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Sermon: Repentance

Editor’s Note: Alexander Campbell was a leading church reformer of the Second Great Awakening in America. Along with his father, Thomas, and Barton W. Stone, Campbell was a founder of the churches that have come to be known as Disciples of Christ, Independent Christian Churches, and Churches of Christ. The material presented here is from his book “The Christian System.” I. Repentance is an effect of faith: for who that believes not that God exists, can have “repentance towards God”? Repentance is sorrow for sins committed; but it is more. It is a resolution to forsake them; but it...

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Curve Balls and Whatnot

So, you find yourself in a tough situation. I mean, really, it is a bad deal. Maybe your family is under attack in some way. Maybe you just lost your job. Maybe you got some bad health news. Maybe you lost someone you care about. Maybe it is something worse than you could have possibly ever imagined. It might be like a guy I heard about. He and his wife were not able to have kids. In their culture, that was a horrible situation. To be childless was to be looked down upon. It went on into their old...

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Man of the West: Nathaniel Bacon

We can imagine that most of the colonists to the new world were hardy folk. They were leaving civilized society, for various reasons, and coming to an untamed,  harsh wilderness in America. Sometimes, we might forget that when the Jamestown colonists first arrived, they did not find an already-built home, much less town, awaiting them. They found nothing but dirt, trees, antagonistic natives, and severe conditions. They carved out their houses from that wilderness and forged a civilization. It did not happen overnight, but took decades, and the building took longer than one generation. He was not part of...

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