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January 27, 2017
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My job brings me into contact with lots of young men, ages 18-25. I have been doing this long enough that some of my earliest contacts from that group are entering their mid 30s now. During this timeframe, I have been able to assess their nature and character. Like any generation, there are good ones and bad ones. There are tough ones and weak ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. This is not different than my own generation or the ones before it. However, I have noticed some tendencies that set this younger set of young fellows off from previous generations – there are few manly men.

Now, of course, there are exceptions. There are a few individuals that stand out from the crowd, maintaining traditional manly values and skill sets, but as a whole, most young men are weak. This is the generation that grew up with metrosexuals, hipsters, saggy jeans (and their antithesis, the skinny jeans). They think that growing a carefully trimmed beard (or the other variant – the excessively scraggly bushy beard) exhibits their masculinity.
What they are lacking is true strength. They are whiny, temperamental, and have no idea how to do simple, traditional male activities. If I asked one of them to dress a freshly killed deer (or any other meat animal), most would be at a total loss, and would probably become nauseated. They would tremble if forced to hold a knife (much less a firearm). Their idea of protecting their girlfriend would entail begging, threats to call the police, or running. Few of them would bring down the wrath of a warrior.

And that is the very essence that they need. They lack the warrior instinct. Why is this? Honestly, I do not know. I suppose there are many reasons, and some would be obvious (poor parenting, lack of social pressure to be manly, and a break down in the cultural expectations), but others are probably more subconscious and outside of my own realm of knowledge. Ultimately, the point is that something needs to be done to solve this problem.

I certainly do not have all the answers, and look forward to your thoughts in the comments, but here are some things that these young men could start doing to get back on the right path  – the path of a Man of the West.

  1. Learn that feminism is evil. Eschew it completely. Women should be women, and that means having babies and caring for the home. It is your job to support and protect them. Figure that out.
  2. Stop with the sissy crap. Learn how to be a man. Playing with cartoons is not manly. It is a child’s pastime. I am not saying you can’t play video games or such things, but realize what they are. If your main hobby is playing with anime/manga cards, then you need to grow up. Get a gun and cigar, and learn how to use both.
  3. Wear some clothes that are fitting for a man. If you own skinny jeans, burn them. I am serious. Do not throw them away. Make them cease to exist. That crap does not belong on a man’s body. Wear clothes that project a manly persona.
  4. Get in shape. Most young men are either fat or skinny/weak. Both suck. You need to lift weights (see our Beast Life articles on this site for help). Get strong and muscled.
  5. Learn to fight. Look, hopefully, you never need to do this, but there is a real possibility that you may need to use these skills. So be ready. Watch this video.  (Note that the aggressor has the ‘excessively bushy beard’, mentioned above).  Listen to the whining tone from the assaulted young man. He is about to cry. If that fat piece of crap tried to hit me, they would be scraping him off the walls. I am not normally a violent man, and neither are the other folks here. But by God, if we, or our loved ones are threatened, we are all capable of bringing hellfire down upon you. That is what men do.
  6. Quit accepting whatever you are told as being truth. Most of these young men get their info from comedy shows, college professors, and/or the fake news on Main Stream Media. Look, none of those sources are unbiased. They have an agenda, even when they try to hide it. Ferret out the truth for yourself. Learn to think for yourself. Men do not just blindly accept information. They weigh it, test it, and hold to what is good and true, and reject what is not. Learn to do that.
  7. If you cannot grow a manly beard, then shave. That trimmed, decorated crap is not manly. It is an abomination. Now, there are several of us here at Men of the West that have facial hair, and it is good and manly, if done properly. Here is a test: if you “sculpt” or “pluck” anything, you are doing it wrong. Either shave it all off, or let it grow like a man.
  8. Learn to deal with things. If someone hurts your feelings, suck it up. No one cares. The world is a hard place, and it is the very height of idiocy to think that your feelings matter at all to others. No one gives a tinker’s damn. So someone stepped on your twinkle toes -whoopedy doo. I can guarandamntee you that every single one of the writers and editors here at Men of the West have said far worse to the others. We call each other names, make fun of idiosyncrasies, and ridicule one another. We either let it run off our backs, or we make changes, if needed. That is how men respond.
  9. Lose the political correctness. It is anathema to a Man of the West. Here is a head’s up: it is on the way out anyway. The liberal elite may not have figured this out, but that is because they are idiots. The world has shifted back towards reality. Do not be afraid to call things for what they are. If someone is stupid, then it is okay to call them stupid. Here is example: in recent days, we have seen schools remove Twain’s Huckleberry Finn from reading lists because of its racial terms. Are you kidding me? Have you read the book? Jim, the runaway slave, is the hero! To argue that this is a racist book is asinine.
  10. Stop with the climate change garbage. Look, anyone who espouses a Christian worldview hopes to be a good steward of the resources that God provides. That is one reason we argue that most big charities are scams. Giving to the Red Cross is a waste of your money. As a Christian, I would feel dirty giving money to them. It is not a good use of those resources. Likewise, we are fine with using our planet responsibly, but it is a false dichotomy that to say that if you do not adhere to the climate change religion, then you are a planet hater. I would argue the opposite. Those people are insane. It is pure hubris to believe that driving your car will ruin the planet. Recognize this for what it is – it is a money making scheme. You really think Al Gore cares about the planet? He is making money, my friends, pure and simple. That is why every single thing he has spewed out for the past 20 years has failed to come to pass, and yet people are still plunking down money to listen to his moronic drivel. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

Fine. That is enough to start with. Do  yourself a favor and learn to be a man. Stop with the sissy, effeminate nonsense. Be a warrior – a Man of the West.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. Some reasons for a general lack of “manly men” not mentioned:
    1. Indoor w/ video games vs. Outdoors w/ sticks.- Kids today grow up inside and protected vs the generally more feral life of older generations.
    2. Raised by single mothers- More young men today are reared without a father or a patriarchthan any time in history.
    3. Lack of Masculine role models- No more John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in popular culture kicking ass and taking names and having it celebrated.
    4. Urban lifestyle- Rural society is in decline demographically
    5. Migrant Workers- Influx of illegals taking low skill jobs that traditionally were filled with teenage men. Young men don’t work with older men and learn from them in the labor market.
    Some ideas as to why.
    Encourage strength, masculinity, competition, physical labor, and traditional outdoor activities with your sons to offset feminization promoted by the culture.

    • One other thing to stop is quit eating so much soy based products. Men were not intended by God to eat estrogen. Estrogen does bad things to men when they take so much of it in via their diets.

    • I like this. Takeaway from the list in my opinion are points two, three, and five. I also believe a contributing factor of discourse to the generation of weak men may be a regional phenomenon. You touched on that with the rural vs. urban point. I have lived in the southeast my entire life, and was raised by a trade carpenter, my hardass pops. You want it earn it, slave for it. Maybe you still don’t get it. Quit bitching and put your purse down. I had the woods, I went camping, I shot a hell of a lot of guns too. I know know my dad respects me, I earned it. That reward is fucking priceless. It’s sad to see all these fathers who look at their sons with no hope. Neither of them will likely ever experience the feeling.

    • #2 Raised by single moms. Example: I had a concrete guy that was doing some work, he was young 20’s and somehow got on the conversation about getting muddy. He: my son is 6 and he won’t touch dirt. me: what? why? he: Because he lives with him mama and she won’t tolerate being dirty. He was taught not to get dirty so he won’t step in dirt. me: That is ridiculous. he’s gonna be a sissy. He: yep, but what can I do? I only see him every other weekend. I’m a country girl raised by real workers and depression survivor farmers from Oklahoma. I live on the east coast and this is the BEST article ever on why men are not men, especially out here on the east coast.

  2. My sons and I are city people so we are indoors more on the balance. I make sure they have a lot of different activities besides video games, tv, or computers. My proudest accomplishment is having them in Pop Warner tackle football. Really toughens them up! (We are also blessed with great coaches). Also they go to church EVERY Sunday. Makes a huge difference.

  3. We homeschool, and I’m increasingly aware that many of the homeschool families in our circle are raising manly men and feminine women. Thank God!! And it is rare that I meet a homeschool dad, or son, who I think is a pussy. Many of us (young and old) are into guns, hunting, Krav Maga etc. The homeschooled kids of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow.

    • I have also noticed that homeschooled children, more often than not, are able to apply logical thinking to problems. Other kids respond emotionally to almost anything – “I feel that this is….” which is asinine. Yes, the homeschool kids are gonna rule the world, and rightly so.

  4. Homeschool. On a farm with livestock and a garden so they can have a real ecosystem to take care of.
    Masculinity is an attitude, so the recommendations are less relevant if not applied, or if they learn “mighty morphin power rangers karate” but still won’t really defend themselves.
    At my local watering hole during lunch, they had one of the survival real videos where a woman “tapped-out” leaving the man to continue. Those next to me were disgusted, and after some discussion, it confirmed they could start a fire, gut a deer or steer, probably carry (I’m in a constitutional carry state), and otherwise are tough. They were Wyoming WOMEN – it isn’t called the “equality state” without reason. But the women know their place, while being tough as nails.

  5. I don’t buy into evolutionary psychology, but it’s a very useful model. Masculinity in general comes from 1. Needing to attract a mate to start a family and needing to provide for a defend that family. Repairing vehicles and homes saves money. Hunting and fishing can feed. Mr Man-boobs communist is angry because he has never seen his penis. And neither has any woman outside of his mother.

  6. Salvation Army and Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse are about the only two that I would ever consider donations to. The Red Cross has been evil for decades. Same with United Way.

  7. I’ve always struggled wth the second half of point 8. I think a big reason is being raised more by my mother than father. Schools are dominated by women who reinforce female sensibilities in preference to male. One struggle I always had (and still have) that I wear my emotions on my sleeve; I’ve developed a thicker skin and get over it but am not comfortable dishing it out – too many people can’t take it and most of the time it just doesn’t seem worth it. Most people also seem to tear people down just to build themselves up.
    Dang good list; need to quit letting women raise boys.

    • right. Men need to teach boys to be men. Women cannot do that. This is also another reason to homeschool your children, so that this horrible influence from public schools is not able to infect them.
      As to tearing others down. Poking fun at each other is what men do. It is not meant to permanently damage t hem. It is intended to establish manly rapport. It also allows friends to point out minor things that need changing, as long as you can take a hint.
      For those who are not friends? Who cares what they think.

  8. I do a Bible study with a couple men from work. Neither exude manliness. Our first week the leader of our group mentioned that we needed some mission or outreach work for the canned program we are working through.
    I immediately suggested Fight Club. No one took to barefisted fights so it has turned into a sparring club. The idea of it has transformed them both are working out and in general being more masculine. We haven’t even had our first session. That comes in a couple weeks.
    Point in case that simple encouragement to fullfil their masculine role gave traction to their intrinsic manliness.

  9. Not sure if I have ever commented here before. Just wanted to say that I love what you are doing. The net has oceans of ink dedicated to leftist sniveling. I have been visiting this site since I found it and am glad to that there is a place people can read the hard truth regardless who it offends. There are many inconvenient truths here for males like Al Gore. But as he said, those inconvenient truths are the ones we most need to hear. Keep up the good work.

    • Great to have you reading. Always feel free to chime in on the comments. It takes all of us working together. Share the site with others. We are winning.

  10. Refreshing. Mirrors a conversation I had with my pastor not long ago. That discussion resulted in a few sermons on the roles of men, women and children in the family. But he kept it to a strictly spiritual meaning. Maybe he was afraid to hit some of the church men where they live, I don’t know. Somebody has to start telling men(and women) how they are supposed to live, since it has become obvious many of them cannot discern such things for themselves, and the children are suffering mightily in the wasteland of their dysfunctional homes. It is a simple concept, yet so many cannot grasp it. The Creator created everything with a particular and detailed role to play, and when any member of a family is out of their place, the entire unit suffers, Unhappiness is the most acute in the member that is out of their lane, whether it be the Man, the dog, or anyone in between. I am devouring this blog, men. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, my friend. You know, it is a long road. Our culture has been coopted for a long time, with so much falsity being pushed on the men and women of our society. They were not able to mess things up overnight, and we won’t fix it overnight, but it is a start.

  11. We homeschooled our 5 in Vermont, starting in the 1980s.
    The globalist crap had already hit the schools there. I worked
    at IBM and saw the multicultural crap pushed there, too.
    When I say ‘we’ homeschooled, it was actually mostly my
    wife’s work. I think it was very important that the children
    got help from their stay-at-home mother, who always asked
    me to be in charge. Dad earns the money, Mom runs the school
    and their job was to learn. When my oldest son recited the
    periodic table backwards just for fun, I knew it was working
    fine. Hearing the classics playing on the stereo confirmed it.
    My niece goes off to work at the public school in some interventionist
    job while her own children are being programmed by enemies of
    everything she and her husband believe in, though. Like talking
    to a brick wall… (sigh)
    So glad I found this blog!!

    • We are glad you found it, too. You were homeschooling when the tide began to turn. We appreciate your work then. We know all about brick walls, too.

  12. A lot of the younger guys are how you describe them to be. I too have exposure to quite a few of them. But I have seen a lot of younger females liking their males this way in one word how I would describe the young men: CUTE. Neither of them know any better how to be. They sit in cubicles all day, along with women doing the same white-collar jobs day after day, going to lunch, getting their Starbucks, shopping for skinny jeans together, some even get massages and facials together and on their smartphones. It’s like the young couples these days are best friends. GUYS ARE LIKE GIRLS AND THEY NO LONGER ARE IN JOBS WITH OTHER MANLY MENTORS. Young men and women are both encouraged to go to college and now they are all in “diversity” workplace called corporate all doing the same jobs.
    Mike Rowe has been preaching this issue for a while, that real manly careers are disappearing due to the cultural changed views toward these kinds of careers (since the 80’s, there’s been a big push to enroll your kids into universities to make the big money and good blue-collar jobs are disappearing due to the lack of employees not wanting to do physical work). Tell me when the last time anyone had a neighborhood kid come around asking to work, mow the lawn? No. These kids are all in travel baseball teams or some sort of tutoring or music activities that will get them into a good university. Boys from the start need to be around manly men. They need to work in physically laboring jobs as a teen, if nothing else but be exposed to manly men and the value of hard work working outside. Evan if that same teen later gets a desk job, he would still have a lot of manly values instilled in him.
    I am in real estate and I encounter all ages and economic groups. Parents tell me their kids college professors are now discouraging buying homes (don’t settle down, don’t get married too soon so that you can be more marketable in the eyes of the company to be able to quickly land a new job, relocate and change jobs in a snap with no baggage. Changing jobs frequently is apparently how you increase your salary and that is the most . It’s a bigger problem.
    America’s family structure broke down, It took only 3 generations too. Women educating themselves and going to work, higher divorce rates, and people not living in the same town their parents and grandparents lived (in search of better paying jobs) have forced men and women into becoming a giant herd of sheep in this country. The herds are seen in bigger cities, and most of the Eastcoast is this way.
    1. Women are educated and think they want a career: 2 generations ago, more and more women got college degrees. They focused on careers and this shift reshaped women in America. They in turn are more abrasive and berate men. They want it all, the career, husband, home, kids. But it’s all falling apart because someone is left to run the home and watch the children and support their manly husbands. Well, it turns out that a lot of the younger ladies nowadays do not even get to meet manly men, and therefore they marry the sissies wearing skinny jeans and latest fashionable eyeglasses. The whiny over-indulged yet very well educated young men and women of today. They are rewarded by having gone to college and into the corporate jobs. These 18-30 yr olds this article speaks of have NO idea of any manly man. Their father is no longer manly and if they are related to any manly man grandpas or uncles of the previous generations, these young guys and gals probably did not have exposure to these manly men.
    People are who they are due to where they were raised and the exposure they have had. You could take one of these sissy-ass young lad or gal and expose them as a teen and some of it may or may not stick. I am a good example of a gal raised in Colo with farmer grandparents who took me camping/fishing/hunting out in the woods every summer. My younger siblings came 10 yrs after and was never exposed to any of this as they were babies. Then my parents divorced. My mom is from the city and my dad was a humble countryman that served the US Army 30 yrs. My mom went to live in the city raising my siblings. Today, I am the only grand child who adores the traditional values of simple life and being with a manly man. Noone understands the term manly man because you have to live in rural farm lands of the mid-west where life is hard, in order to truly “get it”. I lived in the mid-west and also the Eastcoast. What I remember the best is the simple life my grandparents led. My grandpa and my father were both manly men for sure. To this day, I hunt/fish/camp and appreciate my manly husband who drives a 30-yr old Ford F-250 that he maintains along with a 1977 Backhoe. I feel heart broken and sad that one has to describe what a true MANLY MAN is as Theophrastus has tried to describe in this great article… Has life in America changed that drastically in just my lifetime and I am a 45-yr old woman (lived in Colorado, Oklahoma, FL and NC). I long to retire in a community where everyone is just a regular manly man as described by Theophrastus and the women have figured it all out.

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