Traditional Latin Mass filmed on Easter Sunday in 1941

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I’m not Catholic but this is a thing of beauty.
“Traditional Latin Mass filmed on Easter Sunday in 1941 at Our Lady of Sorrows church in Chicago. The film presents the ceremonies of the Missa Solemnis or Solemn High Mass in full detail with narration by then-Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen. Celebrated by Rev. J. R. Keane of the Order of Servites (hence the white habits and cowls), the ceremonies are accompanied by a full polyphonic choir, orchestra, and fifty Gregorian Chanters.”


  1. That is beautiful. Note the position of the men’s hands. That means something. It is an indication of being a slave to Jesus. Also note the attire of the faithful. That means something. Thanks for posting this. Love.

  2. Thought y’all might like a little more info related to the video. Unfortunately, the quality is pretty low and the images are dark. A longer version with the intro material that is marginally better is here:
    Our Lady of Sorrows Church was designated a basilica by Pope Pius XII in the 1950’s. It is one of three basilicas in Chicago. The church is ‘home base’ for, built by and and has always been staffed by the Servite order. Today, its location is a horrible west-side Chicago neighborhood although it is relatively safe for crackers to go there on a Saturday morning. The black congregation is very small but they are very proud of their church.
    As you can see by this older postcard, the building is magnificent, originally with two towers.
    At some point in the recent past, lightning stuck one of the towers, burning it down to the roof level.×599.jpg
    The Servite order decided to take the insurance money and instead of rebuilding the tower, the interior was completely renovated. The interior, which is difficult to see in the video, is jaw-droppingly awesome. The nave has a coffered, barrel vault. Here are a few pics:
    You can find many more pictures by searching for ‘Our Lady of Sorrows Church Chicago’. The sanctuary is essentially the same today as in the video, albeit with the unfortunate addition of the Novus Ordo table in front of the main altar.
    In the video intro, it’s noted that the boy choir is from the Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral (Cathedral Choristers) while the adults are from seminarians from Chicago’s St. Mary’s Seminary. Up until the early 1970’s Chicago had about 70 boy choirs associated with different parishes.

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