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“¡Mercenaries Is Fun!”

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Editor’s Note: Originally Ran at Laramie’s site.

“Hey!  Let’s support Ukraine!  Everyone else is, and it’s all over the news!  Sure it’ll be dangerous, but it’ll be fun, too!  Besides, this’ll all blow over in a few months, anyway.  Think of it: a foreign mercenary!  Gollee, I like the sound of that!”

The mercenary gets there to Ukraine, and…

“Oh wow.  Russia just blew up the bunker next door, and all those British people died.  I think I’m having second thoughts, now.  Why don’t we have air support? The AK-47 they gave me is a piece of crap, and I only have a handful of bullets.  I think I wanna leave.”

The mercenary was stopped from leaving, sent to the front lines, and taken prisoner by Russian forces…

“Oh man.  I thought I’d get some training, but they sent me right in. Shucks, I’m a mercenary prisoner now, and the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to me. Now I’m in front of a ditch of bodies, and they just shot the guy next to me in the head.  Oh well, at least my friends on Facebook know how virtuous I am now.  SAAAAVE UKRAAAINE!”

“¡Reddit Army Unite!”

So, that’s what you have to look forward to, should you decide to spend your own time and treasure to “go on an adventure.” You leave the States thinking you’ll become a Marvel superhero, and a week later, you get bombed in your sleep for your troubles. This brilliant little decision led to the fate of hundreds of idiot Westerners, over at the Yavoriv Military Base. A gaggle of redditors, unable to separate internet fantasy from reality, got on a plane together and flew over to Western Ukraine to sign up. Once there, eager to talk about their exploits, they got on the internet and virtue signaled how awesome the experience was. Sufficed to say, Russian intelligence found their posts and bombed them:

Yes, I was here today and blown off the top bunk of my bunk bed in the barracks by the first missile. This is where all the foreign legion troops are, the 35 killed were all Ukrainian mostly due to a direct hit on their barracks next to mine. The base is destroyed, the weapons depot destroyed, possibly the end of the legion. About 60 people with their heads on straight including myself left after the attack. They’re sending untrained guys to the front with little ammo and shit AKs and they’re getting killed. The guys who stayed got bombed again in the afternoon and casualties aren’t clear. If you still want to to join them I’m not sure what the process will be since literally all the infrastructure supporting the training/assignments of volunteers is all destroyed. The guys who are there now will all be going to Kyiv and many will die, the legion is totally outgunned and has a few crazy Ukrainian leaders. After the attack one officer wanted to march everyone to Kyiv and fight. Absolute insanity. Stay home.

I didn’t go to Ukraine for the clout. I asked the right questions, deleted my posts, actually bought a plane ticket and brought my ass over. I said in another comment that yes it was 35 Ukrainians killed because their barracks got directly hit. The 180 bullshit is real Russian propaganda. If you think I’m a Russian agent you’re just in denial that the situation is absolutely fucked. Go ahead and join the legion, by all means, but be very aware of how bad Kyiv is going to get and be aware that Russians have warplanes and you will have next to nothing. Be very acceptant of the possibility of death. Those of us who left, including SF operators from multiple countries, are simply risk mitigating. No one wants to die in an unfair fight, and after getting absolutely fucking pummeled by massive cruise missiles today – yeah I kind of want people to think twice before turning their life upside down to go and volunteer.

Like a lot of dudes there have experience and really wanted to shape the battlefield and impact their advance, but ultimately they’re manning frontline positions that are going to get hammered with artillery and airstrikes, buried under rubble and your family never gets your body. That’s when a lot of guys say yeah this isn’t our fight, not like this.

These “foreign legionnaires” were struck with long-range, high-precision missiles that were launched from Russian airspace. It shocked a lot of people, as the strike took place only 12 miles from the Polish border—NATO territory. Igor, Konashenkov, spokesman for Russia’s ministry of defence, said it was an attack against foreign mercenaries and large shipments of foreign weapons. He promised that the destruction of foreign mercenaries arriving in Ukraine will continue.

That’s what happens when you fall for globalist propaganda. Westerners, perhaps used to mopping up the communities of brown people in undeveloped countries after a U.S. air blitz, perhaps thought they’d be hunting down Russians the same way they’d hunt Taliban in Afghanistan. But no. They are fighting a first-world power that holds air dominance. They weren’t fighting against ill-equipped goat-herders. They were blown sky-high before they could even enter the battle space.

It’s a Trap!

There’s more, of course. And I’m sure there’ll be even more in the days to come. You can actually watch this next guy talk about his brave confrontation with Russia (either on Youtube or Bitchute).

“So for any of you who are wondering what is going on, alright. We were part of the Georgian National Legion, 102nd Ukrainian Territorial Defense. Okay? Our base got fucked up. The base right next to us got fucked up. Americans, British — tons of British dead, alright. They’re not saying nothing. They’re counting our dead as their dead.

They’re trying to send us to Kiev with no fucking weapons — no kit, no fucking armor plates. The people who are lucky enough to get weapons are only gettin’ magazines with like 10 fucking rounds, okay. When they wanted to send us to Kiev, we said no — our whole group, a bunch of Americans , Canadians, British. So they told us we have to get the fuck out of there or they were going to shoot us in the back. Alright? So me, this British guy, and another American, we fuckin’ hid in the back of an ambulance to get out.

We got to the border and it was a whole ‘nother mess. When you get to the border anyone who has kit, who has any military shit, they’re fucking pulling you out of the line and they’re sending you back to the front. We got dropped off about five clicks from the border and we walked. And we get to the border and this humanitarian group with a bunch of ex-SF veterans (ex Special Forces veterans) from Englan pulled us to the sign and said “you need to get…” like pulled us out and fucking hid us. “You need to dump all your kit. They’re pulling people out, cuttin’ up passports, sending them back.” So we dumped our shit…got all of our fuckin’ shit. We got in …like red cross vest, and they had like fuckin’ humanitarian passes to get us through the Ukrainian border.

People need to stop coming here. It’s a trap and they’re not letting you fucking leave. The best way to leave is like in a vic (ford crown victoria?) or in a car or something. People who get out by vehicle have a better chance of like hiding their fucking kit in the back…doing whatever the fuck they can. But do NOT try to leave Ukraine on foot if you’re a volunteer. It’s a mess. And it’s a trap. I have multiple people who can confirm this story for me.

Ten rounds, eh? Sounds like the challenge mode of a first-person shooter videogame. What’s not to like?

“Reality is for Loooooosers!”

Ya know, I’ve no idea why we need to send any military aid or Reddit mercenaries at all to Ukraine. I’ve heard for days on end that they are doing extremely well, and that they’ve got Russia on the run. It bewilders me why Zelensky would make an appeal to the United States Congress for help, when all we’ve been hearing from the corporate media is how much of an absolute failure the Russian army has been. I mean, isn’t Putin the anti-Midas? Isn’t it the case that everything he turns crumbles to ash? Why so serious? Why send any help at all? Sounds like Ukraine’s got this in the bag.

Joking aside, Russia is fighting classic warfare. They don’t fight like the amoral United States, who carpet bombs a country of brown people into the Stone Age, only sending in their troops after the bombing campaign to mop things up. No, Russia is intentionally tip-toeing into the country. It has surrounded the Ukrainian forces—and all of the major cities—in “cauldron” formations. Russia’s given the Ukrainians and the Zelensky regime every single chance possible to surrender or flee. When their enemy lashes out, the Russians back off, giving their opponents the illusion that they’ve fought them off. But then the Russians close in tighter in the next round. They do this over and over, until finally the moment comes when they mercilessly annihilate their adversary.

What I have described above is classic war strategy, and before the Industrial Age, this is how wars used to be fought. Russia fought this way against Hitler. They fought this way against Napoleon. It is a tried and true method, and the West simply doesn’t understand what they are doing. It rewards patience and consistency—something the West lacks. But the truth of the matter is that Russia is winning, and it is winning decisively. Putin will get everything he wants, and many Ukrainians will have wished that Zelensky simply surrendered to Russia’s demands in the first place.

Anyone who goes over to that theater of war is looking to die. They just don’t know it yet. Putin has no intention of taking over the Ukraine, expanding “his empire,” or re-forging the USSR. He knows that the price of empire is destruction. He’s already laid out his demands–-as well as his reasoning, which the West has either mocked or ignored completely. But Russia’s playing by rules at the moment. While many Ukrainian army regulars will be spared, it’s almost certain that the Azov Battalion lunatics will be publicly tried and later executed for their crimes against humanity.

The rules of the Geneva Convention apply to uniformed adversaries in a war. But these rules will not protect foreigners getting their kicks from military adventurism. The latter, instead, will be swiftly dispatched. It shocks me on a daily basis when I read of all this encouragement to for men to fly themselves over to the other side of the world to die in a war they don’t even understand. It doubly shocks me when I hear that Traditional Catholics are on this globalist bandwagon. To think, the Democrats and Republicans are speaking with one voice on this issue, all of the media is speaking in unison on this one issue, and every villain of the globalist New World Order—including the False Prophet, himself—is on this bandwagon. And yet, Traditional Catholics fall for this siren song. Do they get excited by it? Do they want to just be relevant? Are they truly this obtuse? Whatever the case, their judgement is clouded.

But whatever. Let the gaslighting continue.

As for my opinion, it is this: Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice? Besides, aren’t Catholics supposed to believe in subsidiarity or some such thing?



  1. “… the Democrats and Republicans are speaking with one voice on this issue…”
    If anybody hasn’t got the message that Left and Right are both wings of the same filthy, pestilence-ridden buzzard, this should do it: or perhaps not. I’m seeing and hearing all sorts of cheerleading for the country that only 2 years ago, the ‘conservatives’ were condemning as a corrupt shithole, a money machine for the likes of the Big Guy and countless others.

  2. the most amusing thing to me about this are the ads being run on Youtube requesting aid.

    are they requesting money or weapons or humanitarian aid for the Ukrainians? well, yes and no.

    they’re requesting aid for JEWS in Ukraine … because the suffering of Jews is somehow greater than the suffering of gentiles? because gentiles aren’t suffering at all?

    i dunno. but the flagrant racism makes me laugh.

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