There is the disturbing and utterly false idea that a Christian must always turn the other cheek, no matter the provocation. Not only is this false in both scriptural context as well as historical fact, it is, in fact, a heresy, a crime and a sin to do so at times.

In Catholic catechism, it is in fact a duty to protect and defend against the attacks of enemies, regardless of their nature being spiritual or material.

And if you happen to belong to one of the heretic sects of Churchianity that thinks the Catholics are wrong, bite me Churchian. The Catholics ARE the reason Western Civilisation exists. They stopped the Saracens (that’s Muslim invaders to you illiterate millennials) in the only way those savage demon-spawns understand: by killing them. A lot. And throwing their Satanic asses and foul, demonic practices back into the sea. The first crusade was not only a good thing, it was a great thing. Of course in its details it can be vicious, messy, cruel, but never as much as the perverse violence the Islamists inflicted on the Levant and Europe for centuries before the Christians responded.

Read up on what the crusades actually were by going back to source historical documents from both sides. If you do nothing else on this read at least the book by Harold Lamb, The Crusades (no subtitles, published in 1942).

What does that have to do with Christianity today? Everything.

Being a Christian means having a clear and absolute position on good and evil.

We are human and fallible, so we must temper our zeal with compassion and love, but sometimes, that means kicking ass. Not metaphorically either, and it is true, never in the name of God, for God is love, and we do not know enough of it to be able to act in accordance with it. If you are brave, good, kind and filled with God’s love enough to be a martyr for him, then we salute you and respect you. But if you are not one of the true martyrs, you either get your shield and sword and stand next to us and start swinging, or you’re a Churchian, in which case… woe erode you,  because you’re gonna be on the other side of my shield and sword.kurgan-2

The only alternative left is that you’re a woman or a child or somehow infirm, and as such, deserving of protection. If so, of course, you are automatically completely, utterly, and irrevocably, precluded from having any position that gives you authority or even just input into anyone or anything beyond yourself.

Do you know why churches are dying? Because of Churchianity. The feminisation of churches. The inclusivity, feminist, mindrot, Marxist infestation of truth with wormtongue things like Vatican II.

Stop being a pussy. Be a man. Read your Bible. Read the Catechism of the council of Trent (pre Vatican II infestation) Read the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Canon Law (sotto, free of Vatican II infestation).

Know that it is your DUTY to speak out against lies and liars, to fight and if need be go to war to defend truth.

Yes, homosexuality is a perversion. Yes, it leads to further perversion. Look it up. Read the statistics. Yes NAMBLA is evil and it and everyone in it should be cleansed with purifying fire and the land where they stood salted for good measure. No, we are not all equal. No, we never will be. No, you are not that special, like Shania Twain said in the song. Yes, truth matters. Always. No, it’s not relative. Yes, it IS absolute. Yes, we are all sinners, but if you think you can use some kind of guilt trip to prevent me from bashing your skull in if you deserve it, you got another thought coming to you.

I don’t care what skin color you have. That’s right. I don’t care. If you are black and you behave like a monkey on crack, you are gonna meet with some harsh truth. And your little bitch-squealing of “racisss!” will mean precisely fuck all to me, nigger.

I don’t care if you think our white skin makes us Aryan brothers. Fuck you and your Nazi inbred faggotry. I don’t care.

Here is what I care about: Truth.

You lie, and I see you doing it, you are a liar. Whether Nigger, Kike, white trash, spic, dago, fag, dyke, or whatever other deviant bucket-job you happen to be.

If  you care about the truth and fight for it, I’ll fight right alongside you. Even if you’re a Goddamned gay Protestant.

No. None of us is clean. Not one. So don’t you forget it when you try and get one over me or mine, or my friends or my city, or anything I care about. I will club you in the face like a damned barbarian. And if I feel too bad about it, I’ll go to confession and say a few Hail Marys afterwards. But I will turn no cheek to you, liar.