Sharing Schadenfreude With Russia

February 26, 2022
8 mins read

Originally posted at Laramie’s site.

So this week, my guest poster, Benedict Carter, shared his invaluable personal experience with living in Russia.  His opinion against Russia and Putin is well-formed, thought out, and certainly not baseless.  He is not just a silly Baby Boomer who believes everything pressed on him by mainstream media.  There are reasons why Carter, yesterday, said what he said.  Putin is a creature of the KGB, had a history of thuggishness, and Russian society is NOT an exemplary example of a Christian society.

Furthermore, Carter isn’t alone.  Monarchists of America said on Twitter:

Many traditionalists are rallying to support Russia because “it is a bastion of Christian values”. A nation that has one of the highest rates of alcohol abuse in the world. A country that in 2014 consumed more heroin than any other. A country know for corruption and crime.

And Ordo Militaris likewise tweeted:

The WEF wants Russia to fully annex the Ukraine so that the Rothschilds can acquire the coal and iron deposits of that country and sell them to the military industrial complex of Russia at big profits.

And, of course, Barnhart is well on record for warning about putting any kind of trust in Putin and Russia as any kind of savior.  So these warnings are not few in number, and they are not uninformed opinion.

Justifying Russia

All that said, I mentioned Barnhardt intentionally just now.  Reason why is because she—and many of us—discovered this factoid shortly after Russia’s bombs fell:

The text of her post this week was no less startling:

Putin is very possibly taking out the Fauci-run U.S. bioweapons labs in Ukraine. If true, we should wish him every success.

Folks, I know it’s difficult to come to terms with, but the greatest force of evil in the world today is centered in the former United States.

The United States has been studying deadly pathogens at Russia’s doorstep.  Just last April, Putin’s adviser accused the U.S. of developing bio weapons at their border.  Last October, China and Russia requested that the UN do something to check and limit U.S. bio-capabilities.  Of course, as one can expect, the Western Pravda media is accusing Russia of spreading conspiracy theories—but then again, these liars been shit-talking against Russia for five years, now.  What else is new?

And let’s take a look at what’s been going on for the past decade with Ukraine.  In 2014, we had a delightful little color revolution, courtesy of George Soros and help from the Globohomo.  Soros is on record for boasting about his role in all of this:

Soros Foundation’s Ukraine branch, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has been involved in Ukraine since 1989. His IRF doled out more than $100 million to Ukrainian NGOs two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, creating the preconditions for Ukraine’s independence from Russia in 1991. Soros also admitted to financing the 2013-2014 Maidan Square protests that brought the current government into power.

Soros believed to be behind counter-revolutions where the other party wins elections, MercoPress, November 16, 2016

The U.S. installed a puppet government, and the country’s been a haven for money laundering and scandal.  Not just Biden’s drug-addicted son, Hunter, but other low-life children of politicians were set up with cush jobs in the Ukraine—including Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, and John Kerry.  And, heck, consider that the current Ukrainian President is nothing but a mere Jewish comedian.  If he isn’t apprehended first, I expect Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be fleeing the country with a suitcase of money.

And let’s not forget about NATO, itself.  Why does this thing exist anymore?  It was put together in 1949 to oppose the Soviet Union.  But the Soviet Union was formally defeated.  Why is NATO still there?  And why on earth is this ridiculous bureaucracy being used as a stick to poke and prod at the Russian Bear?

Worse, a trove of documents conclusively shows that in 1990, Gorbachev was flooded with a cascade of assurances that NATO would not expand eastward.  Yet, just last month, Western diplomats attempted to play “revisionist talmudics,” as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken falsely claimed that NATO never promised to admit any new members to its organization.

This is a remarkably stupid game the Fake Biden administration is playing. The neocons are attempting to utilize juvenile narrative-shaping tactics in a world of hardened diplomats and generals who couldn’t care less what a few lawyers assumed back in 1949. It appears the neocons are about to discover that their lawyerly verbal tactics don’t work on people who, unlike Americans and Europeans, are not high-trusting children.

It’s the usual bait-and-switch offered by a deceiver. Even if NATO never made any formal promises not to expand, the leaders of every major Western country at the time promised that NATO would not expand to the EAST, i.e. in the direction of Russia. Which NATO subsequently did after 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union that was the raison d’etre for its existence.

Our Fingers Were Crossed!, Vox Day, January 9, 2022

Can you imagine if the Soviet Union tried to play this kind of shell game during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Washington has put Russia’s back against the wall thanks to years of such double dealing.  What else could Putin do?  If anything, he has shown complete and utter restraint up to this point, and it is the Globohomo West who is guilty of not knowing when to stop.  The Jewish chutzpah that saturates our Western governments had taken its logical course, culminating in the military provocation of Russia.

And oh, before I forget, let me remind you that quite a few Ukrainian expatriates and government members worked with the Democrats on Trump’s first impeachment.  Just to refresh you, it was over the president’s phone conversations with Zelensky.  In doing that, the Ukraine government made enemies with the Republicans, and they put their trust in the American Democrats.  A fatal mistake, Zelensky begged over and over for support once Russia attacked.  But the double-crossing nature of the Western Left decided this week’s outcome.

“Rooting” for Russia

Not only does Russia seem justified in their recent actions on a geopolitical scale, but people simply find Putin likable.  Thuggish past aside, he’s come off as a normal, populist figure who’s unafraid to embrace his culture, his religion, and his people.  Perhaps his religious leanings are superficial, but at least, unlike Western elites, he embraces Russia’s Christian heritage in public.  Our own government churns up national programs DESIGNED to demoralize white Christian Americans.  In fact, everyone in this current regime hates us and views us as enemies.

Someone shared this statement with me just the other day. I’m having difficulty tracking it to its source, but it rings true, nonetheless:

Russians aren’t seizing your bank account, censoring the news, forcing you to take questionable vaccines, getting you fired, attacking you in the street, replacing you with foreigners, and making you second-class citizens.  The people who want war with Russia are doing all that.

Our leaders, government, and mainstream society has made itself very unlikeable.  I can recall all of these ridiculous poses of John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign.  They were over the top, cringe, and obvious.  Then, Putin came out during that year with a photo of himself shirtless and on a horse.  The man looked alpha.  We, little peasants of the American proletariat, laughed together at just how pathetic the Democrat  candidate paled in comparison.  And since then, here and there, we’ve had opportunities to watch how our “leaders” measured up to the man.  The latest embarrassment for us in the West is this sad comparison of a US recruitment video with a Russian ad.  

Many Americans simply throw their hands up and ask, “Why should I join the military?  All we do is destroy communities wherever we go—particularly Christian communities—and spread sodomy across the world.”  It’s no wonder our country is viewed as The Great Satan.  At this time in history, America doesn’t stand for anything other than corruption.

And then there are arguments—hilarious, pathetic arguments—that we have to fight and help preserve freedom in the Ukraine.  Yes, we’ve heard the current Biden regime tell us this.  As if everyone’s already forgotten that we just finished two years of a sanitary dictatorship.  We, ourselves, have been robbed of our freedom.  About 70% of Democrats get excited when they watch Trudeau’s Canadian regime crush anyone who dared to protest against his policies, and these people support the freezing of bank accounts for anyone who dissents from the Covid narrative.  Forget about Ukraine’s freedom—what about ours?  I mean, Trudeau has flown in foreign mercenaries to help with his dictatorial clampdown.  And we’re being asked to sacrifice—even more than we have already these past two years—to preserve a potential new NATO member?

For years, shitlibs mocked patriotic Americans for being pro-America during the days of the Soviet Union.  And now they want us waving American flags, supporting this new anti-Russian aggression of theirs that came out of nowhere?  This rings just as hollow as the cries of “Russia! Russia! Russia!” during the entirety of Donald Trump’s presidency.  

These elites want to eliminate whiteness.  They state it clearly, and they funnel this command down through the corporate and media sectors.  Who wants to support that?  They are hostile to Christianity.  They’re trying to force us to think men are women, and vice versa.  Heritage Americans are ridiculed every day by this regime and its controlled media culture.  Why would any of us support them or their endeavors?


Russia could have attacked Ukraine at any time within the last seven years. Ukraine has been far more unstable than it is now. But Russia has been patiently waiting for the Ukraine to fulfill its role in the Minsk accords, and it simply never has.

And for years, Western leaders thought that they could threaten Russia with the idea that Ukraine would join NATO. And then they could accuse Russia of not being diplomatic enough if things didn’t go the West’s way.  A sword has been hovering over Russia’s head for the longest time.  And so, Russia’s job, apparently, was to sit there and let NATO expand ever onward. Threatening their country.  Until finally, the day would come when Russia would bend its knees in servitude to Globohomo.

In the matter of this Ukrainian conflict, I see Putin and Russia as “in the right,” and it is our bad-faith, Zionist Western governments who could not be negotiated with.  If only we had a negotiator president right now, we could have avoided this unnecessary situation.

Older people might be more “Ra-ra America!  Boooo, Russia!”  I would say this is a holdover sentiment from their Cold War childhoods.  Younger generations, though, could care less about Western interests at this point. Western interests are against these younger generations, after all.  And I think that this collapse of the Global American Empire will likely be welcomed to a certain degree by the younger generations who feel no loyalty to the regimes that oppress them.

I am not a Duganist.  I do not believe Russia and China are capable of saving the world with their Eastern values.  I think that, in this moment, Putin is riding atop a wave of justifications, and he has a lot of momentum if he needs it.  Perhaps Putin will do something in the future that is inexcusable.  That remains to be seen.


  1. Stop trying to make “Schadenfreude” a thing in English. Ot never will be. It sounds like “shade” and “fraud.” It will never catch on. Just use the English term. German is a desd language after all, if not because of the Arabs overrunning Germany then because their approval of sending more weapons to the Ukrainians is about to get them bombed into oblivion by Russia. Either find a Russian term or English one. No more shady fraud.

  2. Russia has already done something inexcusable. He tampered with our elections in 2016 and gave up uber corrupt Trump as President. Now he has started a war against Ukraine.

  3. What do the rates of alcohol and drug abuse have to do with whether Russia promotes Christian values or not? Crime, corruption, substance abuse… It’s an impoverished nation, with little hope among its people for a better life. Yes. But the government still (however opportunistically) at least pays lip service to the Church.

    And if the Rothschilds want Ukraine’s mineral wealth, why aren’t they already neck deep in them? Ukraine has been a globalist sock puppet for at least eight years at this point – why do they need Russia to annex it in order to exploit it? I just be missing something.

    All I know at this point is, I am cautiously optimistic since Vlad the Lad told Klaus to FO at Davos, saying that the idea of global government had never been more than a pipe dream at best, and was ridiculous at this point, or words to that effect.

  4. Ah, read the piece linked up top… Can’t say that someone who describes Western leaders as “…those who do operate by the norms of international law and those who do more or less, in their dealings with each other, tell the truth and act honestly.” is someone who I can listen to seriously. His observations of Russian culture are appreciated, but nothing new. That’s precisely the picture I have of Russia and its politicians.

    I would add that I’m not at all surprised at the graft in the ROC, it seems on par with the rest of Orthodoxy, just amplified by its Russian-ness. I just came out of 100+ days of looking closely at Orthodoxy, myself, and while it surprised me to read of it so blatantly at the time, by the end of my exploration it fit perfectly well- in Peter Gilquist’s book, “Becoming Orthodox”, he relates how his delegation of evangelicals looking to join the Greek Orthodox Church were attempting to meet the Ecumenical Patriarch, and made sure to include “a cash gift” among the other things they flattered him with.

  5. As much as the USSR is the bogey man here, it was a more advanced, healthier, less degenerate society than Russia today. Just compare the industrial, educational, life expectancy, average caloric intake, divorce rates, poverty, etc.

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