the acquaintance of darkness and Light

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Editor’s Note: We offer a fantastic poem by a long time friend of MOTW, Jordan Aspen. You can read more about her and her work at her site. This poem comes from her book, My Heart Poured Out.
the acquaintance of darkness and Light
by Jordan Aspen
I do not flirt with the darkness
that would be folly, for I know its power
I do not quail at the darkness
that would be cowardice, for I know its weakness
I do not hide in the darkness
that would be despair, for I know its seduction
though I am all too well acquainted with the darkness
I will not be seduced by its power
nor deceived into passivity by its weakness
because I am also well acquainted with the Light
I am no defeatist, for I know this seduction
is exposed by the Light
I am no coward, for I know that weakness
becomes strength in the Light
I am no fool, for I know the power
of the romance of the Light


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