There Is No Judeo-Western Anything

July 3, 2019
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Editor’s Note: The Distinguished Gentleman, Adam Piggot, has had many great articles lately. If you are not following his site, you are missing out. Here is another good one.
An article in the Aussie edition of The Spectator makes the claim that the churches of the West are in a bad way.

The churches of the West are in a bad way. You know it, I know it. Classical Liberal thinkers, both of faith and none, are understandably concerned about this. We know that the philosophy that underpins our freedoms, democratic systems, laws and very way of life are based on our Judeo-Christian heritage. Post-Modernism, the resurgence (yet again) of Marxism, and the never-ending climate of offence-taking and professional hysteria of the entitled classes are a very real and serious threat to our liberty, and to truth.

Did you spot it? Did you see the reference to that new and strange religion that used to be called Christianity but is now known as Judeo-Christianity? At this point in the article I roll my eyes and go into dismiss mode. I mean, if you can’t even get this right then you’re not worth my time. So I scroll down to see who wrote this drivel and would you believe it; no, I don’t think you will.
It’s a priest!

Fr Chris Yates was a UK policeman for 10 years before being ordained in the Church of England. He served as a priest in parishes in Australia and England before converting to Orthodoxy. He has also worked as a political adviser to Federal Senators.

I wonder when he was a bobby if he ran around arresting people under the name of our glorious Judeo-Westminister system of government? Or when he was defending the realm was it our great Judeo-British monarchy? Because that makes just as much as sense as Judeo-Christian. But now the Church is in such a bad way that he’s off to the Eastern Orthodoxy side.
Not the Judeo-Orthodoxy, mind you. That’s a rather curious omission to make in the context of things. Perhaps he doesn’t want to upset his new religion.
I suppose some of you are confused as the brainwashing and propaganda have worked on you up to this point so let me spell it out for you – there is no Judeo-Western anything. The West built itself and all of its institutions without the hindrance of the Jews. And to know just why the term Judeo-Christian is not just wrong but an abomination, have a listen to good old little Benny Shapiro when asked what he thinks of Jesus Christ.

The Jews consider Christ to be a criminal, at best. Try to reconcile that knowledge with the ongoing propaganda that Judaism and Christianity are all one and the same. All of our present troubles stem from our turning away from God, and in so doing our Church has been corrupted, and this is the greatest corruption of all. If we’re going to start fixing things then it has to start with this, whether you like it or not.


  1. The Judaeo- is a motte and bailey. They will first say “it only means that the Old Testament is part of the Bible and some things derive from it like Pentecost”. Then they will go full Zionist that we must support anything and everything Israel does.
    The Jewish approach to understanding (epistomology, metaphysics) is very different than the Christian approach. The moral systems are different. Even tolerance and universalism is uniquely Christian, and Jews reject it.
    If you did venn diagrams, the overlap between Jewish and Christian would likely be smaller than Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, or even Hinduism and Christian. There is a reason Jews can’t assimilate into Christian countries and remain Jewish. And why they were ejected when they became too noisome, obnoxious, and odious but didn’t see that they were doing anything wrong.
    Christianity is Christianity, not Helleno-Christian, Judaeo-Christian, Roma-Christian, Rational-Christian, etc.

  2. Adam Piggot is indeed correct to call out the misuse of this particular term, but I am going to hold my fire on Father Chris Yates.
    One because I am required to restrain my tongue when speaking to and about Orthodox Priests, and second because I have seen many people make this same mistake. It’s usually one born of our cultural programming that needs to be undone.
    As far as the term Judeo-Christian goes there are exactly three groups that I know of to whom it applies. The Ebionites, the Elecaites, and the Nazarenes. These are all Christians who where also Jewish, and have been dead for about 2000 years. The Rabbinic Jews made sure that the Judeo-Christian Traditions didn’t survive past the 1st century.

  3. You might want to read the Bible and see God’s view of the Jewish people. Yes they have blinders on as stated by a Jew named Paul. Romans chapter 13 might be a good place to start. To say Jews are not part of Western Civilization is so stupid it does not bear repeating. God deals with Israel bank on that. And it isn’t zionism Christian or not, that should guide Christians but scripture. Sola Scriptura
    You might also research 2 things why Satan has always wanted to destroy the Jewish people…for their blessing to the whole world. JESUS, and who Jesus refered to as My Bretheren

    • oh look, another follower of the Judeo- Christ! Do yourself a favor and put down the Scofield bible, Jay. Dispensationalism is heresy, you know. Also, could you show me where in the Bible is written the doctrine of Sola Scriptura? Oh and what miracles did Martin Luther perform?

    • “To say Jews are not part of Western Civilization is so stupid it does not bear repeating”
      Okay I will bite. We can demonstrate that Western Civilization has three foundation pillars.
      1) Christianity.
      2) Greco-Roman philosophy.
      3) European cultural traditions.
      Where does the Jewish Tradition fit in there?
      They rejected Christ & Christianity. Even the Jews that did accept some form of Christ (the Nazarenes, Elecaites, and Ebionites) where eradicated by the Rabbinic Jews in the first century. The Jewish Christians that did survive had to do so in the rest of the Roman empire.
      Second the Jewish philosophical tradition is its own, and Semitic (Eastern) in origin. They flatly rejected Greek philosophy as the stuff of “heathens” although they use a word with a far more negative connotation.
      Last the cultral traditions of the Jewish people are not the cultural traditions of the Europeans. Ask and Jew and they are quite clear that these are distinct things.
      “Sola Scriptura”
      Is logically unsupported by the Church’s 2 millennia of history and is the cause of majority of all modern heresy.

    • Jay, You’re a complete retard. And a fake Christian of the worst sort. Be gone from here you lying Churchian scum.
      Jesus referred to them as the synagogue of Satan and sola scriptura is so idiotic only a damned German who wanted to have sex with nuns could come up with it.
      And then he promptly changed the very same book he said should be the only inerrant guide.
      So, fat German that lusts for nuns fixes Bible before declaring it finally inerrant. You’re so ridiculous you make clown look like somber monks sworn to a vow of silence.

  4. “Even tolerance and universalism is uniquely Christian”
    Universalism and tolerance are cancer in the world of ethnocentrism.

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