A Note On Virtue Signaling

May 15, 2019
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Just a quick note about some recent comments.
If a few cuss words are going to freak you out, then you probably are not the right person to be reading our site. In fact, you probably want to avoid reading the Bible, too.
Jesus called a minority woman a dog.
Peter told a deceitful sorcerer to go to hell.
Isaiah referred to our lives (especially the good and righteous things) being soiled menstrual rags.
Paul said that he counted all the things he had lost as being shit.
And so on.
Look, if you are a Churchian (meaning you adhere to some ethical/moral standard based upon modern thoughts on issues, rather than on what the scripture actually says), then you are too short for this ride.

So understand that if your stupid comment wants to whine and complain about an author’s bad language, we are going to nuke it. If you want to argue about the content, then have at it. Just don’t waste our time with your useless virtue signaling. Go back to your Churchian circle-jerk where you can find other morons like yourself.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. And let’s not forget those cut off who piss against the wall. And to the “So sorry” idiots in chains, I’m not sorry.

  2. So in Isiah 6, what was the need of the burning coal to purify his “filthy speech?”
    Discipline of our bodies takes many forms, no?
    BTW, this is coming from someone who has a well-defined foul mouth.

    • That is a legit question, but I think the “unclean lips” (which is what it actually says, not “filthy speech”) is reprentative of a people who are not following God. The part represents the whole. They are not directing their lives or speech to God, so Isaiah recognizes his weakness. Again, take the scripture as a whole. Isaiah is the one who says his righteous acts are like dirty menstrual garments. So “unclean lips” do not necessarily mean something bad. It is just that even our good is worthless in the presence of God.

  3. What of the concept of cursing being associated with death in Deuteronomy 30:19? And the instruction in Romans 12:14 to “Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.”?

    • I am just assuming that you are joking.
      You do know the difference between using a “bad” word and invoking a curse, right?
      Neither of those verses are remotely talking about the use of salty language.

      • Mr Theophrastus, the reason why I mentioned the above verses is because I am confidant that a case against using profane speech can be made using ethics found though the Holy Scripture and not baseless ‘Churchian’ teachings or useless virtue signaling.
        Blessing and cursing is serious, and If any ethic is to be derived from the verse in Deuteronomy it is that blessings are associated with life and curses with death.
        Using words pertaining to fecal excretions as an expletive would be a curse because those excretions are death and not life. Marriage was instituted by God Himself. We are born as blessing of life, as creations of God. Using a word that should only pertain to the knowing intimacy of a husband and wife as an expletive would be a profanity against the divine institution of marriage.
        Our sinful world loves to use these words, it hates the blessings meant for marriage (killing babies in the womb) and it has grown to love the act of sodomy (even saying it is a blessing and not a curse).

        • The fact that you are confident of a thing is irrelevant. You’re confident of that thing because you’re pig ignorant. Lots of pig ignorant people are confident about things. For example… not long ago an idiot dove off a dock into a river. He was confident he could do it. Of course the river is only 3 feet deep so he broke his neck and now he’s paralyzed.
          Your confidence is exactly the same as his.
          No one gives a damn about your Ned Flanders concern trolling. You’re not educating anyone. We don’t care.

          • Even with my confidence counted as nothing, what the Scripture teaches is that the tongue is an “unruly evil” and “can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.”

          • So what are you going to do with Peter telling Simon to go to hell? Or Paul talking about the things he lost being shit? Or Paul saying that some folks should castrate themselves? Your view is myopic, focused on individual words, rather than the intent of what is said. They are not talking about using bad language.

          • @Theophrastus
            I really don’t have any trouble with those instances.
            Peter didn’t use hell as an expletive. Paul associated what he lost with death and worthlessness. What Paul said in Galatians about false teachers doesn’t really have a baring on the issue I raised.
            I haven’t known any Scripture that calls us into obscenities. Your article seems to have conflated offensiveness with obscenity.

  4. Nathan
    You’re making an ass of yourself. You have no idea what was and what was not considered an expletive. You don’t speak Hebrew… and even if you did you sure as hell weren’t alive back then and in the culture.
    For example… did you know that the word “foot” was used as slang for the male genitals? I’ll wager you didn’t know that. But somehow you think you can decide what was and was not a naughty word.
    Is whore a naughty word ? Is it offensive to call someone a whore?
    Also… Like all idiot churchians… you’re assuming that when the Bible is talking about negative speech it is talking about people saying fuck or shit or dammit. In fact… the Bible is talking about heresy. It’s talking about lies. It’s talking about gossip.
    Listen, son… you’re in our house. You’re not in your house. You get to have your rules in your house. You will not be coming into our house and lecturing us. You don’t have to change your opinions. But you do have to shut the fuck up.

    • This ought to be only a minor disagreement among brothers, but I do not understand your reviling hostility.
      Very well, if I’m not welcome in your house then I will break bread elsewhere and wish you well.

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