We May As Well Forget The Holocaust

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Recently a poll was completed to determine how well Americans remember the Holocaust.
The results were pretty dismal, especially among millennials.  America doesn’t remember any more, and what they do remember is wrong. Whether this is due to apathy, or it is an indictment of the public school system I will leave to the reader.
Most Americans believe the Nazis were right wing. They were not. We have forgotten they were socialists. Technically, Fascists. There is some confusion on how to classify fascism. Fascism is big government statism, which in my opinion makes it left wing. Despite their being smeared with that label, it certainly has nothing to do with the right wing ideals of the Republican Party. But then, all too frequently, neither do Republicans. It is used by the left to smear the right because Nazis committed atrocities. It is essentially just name calling that stuck long enough that people believe it. Nazis were nationalist. Modern right wingers, at least a few of them, are nationalist. The rest of the stinking heap in government are all globalists. They can’t conceive of a left wing group being nationalist, but the Nazis were.

The full name of Adolf Hitler’s party was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National-Socialist German Workers’ Party; NSDAP). The shorthand Nazi was formed from the first two syllables of the German pronunciation of the word “national”

Most people have forgotten that other socialist governments had much higher body counts. China and Russia killed many more.

Government is the most deadly killer in history

We’ve forgotten that Hitler killed up to 6 million jews, but he also killed 5 million others.
We’ve forgotten that Nazis f*cking loved science. They used Jews as lab rats for scientific experiments. They were scientific pioneers, just like Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of the unborn for research today.
We’ve forgotten the lessons of the Holocaust. Unarmed people are defenseless against their government. Governments murder more people than anything else. Placing all the power into the hands of a few never works out. Socialism fails every time it is tried, even national socialism. Diversity is not strength, diversity kills. If the Jews had been in Israel, chances are they would have been fine. That option wasn’t available at the time, but it is now. Jews are better off in Israel. The best way to avoid a second holocaust is to move to the homeland.
You may think that you would do good with power, but you cannot wield it. Even if your heart is pure, someone else will shoot you in the head and take your place.

They say that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. We’ve forgotten history. We’ve misinterpreted the lessons it teaches. The lesson, ultimately, is that people forget history. They set themselves up in situations that are guaranteed to turn bloody, while science produces more effective ways to kill each other. Given how little we remember, we may as well forget the rest.


  1. ‘We’ve forgotten that Hitler killed up to 6 million jews, but he also killed 5 million others.’
    Might I suggest that you familiarise yourself with the evidence regarding this? Read Robert Faurison, Arthur R Butz, Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno and others. ‘Nazi atrocities’ were invented by the All-lies in order to cover up their own, real atrocities, such as starving to death 1.5 million German soldiers (all of whom had surrendered in May 1945) in the Rhine Meadow concentration camps. The list goes on.
    Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended: I was in my late fifties before I came to understand the scope and evil of Allied propaganda in the wake of their unnecessaryu war on National Socialist Germany.

    • I don’t believe we starved 1.5 million Germans. Maybe the Germans didn’t kill 6 million Jews. And yes, the war was a waste of lives and resources given what European leaders have done with their countries since.
      American soldiers saw the camps. I believe it happened. You can argue about numbers, I will admit I’m not an expert.

      • “Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended…”
        There isn’t much to say for a spirit which pushes the feeble lie of a guiltless, martyred Nazi Germany. It’s the politico-historical equivalent of flat earth thinking, only less dignified.
        The innocent act was already DOA by the time Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz, sang like a canary on the stand at Nuremberg:
        And to second Hugh’s point about American military witnesses, I personally spoke to a veteran of Patton’s Third Army who saw one of the concentration camps with his own eyes. He told me there were rows of bodies stacked almost as far as he could see.

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