Your Fear Is Their Drug

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Did you ever read Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi masterpiece, Dune? I consider it to be the greatest science fiction novel ever written, and with very good reason. There are so many brilliant ideas to talk about in that book. But for today, I’m going to focus on just one:

The danger of giving in to fear.

The Litany Against Fear given in the book is as follows:

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Now, take a look around you, at the people in the streets of the big cities. What do you see?

Where I am, I see a city in the grips of fear. More than twenty MILLION people around me, all terrified of a disease that came from China.

Fear For Thee, Not For Me

They are paralysed by it. This stops them from thinking rationally. And that is how we get to the point where people listen to hapless, clueless, foolish people telling them to wear masks everywhere, stay out of pubs after 10pm, and close down gyms during the day but not at night, and close down schools.

Never mind that by doing so, those same people have seen their jobs lost, their businesses destroyed, and their lives shattered. All for a bug that will, statistically speaking, kill barely one in a THOUSAND of them. This, in a city where dengue fever alone is far more dangerous and much more likely to kill them.

Meanwhile, the people who impose these ridiculous restrictions carry on their own lives without any of those limitations. Those are for “the little people” – the ones who don’t matter, in their estimation.

While pubs around PommieBastardLande are being destroyed by the lockdowns and losing millions every day, the MP’s bar in Westminster is open. And while gyms across the country shut up shop because nobody can pay their fees, the politicians’ gyms in Washington, D.C., and in the various state capitols of the USA, remain open.

While you can’t get a haircut or watch a movie or go outside for a walk, they have no problems doing any of these things – without masks, of course, because masks, too, are for “the little people”.

You need to understand something, and you must understand it now:

Your fear feeds these people.

That fear is what gets them re-elected and gives them power. It is what allows them to make ridiculous promises that you and your children will have to pay for one day. It is why they can say absolutely ridiculous things – because a fearful population cannot think.

Be Afraid – Die Fast

The effect upon society of the crippling paralysis created by this fear is clearly apparent. In yesterday’s Great Mondaydact Browser Crusher, the headline section featured a video from Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, in which he interviewed Dr. Scott Atlas to get the skinny on the effects, and efficacy, of the lockdowns. The whole video is replete with superb analysis and shocking data, but perhaps the most shocking statistic of all had to do with the damage done by the lockdowns to human life beyond that done by the Kung Flu.

Go to about 7:45 in this video below and look at the statistic presented:

That number of 800,000 lost years of life worldwide does not mean “800,000 dead people”. It means that the total number of dead people, multiplied by their remaining life expectancy, resulted in the loss of 800,000 years of life.

The lockdowns, up until that point, had resulted in twice as many lost years of life by that point alone. And both numbers have gotten much worse since then – but while deaths from the CommiePox are tapering down, reinstated lockdowns and restrictions have resulted in yet MORE loss of life-years to this day.

And there is no end in sight – because ordinary people are afraid.

Slaves of Fear

My friend, you have two choices. Either you can give in to this fear, live your life curled up in a little ball, frightened of everything and everyone around you, and try to live on your knees as best as you can.

Or you can stand up, face your fears, and FIGHT.

Spit Defiance Into the Storm

How do you overcome the fear that threatens to overwhelm and paralyse you? Here is a simple program designed to do exactly that:

1. Understand the Enemy

As I pointed out above, the people who want you to stay indoors forever thrive on your fear and pain. They are the ones responsible for inflicting devastation upon you. They will now turn around and claim that they alone can save you. Understand their tactics and their ploy. Do not fall for it.

2. Read the F***ing Manual

To be free from their lies, you must first know their lies. To that end, you must inform yourself about the exact laws surrounding these lockdowns – because there ARE loopholes within them that you CAN AND SHOULD AND MUST EXPLOIT.

Our good friend from Israel, Dawn Pine, put together a guest post for us a few weeks ago in which he explained how to legally break these lockdowns. Read it. Know it. Act upon it.

3. Take Calculated Risks

Does your city or state require you to wear a mask wherever you go? Well, then keep a mask with you wherever you go – but DON’T PUT IT ON.

Seriously, it’s that simple.

If someone tells you to put on your mask, especially if he’s pissy about it and wearing a police uniform, comply immediately.

Obviously, caveats apply here. If you are in a high-risk environment for COVID-19 – like a hospital – then don’t be stupid. Put on your mask.

If you are over the age of about 60 and have health complications, you are at risk for the virus. Don’t be stupid. Put on your mask.

But if you are young and healthy and it’s a beautiful day outside – go for a walk. Take your mask with you. Go with your girlfriend or wife. Take your kids and your dogs. Enjoy your life. You are on this Earth for a reason. You were given this magnificent dominion by a Creator who loves you and wants you to draw glory, life, and happiness from what He made.

4. Know the Risks, Plan Accordingly

The latest CDC data tell the story very clearly. If you are between 0 and 55 years of age and healthy, even if you catch the Coof, your odds of survival are 99.9% or higher. Even if you have underlying health risks, if you are below 60, you still have a 97% chance of survival.

This is NOT a world-killer disease. This really isn’t very dangerous at all. It is problematic, absolutely. But if you are young and healthy, you are not at risk. So stop living in fear.

5. Don’t Be (TOO) Afraid of the Police

Let’s say you’re worried about the police coming knocking to do a random check on you. In the UK and USA, at least, there is little reason to be concerned.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner in London stated pretty bluntly that her officers wouldn’t enforce quarantine rules. (The fact that the UK’s most important city has a woman in charge of its police is a searing indictment in and of itself. But that’s another story.) Back in August, when quarantines were reinstated, virtually no enforcement of any kind took place.

In the USA, police in Michigan have already flatly refused to enforce Witless Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders – and now the State Supreme Court has overturned them anyway. That same pushback is happening across the USA.

Again, get to know the local regulations and figure out how to use the loopholes. In many cases, police can only fine you, not arrest you. If they do – pay the fine and get on with things.

6. Speakeasy Culture is Back

People are increasingly cottoning on to the fact that these lockdowns are insane. They understand that there is no purpose or point to them. Their patience is running out. And people are resorting to ever-more-creative ways of getting things done.

Want to get a haircut? There are ways to do this “under the table”.

Need to work out and lose some weight? You can do this perfectly legitimately at your local park. Or you could talk to a local gym owner and pay an extra fee to get in a good workout that way.

Looking to acquire something but can’t get it because of some stupid lockdown? Go into the secondhand sites online, contact each other via end-to-end-encrypted messaging services, and work something out.

In most situations, a bit of ingenuity and hard work will get you the results you want. You are restricted ONLY by your imagination and by your willingness to break free of the fear.

7. Make Your Choice and Take Your Stand

It may just so happen that someone in power will choose to make an example of you. And you might just end up paying the price for some jumped-up bureaucrat’s delusions of power. This is an unfortunate and deeply miserable experience. You will be left fighting against the power of the entire state. It’s a battle that you probably won’t win.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight it. Your freedoms were bought at a terrible price. Do you honestly believe that you have a right to sit in comfort and do nothing, and still enjoy those same liberties? Don’t be an idiot, and don’t insult my intelligence or your own by believing this.

You Are Free – If You Choose To Be

My friend, you don’t HAVE to live in fear. THEY want you to. But you have the chance to break free whenever you want.

And if you must leave where you are to go someplace less insane – do it, and never look back.

THEY want you to be afraid because it gives THEM power. Your fear makes them high. Cut off their supply. Stop being afraid and live as God Almighty intended you to – as one of His children, under HIS law and not Man’s.

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