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Sometimes, you need a quick and simple image to drive a point home. I’ve lovingly handcrafted each image from locally sourced pixels for your enjoyment.


  1. I am proud of my family’s Teutonic heritage,but there is no way that I will wear lederhosen! However , I am cool with the buxom Bavarian bar maids.

    • Well, go ahead and buy those tights, my friend. As soon as you pull out the old “I will never do that,” something will come along that forces you to do so. Sorry. Them’s the rules.

  2. No way,Theo! I’m 61 years old and my German parents made me wear lederhosen and play the accordion when I was six just to please the grandparents. Apparently I am scarred for life!

  3. Bold talk here sir. Ride Winged Hussar. May all who invoke the name receive a double portion of his spirit.

  4. The old Dutch and Danish blood rebel against the lederhosen. But may there come a day when this is our greatest battle oncemore!

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