2016 Troll of the Year Awards

December 1, 2016
2 mins read

We would like to announce the first annual Men of the West Troll of the Year Awards.   We have decided to honor the many dedicated trolls out there with their very own award.  Trolling is an art form to be appreciated and indeed all of society benefits from the chaotic entertainment trolls bring.  Trolls often bring attention to uncomfortable topics and skewer those who would otherwise be untouchable.  Its easy to hate the Trolls today…  indeed it is even fashionable.  But not here.   Here we will celebrate them.
The 2016 Social Media Parody of the Year Nominations:

The 2016 Satire Site of the Year Nominations:

The 2016 Troll of the Year Nominations:

  • Donald J. Trump: for his presidential campaign.  Who can forget the masterful way the President-Elect played the media over and over again?  And let’s face it… his comment about Mexican rapists was classic old-school trolling.   Make a comment that superficially sounds awful but on close examination isn’t, then stand back and watch the explosion.  Or in this case… ride it to the White House.  Well played Sir.
  • Godfrey Elfwick: for his epic trolling of the GuardianWe could just name these the Elfwicks and give them all to him.  The man is like a troll savant.  If we ever create a lifetime achievement award for trolling, it will really just be because we want to give it to him.  This particularly incident was noteworthy even for him though.  The real art is in the way the piece is written… it plays perfectly to the confirmation bias of the left… and yet has a trollish smell to it that cannot be missed by those of us on the right.
  • Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies: for nominating Chuck Tingle and My Little Pony for Hugo Awards.   Space Raptor Butt Invasion was nominated for the Hugo Awards.  Imagine the pretentious self-important types that hand out super important awards having to release that title or announce it at their stuffed-shirt ceremony.  Oh wait… we don’t have to imagine it.  We got to watch it live.  Thanks Vox.
  • The Baltimore Lyin’ Murderers: for the “Cheating to Win” game.   Its one thing to know the rules better than everyone else.  Its another to use the rulebook as a blunt force weapon to bludgeon the league that uses it.  Baltimore exploited a rule that does not add time back to the game clock after an offensive penalty.  So they just told all their players to blatantly commit holding penalties while the QB ran around and let the clock run out.  A million yellow flags hit the ground as soon as the play was over, but it didn’t matter.  Game over. Baltimore wins.  That’s some quality trolling.  Also…  Joe Flacco is not elite.
  • Senator Ted Cruz: for his speech at the GOP National Convention.   Some called it political suicide.  Some shouted praises of principled conservatism.  But everyone shouted… and that is the finest evidence of trolling there is.   The Senator from Texas as been an under-appreciated troll expert for years.  Let’s face it, the guy read Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor.
  • Jill Stein: for raising money for recounts in states Donald Trump won.  Campaign Finance Laws don’t apply to money being raised for recounts.   Call it shameless self-promotion… or a exploiting liberal butthurt in a blatant money grab…  either way it is clearly some quality trolling.



  1. In my opinion, it has to be Godfrey Elfwick. His trolling the Guardian is epic, but he is a brilliant troll every single day.
    Vox Day? Awesome troll. Probably the best single trolling incedent.
    Donald J Trump next. Hope he continues trolling… everyone.
    Next, Ted Cruz. It takes a lot of balls to do those things.
    The Balitmore Lying murderers in last place.
    Jill Stein should be disqualified. Using the law to enrich themselves (or breaking it) is not trolling. It’s what leftists do.

  2. I would like to thank you Mr Glass for employing our preferred nomenclature with respect to the team that plays in blatimore. Our official site policy on them is utter contempt.

  3. Godfrey Elfwick should win Social Media. Don’t know about the satire category, as I can’t read satire lest it trigger me.
    Troll of the Year has to be Donald Trump. He put out consistent, repeated efforts resulting in not only butthurt on an international scale, but exposing hypocrisy along every step of the way. His trolling will have lasting effect.
    Godfrey’s Guardian piece was great, but frankly it’s been done before. Probably third place. Nobody will care next week.
    Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies (great name for a rock band btw) trolling the Hugos is runner-up. Anyone writing media hit pieces will forever be able to say “The Hugo Awards, with nominations as distinguished as Space Raptor Butt Invasion, are once again…”
    Nobody cares about the NFL; the game trolls itself. Roger Goodell should have been the nominee, however, because that might just have taken the #2 spot.
    Why is Ted Cruz on the list at all? His speech wasn’t remotely troll-like. He should, however, win something. How about a “Cringiest Person of the Year” contest, too? Ted Cruz, Hillary, Sargon for his social media porn meltdown, (((Ben Shapiro))), Glenn Beck. There must be more. Lots more. Maybe have a March Madness-style vote-off in December with the final two to be decided New Years Day.
    Jill Stein is a valid nominee, but I’d probably put her below No Award on my ballot. YMMV.
    Scott Adams should be on your list, btw. I’d pull a File 770 “Who made this slate?!” stunt, but that’d be trolling…

    • now now Quizzer… Cruz’s speech was glorious trolling. He had many people expecting he would endorse Trump… then made the speech build up like he was going to.. then didn’t. Judge the Troll by the fruits.. and if you recall… there was all kinds of butthurt shouting from everyone on all sides after that speech.

      • A valid point. I guess I expect more from trolls I admire, though. Standing in front of a national audience and lighting ones career on fire seems very commonplace. Presstitutes do it every day.

  4. President of the United States of Trolling (POTUSOT) sounds like a “#pizzagate joint” How can one outtroll “THE DON” He trolled his way to the most powerful (supposedly) exec position on the planet.

    • The Donald should likely be considered to the favorite to win the award. But today is a day to celebrate all those who have been nominated.

  5. The trolling done by some of the troll award nominations is troll-worthy trolling.
    Though it will be lost on some.

  6. The Ted CRuz speech should be attributed to Donald Trump, considering Trump played Cruz.
    Trump essentially trolled both his supporters in the primary and his detractors at the same time.
    Winner: Trump

  7. Tough call,it’s a shame that Godfrey and DT are in the same category but it has to be Trump for the win. I’m in awe of Godfrey as well.

  8. Trump is the obvious favorite for bringing Trolling to the world stage and demonstrating the true power of the troll. Very difficult to beat that, and he continues today with Taiwan and China.
    2016 though has been the best year for trolling I have ever seen, and Elfwick is a master.

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