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Here is our periodic reminder that we do have MOTW gear for yourself or others. None of us here make one red dime from these products. Every penny goes to pay for the site, licenses, etc. When you purchase one of these items, you help us keep the lights on here at MOTW, and all of the companies we use to produce our products are folks on our side.

We help them, and they provide us quality merchandise. Aren’t you tired of paying for crap from China? Aren’t you tired of giving your money to Leftist Dilweeds that hate you (like Walmart and Amazon)?

If so, then support our folks. Get some merch. Even if you do not need (because you surely want) any of the MOTW stuff, since you have already bought several of everything, you can browse around at the other products that our partners sell. It won’t send any money our way, but we appreciate it nonetheless, as it does help us all, in the long run.

Need some mugs? Check out these:



Or if you need a shirt, cap, or mug, check out our Crypto.Fashion store:

MOTW -- Make America America Again Tee

Our mug store has other options, for the ladies in your life. If you need something for Mothers Day, a birthday, anniversary, or whatever, here is a sampling (click the link above for the whole store):


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