Author: Theophrastus

Sermon: “Abjiciamus opera” by St. Thomas Aquinas

Editor’s Note: St. Thomas Aquinas gave this brief sermon on December 2, 1268, at Bologna. It is short, simple, and direct, but speaks to eternal truths, as Christians endeavor to throw themselves upon Christ’s mercy, and move away from the darkness of the world. This version was taken from this site, which provides numerous sermons from early Church Fathers.   Romans 13:12: Let us throw off the works of the darkness and put on the arms of the light. The Apostle, teacher of the Christians and leader in faith and truth, formulates this in this time of the gracious...

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Change Is Not Necessarily Progress

Editor’s Note: We offer another fine article by our friend, Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer. The article is also posted on his site. We encourage you to visit his blog and read his other though-provoking material. I was reminded this week of how far the Right has shifted towards the Left over the last twenty years when I saw good old Hillary Clinton’s quote from almost twenty five years ago – “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.” Rare is of course the key part of this little snippet of deception. In the quarter of a century since this...

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A Newly-Married Man’s Take on Culinary Appreciation

Editor’s Note: This comes from one of our friends, Jasper Thorsson, himself a Man of the West, though not a regular contributor here. He is also recently married, and offers his thoughts after the first few weeks of his married life. He has promised to submit more articles soon. “Marriage is hard, but you get to have sex without looking over your shoulder.” That’s pretty much all I had ever heard to the positive on the intimidating prospect of risking half of my goods and earnings on a wife. Now, being an intelligent man, I divined that there were...

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