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This is a response  to a male feminist who was spouting off some nonsense, to a woman no less, about how she should not dare to criticise the million whale march that left a trail of trash and unused vaginas throughout the capital.

We’ll call this feminist “man” Roger, for the sake of this article. And we’ll call the frail damsel in distress Alice, again, for the sake of this article.

He had taken issue with my stating that American women largely have nothing to complain about and should essentially take up a useful hobby, finishing school, or STFU. He was obviously shocked, shocked I tell you and wanted to know if I was joking, and how could Alice even allow such a caveman to express words on her FB wall? Alice, being a true lady, stepped aside, and politely waved her hand from me to him, saying,  “Have at him, dear Sir.”

This was the measured Kurgan response.


Well… since I was asked by Roger… and Alicia kindly gave the space to comment:

Here it is, Roger (not that it will move you AT ALL, you’re as beyond help as any blue-haired intersectional whale as I’ve ever seen, but others who may read may take something good from watching you being intellectually bitchslapped across the room) : you’re a virtue signalling moron.

Except for North America, which the rest of the world sees as a sort of extremely wealthy incubator for damned lunatics, and even then I have to excuse the Southrons for the most part, and their rather delectable blonde, non-whale-like-at-all southern belles (or jeans wearing redneckettes as the case may be), sees American women as the most hideous displays of shrews mixed with raw pig fat the world has ever seen.

The fact their insane bullshit is polluting the western world and the rest of the planet thanks to Hollywood and what is effectively an American dominated continuous flow of propaganda via the brainwashing box called a TV, is something the entire rest of the planet is getting sick of.
From Brazil to Kazakhstan, the overwhelming majority of women look at American women as the exact opposite of what to aspire to be. Loud, uncouth, unfeminine, crazy, complaining, acidic shrews, usually overweight and incapable of stringing a coherent thought together if their ovaries depended on it.

I personally do not know a single woman that looks up to any of the idiocy put on display recently by American women, their pantsuits nation cadaverous bag of snakes leader Hitlery, or the ridiculous display of incoherence and stupidity that was the million retard march that took place recently.

American women are, by and large, an embarrassment the rest of the world laughs and shakes their head at as the retarded child who not only is retarded but also doesn’t have any manners at all. They shit their pants in public, smear it everywhere and then expect to be feted for it. No woman I know aspires to any of the supposed goals of so called American women.
In fact, from what I can tell, the Bible Belt of the USA itself also largely doesn’t aspire to it either.

But no Italian, French, Greek, or even German (and they put up with German men which is a punishment from God in itself) or even English woman (and the English are known throughout Europe as the easiest, sluttiest, most uneducated of females in Europe) I know would be seen dead at that cretinous march of overfed manatees that was the march on Washington.
Are you aware that throughout Europe (which is about to kick off at some point and if it does I seriously doubt there will be a single brown skinned person left on the continent in very short order) we are now saying #MEGA as a play on the word that is often used here as slang to say “cool”? Make Europe Great Again.

And no, since you’re too stupid to get it, I have to spell it out, I’m not looking forward to it, but when it happens I’ll be throwing Muslims into the sea with the best of them, and not because I’m “racist” but because it needs to be done. And yeah, I have spent about half of my active sex life with women that have more of a cappuccino complexion than alabaster, and aside from Eskimo and Papua New Guinean probably most everything in between, so again, your imminent charge of neo-Nazi (which will come anyway) is entirely empty to me and has less effect rhetorically, or any other way, than a fart in a cyclone.

We’ve all had enough. Of the Anglo-American (often Jewish-led) banking elite and their bullshit. Of idiotic political correctness and intersectional-stick-it-in-your-ass-by-force LGBT whatever tranny-assed peadophelia-mongering bullshit and utter ignorant “Islam is a religion of peace” nonsense you’re spouting.

Women are starting to understand that men have long ago evolved into more empathic, compassionate people, and that they now have to make the step to becoming more objective, logical and WOMEN. That is, play to their natural strengths instead of try to be whiny men with tits. And that means being feminine, homemakers, nurturers, supporters of their husbands who listen, allow themselves to be guided while they support and take care of their men, their homes and their children and are in turn, taken care of, loved and sacrificed for daily in a million ways by men who take shit every day so their women don’t have to.

This is not ME saying it.

This is women all around me saying it.

On top of which, the crazy fatties with blue hair are becoming more and more crazy because no man with a functioning brain cell would ever stick his dick in that sort of creature any more than he would  in a rabid grizzly. And the lack of any sex and any interest in them at all drives them completely crazy if they weren’t already there.

And women being the vicious creatures they are, quietly laugh at them while maybe even egging them on. In the meantime, that same pretty girl that hits the gym twice a day, turns heads in the street and says rah-rah to the desperately lesbian or unattractive fattie… guess what she’s doing with me late at night naked in bed while we watch the latest news after we wore each other out? She’s laughing her ass off pointing at the pussy hatted morons with me. And she’s all snuggled up and ready to go again whenever I want without a headache or a “not tonight honey” in sight. Because she enjoys and knows her power properly.

THAT is what American women need to wake the fuck up to. But perhaps I am being unfair to a few. I am sure they exist, even in North America (Canada is doomed though, with the possible exception of a few strippers). But the million or three screeching incoherent harpies that marched? The lot of them are not reproducing anytime soon with anything that owns its own set of balls. And that means they will get unhappier and crazier as time goes.

And you, Roger? You’re just going to be an unhappy little doormat too. Probably the best you can hope for is to get your sexual thrill from being some kind of masochist masturbating furiously every time you’re denied sex or even simple appreciation by your legally bound manatee or maybe you’ll learn to enjoy being a cuckold, but it’s not really enough to call it a fulfilling life buddy. It sure as shit doesn’t compare to being a man, anyway.

So carry on if you want. It just means the remaining sane females will probably end up having to get used to being part of a harem, because the more gays, metrosexual and ball-less white knights there are, the less options they have, and if you think women will not fall in line to be with a man that actually still retains his own testes instead of have them in his wife’s purse or bedside table, you’re very mistaken. Even when it means they have to wait their turn to be with him. And I’m not just whistling Dixie either, buddy-boy. I’ve done it. It’s kinda sad really, because they are so eager to please, and be picked more often that week, that they practically do all sorts of things, both in and out of the bedroom. Right up to offering to pay for dinner with you and the OTHER woman that you’re seeing the evening you’re not seeing them.

That’s how bad it is. Women don’t want that horse-fuckery we all watched laughing on TV. They want a man. Who is not afraid to be a man. And you know what? I have heard more women say that even though Trump is pretty repulsive physically, they would be HAPPY to let him grab them by the pussy compared to any of the male feminists they come across.

But don’t listen to me. You just carry right on, bro. Just means more for me. And my real brothers in arms, which, if your side doesn’t back off, shut up and crawl back under their rocks, even though we just want to be left alone, we’ll come in a rush to curb stomp you out of existence and back into whatever corner of hell you crawled out of.



  2. I WILL complain though… cuz I clicked on a great Conan pic to get to this piece and there isn’t a larger version ON this web page.
    What gives?

    • It was a private FB comment on the wall of “Alice”. The reaction was as I said: a couple of pitiful sounds of squashed cat from Roger (no actual response, even after further prodding from me for one) and a couple of enthusiastic agreements from women. Some of which even Alice was surprised by, as she didn’t expect that reaction from some of the women she has on her FB page.

  3. It’s all a monumental shit test… one which most American men are failing.
    “Bodice ripper’ romance is still the best selling American paperback. These women desperately want to be put in their place… They crave it. But they are too damaged to be worth the time and effort it would take to ‘fix’ them.
    It’s a shame, but nature is often cruel.

  4. Sir,

    Raw pig fat is a glorious gift from God and has many fine uses. I demand that you retract your association of it with American women.

    I also think you’re being terribly unkind to shrews.

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