White Is Right: Some Thoughts On Race

November 4, 2016
8 mins read

Editor’s Note: Alan Stang’s paternal grandparents emigrated from Austria in the 1870’s; his mother was born in Poland. In keeping with the runup to November 8th, we are publishing another article of Alan’s from the 2008 election.

The recent eruption of anti-Caucasian racism I cited in last week’s column – indeed, the fact that one of them erupted unpunished during the illegal coronation of Also Known As the First – is proof that the Race Racket will continue no matter how many blacks are elected to high office.

Remember that Marxist preacher Joseph Lowery, founder with Communist Martin King of the red Southern Christian Leadership Conference, spoke in his pseudo-benediction of “that day when black will not be asked to get in back . . . and when white will embrace what is right.”

Many whites have been wondering whether the installation as emperor of an illegal alien who is at least half black could mean that after a century and a half of “white guilt” the Race Racket would finally let them up. The answer is a resounding “No!” The Race Racket is just too consarned lucrative. If you were running it – I know you are not and could not, but if you were in the first place – would you give it up? Of course not!

You are talking about something worth hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars, plus huge, totalitarian power. It is the phony justification for the satanic beast that presently holds the nation in thrall and threatens to destroy it. It put illegal alien Also Known As in the Oval Office.

And don’t forget Chicago shakedown shyster Jesse Jackson, the concocter of alliteration calculated to deracinate the nation; and Al Sharpton, the sharpster who should still be in prison for concocting a phony rape. Hey, Al, is that hair really yours? Without the Race Racket, Jesse and Al would be pimping ten dollar hookers, not scarfing up huge federal handouts and shakedowns. Also Known As would be a barker in a side show.

So be assured that the Race Racket will continue until a thoroughly disgusted Jesus decides to put an end to this farce. Here’s a good example of why. I have used it before, but it is good enough to deserve repetition. I was in the Northwest on a speaking tour and my hosts took me to a local radio talk show for an interview. The host was an immensely charming, intelligent, hospitable, black man.

He asked me how guilty I felt about slavery. I told him I felt no guilt, none. Surprise erupted on his face. What? A white man without guilt? I explained that I felt no guilt because 1) a man can be guilty only for what he does himself, and my great-grandfather wasn’t old enough to perpetrate slavery; and 2) during slavery here my ancestors were hiding in the forests, dodging bullets in Europe.

image courtesy of moviehd.org
image courtesy of moviehd.org

I asked the man what I should feel guilty about. He did not respond; simply stared at me in wonderment. It was hard to believe that a man as smart as he had never heard anything like this, but apparently he had not. This is the mentality we face, and my host was not at all malevolent.

He, too, was a victim of sorts, brainwashed for many years to believe as he does. By the way, my ancestry is almost totally nondescript. The only ancestor of mine I’ve ever overheard my elders mention was someone known as “Black Mike the horse thief.” Why black I don’t know and I never heard them say whether he was hanged.

Many white people are crippled for life in (Communist government) school by racist propaganda. They never recover. At Harvard, Professor Noah Ignatiev says whites should be abolished by any means necessary, including genocide. Ignatiev is white. Is he also insane, or is he just a con man maneuvering to be mentioned in an Alan Stang article? To establish his credibility, shouldn’t he commit suicide? And Ignatiev is not alone. There are many others like him in academia.

Here is the entire text of a message from one of my readers: “Wow. I agree there is a One World Government but when you started rambling about the civil war you tipped your hand. If you don’t believe a man should be judged by his character and not the color of his skin I suggest you pick up a Bible. The south’s crushing defeat to end slavery came straight from God. Make no mistake about it. If not, the South would have won. Very counterproductive given the challenges we face to bring up things like that and show your nauseating bigotry.” Presumably, the writer is a white man. Will he recover? Let us hope so, but the prognosis in such cases is not good.

Hey, you white folks, especially those of you now unemployed and sleeping in cars! What will you do? You can launch your own racket, make white the new black, or, much better, you can chuck the whole thing. You have been brainwashed from earliest childhood in the Communist government schools and then by the media to suffer “white guilt,” which unmans you. Now is the time to toss it in the garbage and say “No!!!!!! Enough!!!!!!” How?

I have mentioned one of my daughters-in-law before. The fact that she is half Chinese and half Vietnamese is something we barely discussed once, let alone twice, while our son was courting her. Could a reason be that she is also both a mechanical and an electrical engineer and a sublime cook? By now, such unions, between whites and yellows, are routine.

Not so a union between black and white. There, even today, you still have major social and family discord. Why? The racial difference between white and yellow is certainly at least as great as that difference between white and black, so the answer can’t lie in color. We must look elsewhere. The answer also cannot lie entirely in the fact that blacks were enslaved here but yellows were not. Yes, that is probably a factor, but by now, almost 150 years later, a small one. So, what’s the difference?

The difference is that the black and white crooks and power lusters who run the Race Racket work assiduously to prevent blacks from participating in our culture. Instead, the Racketeers want millions of black “victims” who justify the racket and expect Also Known As to pay their bills. Proof of this is everywhere.

The government had so emasculated New Orleans blacks that by the time of Katrina they were “helpless” in fact. They could do nothing for themselves and, years later, many still can’t. Without federal programs, they would curl up and die. Blacks are encouraged not to speak English, but instead to communicate in an illiterate gibberish the Race Racket tried to call a real language: Ebonics. Teachers are told to let them get away with it. The scam will continue despite Also Known As’s exquisite diction.


In the Asian community, education is prized above all else. In the black ‘hood for years it has been discouraged. Young people who seek it are “acting white,” even threatened, sometimes whacked. When there are widespread race riots, blacks burn down their own neighborhoods, or race pimps do it for them, and then complain because they have no services. Am I wrong in thinking that no other people in the history of the planet has done any such thing? A dog will not befoul his own nest. Pigs and blacks will.

In those neighborhoods, black on black crime, drugs, drive-by shootings, illegitimacy and prostitution are epidemic. But we are not supposed to mention it. Indeed, we are not allowed to forget when a white criminal victimizes a black – as in the horrific dismemberment and decapitation of James Byrd, Jr., in Jasper, Texas, in June, 1998 – but when black monsters rape, kill and dismember white young people we are forbidden to remember. Yes, such cases are legion.

On Jan. 6, 2007, four monsters in human form carjacked and kidnapped University of Tennessee student Channon Christian and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, in Knoxville. The monsters were charged with rape and sodomy. They cut Newsom’s penis off. They shot him several times and burned his body, which was found along nearby railroad tracks.

Channon was forced to witness all this; then she was raped and tortured for four days. The monsters cut off one of her breasts and took turns urinating on her, for four days. After they killed her, they poured bleach down her throat to destroy DNA evidence. Did I say all this took four days? The cops found her body inside a large trash can in the kitchen of the home where the murders took place.

So we are talking about satanic horror a snuff movie would reject, something that would trivialize the crimes of Saddam Hussein. Yet, even now, few Americans have ever heard of it. Why? Because the victims were white. The monsters are black. Had it been the other way round, the tv talking white heads would still be having nightly convulsions about it and Spike Lee would have already made the movie starring Danny Glover.

Please don’t bother protesting that there are exceptions to this. Of course there are; there are millions, wholesome, delightful and inspiring. Would that one of them – an American, not an illegal alien – had been elected President! But we are not talking about exceptions. We are talking about rules, about the so-called “mainstream,” the trend. Ted Bundy was white. So is moron Al Gore, the Tennessee stench. No one concludes white people are serial lady killers and foul smelling swindlers. But Jesse Jackson did say he gets nervous on a stroll when he turns to see a black man behind him.

The last time I heard about it, there are about 30 million blacks in this country. We cannot and should not implement Lincoln’s racist scheme of deporting them to Africa. We have to live together. But not like this. The time has come to say ENOUGH! No more! Not another day! Refuse to take it another dang minute. The time has come to liberate the white man.

Hey, whitey! Listen! You’re free. Great God Almighty, you’re free at last! Keep repeating that, even if only in silence, until you believe it, until you convince yourself you are not guilty. You will find the revelation wonderfully invigorating; it will have a percolating effect. The next time someone gets into your face about it, you will be able to get even farther into his.

Let’s take pains to make this clear enough, simple enough, for even an obamatron to understand. In your new life as a reconstructed white, you are not going to be against blacks. Not at all. You will wish blacks the best in this best of all countries. You will be for yourself. If you are not for yourself, who will be for you? The operating principle is: If black is beautiful, white is right.

Here is the best way I know to illustrate this. When I (rarely) come across some money, I give it to the Love Priestess, my wife. I don’t give it to your wife. Why? Does that mean I am against your wife? No, I love (brotherly) your wife. She is every bit as beautiful, as charming, as womanly and motherly, as deserving as you think she is. But God assigned me to take care of my wife, so I do that. He assigned you to take care of yours. That is the divine plan. If you have any problem with that, your problem is with Him, not with me.

Consider also that the “white guilt” adopted and imposed by Caucasian morons has an obverse effect: the insulting refusal to hold blacks to the same standards required of all other people, which is devastating because it tells them they cannot measure up; that they are “inferior.” The Race Racket wants a vast army of victims it can patronize.


Remember that the media hookers who run the Prostitute National Press – Tom Brokaw of the Marxist C.F.R. and N.B.C. would be one example – are enemies of this country every bit as much as Joseph Goebbels ever was. We need to treat such traitors accordingly.

As for Race Racketeers like Jesse and Al, the next time one of them gets in your face, get closer and tell him: “When your wife can walk safely through your own neighborhood, we can talk about my faults. Meanwhile, go home and clean up your act!

If Black Is Beautiful, White Is Right!


  1. There can be no forgiveness of sins without repentance. While Whites have bent over backwards for decades to repent, forgiveness has been denied. But who has repented of their sins against us?

  2. a couple of things I’d bring up-
    The racial persecution and slavery of the Chinese was vastly worse than that of the black slave. They got over it.
    Second, god helps those who help themselves. It is not Jesus’ job to put an end to the race racket, it is our responsibility.

  3. The Racial Grievance Industry here in the United States has to be dismantled or discouraged. Perhaps 8 years of Donald Trump and then 8 years of Ivanka Trump will set us on a righteous path to healing and re-educating folks out of being victims? I will hope.

  4. Being a 10th cousin to William and Harry and having my first ancestor hit this continent in 1560 I can’t say with certainty that none of them had slaves. With that being said, I still have no guilt whatsoever.

  5. LAZ,
    This isn’t about whether anyone is actually guilty or not. White Guilt is an offensive weapon specifically designed to emasculate and neuter the enemies of progressivism and evil. It is never used in good faith, but as a weapon against you. Ditch your dialectic and embrace rhetoric, since rhetoric is the only effective weapon against them.

  6. Good Rhetoric:
    “If Black lives matter, why do you keep throwing yourself at my SUV?”
    “Cuckservatives do it by proxy.”
    “Hillary’s been spreading herself too thin… she’s left mountains of Phlegm in every battleground state.”
    Funny is better than believable.

  7. Prior to colonization Africa had a population of 100m. At the end of colonization it had risen to 200m. As such half the world’s blacks owe their lives and existence to colonialism.
    The introduction of white invented medicine and sanitation went on to increase the world’s black population to today’s 1 billion. As such 90℅ of the world’s blacks owe their lives and existence to white inventions.
    Whites owe blacks for the 10.8m taken as slaves. Blacks owe whites for the 900m of them who wouldn’t exist but for whites. Whites owe reparations to blacks and blacks owe creation fees to whites.
    According to mathematics 900m is more than 10.8m, specifically 83 times more. As such blacks owe whites $83 for every $1 that whites owe blacks.

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