Tommy Robinson Interview That Led To A U.K. Ban

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  1. Amazing. This is someone to support. I follow him on Twitter, but we need to follow him more closely.

  2. It’s incredible to watch him speak about each step of the abuse Britain subjected him to and at each step he has an expectation of fairness or lawfulness from his abusers. This must be an English thing. At some point you have to decide the country you are fighting for isn’t worth your concern.

    • That IS the most astonishing aspect of the whole thing from my perspective too.
      And yes… it must be an English thing.
      It’s like they enjoy being beaten repeatedly.
      Mind you, there is something to be admired in a man like that, and possibly it is such a quality that will lead him to be the fulcrum to change, but certainly it is not something one would choose.
      To be fair, he does admit, that to an extent, they made him.
      But yes… one would be far more sympathetic to a new November 5th plot after the treatment he received.

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