Trump Tweets vs CNN Media Empire

July 7, 2017
2 mins read

All future Presidential candidates’ social media usage will be compared to Trump’s.

Trump rode a wave into the White House due to no small part his use of social media, specifically Twitter. (Twitter, as a company, probably won’t last more that eighteen months but the service could live on.) His tweets are the stuff of legends and he keeps getting more reaction from each one. 

This latest one, the one from the WWE and he clotheslines CNN, sparked off a chain reaction that could sink CNN.

Here’s the timeline as I understand it:

  • Trump Tweets meme:
  • CNN whines.
  • CNN gets mocked even more.
  • CNN reporter tracks down who he believes is responsible for the meme.
  • CNN reporter blackmails the guy into silence.
  • The meme creator might be a 15 year old kid, struggling to come out as gay.
  • Or not.
  • Or he could be a Mexican.
  • No one knows for certain, least of all CNN.
  • The one guy contacted by CNN offers an apology after the threat. You know, because it’s always better to apologize to the dude with a gun to your head.
  • The CNN reporter claims the apology was freely given.
  • CNN’s reporter openly admits to bullying and threatening the alleged memester. ( “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”
  • Twitter goes nuts with the meme of Trump destroying CNN. FB follows along.
  • CNN’s reporter gets prickly.
  • CNN Twitter suddenly goes radio silent.
  • /pol/ from 4chan declares open war on CNN if they don’t fire the reporter.
  • /pol/ is a group of autistic edgelords whose powers are both strange and frightening.
  • They can hunt Shia LaBoeuf anywhere in the world. Anywhere.
  • They found his flag in the middle of nowhere by lining up vapor trails from jets, train schedules, and field operatives. No one organized them. No one told them to do it. They just did for kicks.
  • Trump hasn’t tweeted a thing about the whole mess. Not a single thing.


The last bullet is the key point. He’s not involving himself in this. This outrage isn’t manufactured or fanned into a fever pitch by Trump himself. Yes, he got the ball rolling. Yes, he’s the one that has been calling CNN “Fake News” publicly. But that’s the extent of it. 

Everything else is stemming from distrust and disdain the average social media user has of journalists in general, CNN in particular.

The memes have been coming in thick and plentiful. And they are all of Trump beating the stuffing out of CNN.

CNN is in talks to merge with AT&T. /pol/ could disrupt this by applying their autistic powers and finding things that CNN doesn’t want known. They can make CNN such a toxic asset that even AT&T won’t have anything to do with them. Billions of dollars are on the line here.

CNN might have just Barbra Striesanded themselves out of existence. Trump just needs to sit back and let it unfold. If this doesn’t sink CNN, well, he can always fire off another mean tweet to control the news cycle, again.

Trump has set a record by which all future Presidents will be measured. Can he handle social media like Trump?


  1. The media confuses eloquence (which they adore) with effectiveness (which they do not understand).
    They confuse words with actions.
    They alternately conflate and separate intent with results depending on how it advances their narrative.
    They do not realize that people have free agency and may have their own goals and interests.
    They do not understand that reality is what it is, and people are how they are, regardless of feelings or costs.
    Trump does, and that honesty, that genuineness, that directness and boldness, makes them smile, then bust out the big goofy grin.
    It could be that Trump will become The Great Communicator, by talking directly to the people in 140 characters or less.

    • “It could be that Trump will become The Great Communicator, by talking directly to the people in 140 characters or less.”
      He’s on his way now!
      During the election, I had to stop reading transcripts of his speeches because they failed to capture his expressiveness. They read like his a simpleton. But watching him talk, he connects with the audience and talks to them.

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