Just a quick note about some recent comments.

If a few cuss words are going to freak you out, then you probably are not the right person to be reading our site. In fact, you probably want to avoid reading the Bible, too.

Jesus called a minority woman a dog.

Peter told a deceitful sorcerer to go to hell.

Isaiah referred to our lives (especially the good and righteous things) being soiled menstrual rags.

Paul said that he counted all the things he had lost as being shit.

And so on.

Look, if you are a Churchian (meaning you adhere to some ethical/moral standard based upon modern thoughts on issues, rather than on what the scripture actually says), then you are too short for this ride.

So understand that if your stupid comment wants to whine and complain about an author’s bad language, we are going to nuke it. If you want to argue about the content, then have at it. Just don’t waste our time with your useless virtue signaling. Go back to your Churchian circle-jerk where you can find other morons like yourself.