My job brings me into contact with lots of young men, ages 18-25. I have been doing this long enough that some of my earliest contacts from that group are entering their mid 30s now. During this timeframe, I have been able to assess their nature and character. Like any generation, there are good ones and bad ones. There are tough ones and weak ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. This is not different than my own generation or the ones before it. However, I have noticed some tendencies that set this younger set of young fellows off from previous generations – there are few manly men.

Now, of course, there are exceptions. There are a few individuals that stand out from the crowd, maintaining traditional manly values and skill sets, but as a whole, most young men are weak. This is the generation that grew up with metrosexuals, hipsters, saggy jeans (and their antithesis, the skinny jeans). They think that growing a carefully trimmed beard (or the other variant – the excessively scraggly bushy beard) exhibits their masculinity.

girlymanWhat they are lacking is true strength. They are whiny, temperamental, and have no idea how to do simple, traditional male activities. If I asked one of them to dress a freshly killed deer (or any other meat animal), most would be at a total loss, and would probably become nauseated. They would tremble if forced to hold a knife (much less a firearm). Their idea of protecting their girlfriend would entail begging, threats to call the police, or running. Few of them would bring down the wrath of a warrior.

And that is the very essence that they need. They lack the warrior instinct. Why is this? Honestly, I do not know. I suppose there are many reasons, and some would be obvious (poor parenting, lack of social pressure to be manly, and a break down in the cultural expectations), but others are probably more subconscious and outside of my own realm of knowledge. Ultimately, the point is that something needs to be done to solve this problem.

I certainly do not have all the answers, and look forward to your thoughts in the comments, but here are some things that these young men could start doing to get back on the right path  – the path of a Man of the West.

  1. Learn that feminism is evil. Eschew it completely. Women should be women, and that means having babies and caring for the home. It is your job to support and protect them. Figure that out.
  2. Stop with the sissy crap. Learn how to be a man. Playing with cartoons is not manly. It is a child’s pastime. I am not saying you can’t play video games or such things, but realize what they are. If your main hobby is playing with anime/manga cards, then you need to grow up. Get a gun and cigar, and learn how to use both.
  3. Wear some clothes that are fitting for a man. If you own skinny jeans, burn them. I am serious. Do not throw them away. Make them cease to exist. That crap does not belong on a man’s body. Wear clothes that project a manly persona.
  4. Get in shape. Most young men are either fat or skinny/weak. Both suck. You need to lift weights (see our Beast Life articles on this site for help). Get strong and muscled.
  5. Learn to fight. Look, hopefully, you never need to do this, but there is a real possibility that you may need to use these skills. So be ready. Watch this video.  (Note that the aggressor has the ‘excessively bushy beard’, mentioned above).  Listen to the whining tone from the assaulted young man. He is about to cry. If that fat piece of crap tried to hit me, they would be scraping him off the walls. I am not normally a violent man, and neither are the other folks here. But by God, if we, or our loved ones are threatened, we are all capable of bringing hellfire down upon you. That is what men do.
  6. Quit accepting whatever you are told as being truth. Most of these young men get their info from comedy shows, college professors, and/or the fake news on Main Stream Media. Look, none of those sources are unbiased. They have an agenda, even when they try to hide it. Ferret out the truth for yourself. Learn to think for yourself. Men do not just blindly accept information. They weigh it, test it, and hold to what is good and true, and reject what is not. Learn to do that.
  7. If you cannot grown a manly beard, then shave. That trimmed, decorated crap is not manly. It is an abomination. Now, there are several of us here at Men of the West that have facial hair, and it is good and manly, if done properly. Here is a test: if you “sculpt” or “pluck” anything, you are doing it wrong. Either shave it all off, or let it grow like a man.
  8. Learn to deal with things. If someone hurts your feelings, suck it up. No one cares. The world is a hard place, and it is the very height of idiocy to think that your feelings matter at all to others. No one gives a tinker’s damn. So someone stepped on your twinkle toes -whoopedy doo. I can guarandamntee you that every single one of the writers and editors here at Men of the West have said far worse to the others. We call each other names, make fun of idiosyncrasies, and ridicule one another. We either let it run off our backs, or we make changes, if needed. That is how men respond.
  9. Lose the political correctness. It is anathema to a Man of the West. Here is a head’s up: it is on the way out anyway. The liberal elite may not have figured this out, but that is because they are idiots. The world has shifted back towards reality. Do not be afraid to call things for what they are. If someone is stupid, then it is okay to call them stupid. Here is example: in recent days, we have seen schools remove Twain’s Huckleberry Finn from reading lists because of its racial terms. Are you kidding me? Have you read the book? Jim, the runaway slave, is the hero! To argue that this is a racist book is asinine.
  10. Stop with the climate change garbage. Look, anyone who espouses a Christian worldview hopes to be a good steward of the resources that God provides. That is one reason we argue that most big charities are scams. Giving to the Red Cross is a waste of your money. As a Christian, I would feel dirty giving money to them. It is not a good use of those resources. Likewise, we are fine with using our planet responsibly, but it is a false dichotomy that to say that if you do not adhere to the climate change religion, then you are a planet hater. I would argue the opposite. Those people are insane. It is pure hubris to believe that driving your car will ruin the planet. Recognize this for what it is – it is a money making scheme. You really think Al Gore cares about the planet? He is making money, my friends, pure and simple. That is why every single thing he has spewed out for the past 20 years has failed to come to pass, and yet people are still plunking down money to listen to his moronic drivel. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

Fine. That is enough to start with. Do  yourself a favor and learn to be a man. Stop with the sissy, effeminate nonsense. Be a warrior – a Man of the West.