Eve baby, you can’t eat from any of the trees, right? You know that’s crazy.”

“Well now, God didn’t say that. He said we can eat from all the trees, but that one, because we’ll die.”

“Oh please. That old line? You won’t die. God’s holding out on you. See, if you eat that fruit, you will be like God himself with your eyes open and know how to have a good time. The Big Guy, he doesn’t want people to have a good time. Lame.”

“But God said–“


“I..I don’t…”

“Shhhhhh… Just eat. You’ll like it! It’ll blow your mind.”

And we all know how well that worked out.

 Subvert, pervert, and invert.

Subvert God’s commandments.

Pervert the meaning.

Invert the intention.


You can see the devil’s hand when those things are evident.

 Take gay “marriage”, please. First step, subvert the simple foundational truth, “Well, marriage is something optional.”

 Next, pervert. “Marriage should be for anyone in love!”

 Then, invert. “Gay marriage is more stable and better then cis-het ‘marriage‘.” 

 If you ever are confused about a situation, just see what’s happening. If it fits that pattern, you are looking at Satan’s handiwork.


  1. Subvert: “Couples who adopt are morally superior for showing love to strangers.”
    Pervert: “You should prove how superior you are by adopting children as foreign as possible.”
    Invert: “Giving birth to black triplets instead of yoir own kids is a blow against racism.”

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