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We have been tough on the Boomers over the years, so we decided to make a Boomer shirt, just to smooth things over. Get yours now. Also, comes in other colors, but we really figured our Boomer buddies would like this option.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. God bless you guys!

    Love your stuff!

    The Boomer generation tried hard to ruin the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, but young Confessional Lutherans are taking it back!

  2. I mean these Boomers still “believe” in the Moon Landing for God’s sake. And they believe the Holohoax was a real thing. That these vaccines are wonderful, they’re really are a brainwashed idiot generation. E. Michael Jones helps redeem them though!

    • E Michael Jones who says there is no such thing as blacks and Whites and that religions are ethnicities? He’s worse tha the rest of them.

      • He says there is a such thing as Culture and Religion and obviously he clearly states that cultures who have had backbones of Christianity for generation upon generation are far superior to those with pagan roots more recent.

        He says the Germans would still be running around a forest chasing pigs, humping other guy’s wives, and practicing human sacrifice if it weren’t for Christianity.

        I.e. I have MUCH more in common with my Traditional Catholic, Black skinned, father of 6 – faithful to his wife and hard working. Than i do to some New Thor worshipping Neo-Viking pagan who practices Yoga, thinks it was cool to rape and pillage and murder other people while pretending that just being barbaric makes you cool.

        White and black people are all descended from Noah, and all men can side with Abraham, Peter, Chrysostom, and Charlemagne. Or they can side with the Ba’al and Molech worshippers or Pagan human sacrificers.

        No two people on earth have the same “color.” Only ignorant people would rather Gavin Newsom (pagan atheist) the White Guy in charge as opposed to Clarence Thomas (Traditional Catholic) the Black Guy.

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