A Sham “Election Day”

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I did not work myself up to any great degree of excitement about Election Day. All day, family and friends were glued to the television all day and all night, eagerly watching with bated breath, waiting and hoping for the end results of an extremely horrible election season. I new they would never get that satisfaction. Knowing how the Left behaves and thinks, it is easy to understand that nothing is beneath these people. These are agents of evil, working as hard as possible to bring about totalitarianism, death, and a post-modern Anti-Christ spirit. They want to inaugurate an age of “The Great Reset”, which is nothing more than authoritarian Marxists declaring that “it’s Year Zero” for the umpteenth time.

So what happened? Well, it took forever for the major networks to announce certain states to be won by President Trump. They NEVER acknowledged that North Carolina was won by Trump. Not all night. They just memory-holed that piece of information. And then, at a magically appointed moment, the key swing states that were being won by President Trump all stopped counting ballots within 15 minutes of each other. How curious. Almost as though they were getting instructions from someone. Even curiouser is the fact that these key states are being run by leftist Democratic governors, and their district attorneys are also radical leftists, put into their positions with the help of money from George Soros.

So, once more, the Left makes their own rules. They will delay, delay, delay. They will lie. They will misdirect. And they will happily disenfranchise the voters of America. They will quite joyfully nullify the entire election. Even Fox News has shown its cards this evening, as they’ve been slow and hesitant to say anything favorable about President Trump.

President Trump was winning. But this could not be allowed, and the counting was stopped. The public was told that “the counting will resume tomorrow.” Millions of normies throughout the country will nod their heads, and they will compliantly say to themselves, “Okay, we’ll get those answers tomorrow.” But no, they will not. No such answers will come to them. The results of tonight’s sham election will be as evasive as Bergoglio’s answer to the four cardinal’s Dubia letter about Amoris Laetitia.

So Trump will take this to the courts now. We’ve expected this. But it is still painful to go through. And as the Democrats drag America through more trauma and abuse, cities will burn like never before. There will be lots of death. There will be a lot of things set on fire. People with guns—Leftist militants and brawlers—will terrorize the people of the United States. We just spent three and a half years being stuck in a state of paralysis because the Left lied incessantly to destroy this duly-elected man. We will have more of that.

As the cities burn, the Left will say: “Donald Trump needs to admit defeat and concede that he lost, so that these cities will stop burning. So that these ‘peaceful protests’ stop. Kamala Harris will cackle all the while. The Establishment will never admit him as president. The news outlets will never acknowledge his presidency without being forced. If President Trump is to get a second term, it will be filled with doubt. “Selected, not elected” will be the new chant. President Trump, who won tonight’s election—and that of 2016—will be demonized as an illegitimate president more than ever before.

And so, this is what we have to look forward to for the next four years. Because The Donald is in the way of their plans. He is stopping The Great Reset. He’s interrupting the schemes and Machiavellian work of their clandestine and satanic circle. A new world order was planned quite some time ago, set into motion, switched into high bear by President Obama and his puppet, “Pope Francis,” and President Trump is an interruption to their dreams.

The Sanitary Dictatorship will tighten its rope around your neck. States and leftist powers beyond Federal reach will make your life a living hell, while the president can do nothing to stop them. There will be forced vaccinations. There will be a muzzling of your right to free speech. There will be more deplatformings, and if your club or group hasn’t been erased already, it soon will be. The concept of your private property will be attacked. As detention camps for misfits pop up in Canada and Australia, Leftists will talk about doing the same here in the United States—and perhaps even commission private contractors to already start building them. False flags will pop up here and there to distract the public from true crimes and scandals. Attacks on the Christian religion will intensify. More churches will be vandalized, and more services will be halted. They will attack the institution of the family with everything they have.

There never was a political solution for That Hideous Strength. Will the public mind realize this? That remains to be seen. But to many of us already, we’ve known about this for years. Most people were hoping that the melodrama caused exclusively by the Democrats would be over after this election. But they were wrong. It’s only going to intensify. Because social justice warriors always lie, and they always double down.


  1. Superb outline✅
    Watching from Ireland it’s deeply shocking but then Ireland has been destroyed also?
    God bless our world which has thrown God out?

  2. All Christians must pray and be prepared.
    All Catholics must pray the Rosary, the weapon the devil hates, and be prepared.

  3. When the Lord sends His Mother to tell us exactly what needs to be done to annihilate the “errors of Russia” spread about the world and usher in an era of peace, and the Church completely ignores her (thereby ignoring He Who sent her), there are ugly consequences. We are reaping the consequences of the inaction of insolent Popes and Churchmen.

    The author is correct. There is no political solution here because, at root, it’s not a political problem. The political chaos is just a symptom.

  4. It’s not all bad news. Less than a year ago only a tiny sliver of the right recognized that we are not up against people with a different political philosophy, but that we are up against a ruthless axis of evil that can only be dealt with by force. I think maybe half of the country realizes that now. That is the first step.

  5. Well just goes to show, the one time the Democrats let their guard down and toned down the fraud, Trump got in. You knew they were not going to let THAT happen again.

  6. President Trump will fight, and we must fight with him. He will not give up. Better he be in office as a lame duck president if that must be, then that the Democrats get in to full power. So now is our time. People say, what can I do? Don’t concede Biden won it. Don’t assume it, talk about it, or tell others it’s over, it’s not over. Don’t shrug and say oh well. Say they cheated, and we want justice. Expect that Trump will take it to the Supreme Court. He will. Giving up is not in the man, he doesn’t know how to do it. It is hard to imagine this man is not anointed so that he will be victorious. If God does not allow it, we are to be pitied, because God has ordained we get what we want, and probably deserve. True, many Americans do not want it, but many do. Stay faithful, God is all we would have if Biden wins.
    God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless America.

  7. Remember, remember
    the fourth of November
    Fake ballots, Treason
    and Plot.

    I know of no reason
    the Democrat Treason
    Should ever be forgot

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