You'd think they'd grow weary

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It must grow tiresome to be so wrong so often:

Those of my readers who want to see a fine example of this sort of blindness to [Climate Change] need only check the latest headlines. Within the next decade or so, for example, the entire southern half of Florida will become unfit for human habitation due to rising sea levels, driven by our dumping of greenhouse gases into an already overloaded atmosphere.
— John Micheal Greer

Now, as much as I love reading the thoughts of America’s favorite Archdruid, I grow weary of short-term climate progress prophecies.  Not because they’re scary and all that, but because they’re always wrong. Not “sometimes wrong”. Not “close-but-no-cigar”. They are always wrong.

Fans of the Toronto Dolphins celebrate.
Fans of the Toronto Dolphins celebrate.

All one needs to do to test this hypothesis is to read the newspaper from 5 or 10 or 20 years ago*. Snow was going to become as legendary in Britain as St. George’s dragon. Ice was going to disappear from the arctic and the antarctic. We were going to have hurricanes every 15 minutes or so along America’s flooded East Coast. The temp was going to rise and rise and rise** until Denver was forced to host the Super Bowl every year because the rest of North America was under water.
None of them happened.  Yet Albert Gore’s traveling circus and subsidy vacuum rolls on, sucking up tax monies like a feminist collecting STIs. And if people still live in south Florida in 2020, enjoying weekends beside oceans that stubbornly refuse to rise, this prophecy will join the hundreds, thousands, of scary amusing prognostications proffered by those who mistake hysteria for reason and politics for science.
But you don’t have to take my word for it. All you have to do is live ten years. Because no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone does, we’re not going to collectively do anything about this alleged problem. Prince Charles and the Pope and Bill Nye the Science Guy are still going to fly all over the world to warn of the dangers of flight. China is still going to pump more CO2 into the atmosphere than the rest of the world could conceivably cut, even if we all moved into caves and held our breath 12 hours a day. And the snow is still going to fall and maybe we’ll get a hurricane eventually. When it does come, it’ll be blamed on global warming***.
But the main thing that’s going to happen is, when the prophecies don’t come true, they’ll be renewed faster than Tom Brady’s contract, without even a little cotton tag bragging that they are made of 100% recycled materials****. And no one who is wed to this idea that a change in atmospheric CO2 from .03% to .04% must kill us all will pay the slightest attention to the fact that a hypothesis clung to in the face of contrary evidence is not science, no matter how many scientists join in the clinging. It’s still just religion.
* You will note that the proponents of anthropogenic global warming are certain about the future, which cannot be tested scientifically, and mostly ignore the past or present, which has been.
** What has happened, ironically, is that the temperatures of the past fell instead. Now that’s some powerful science.
*** Author’s note: I penned this piece before Harvey appeared this summer.  Tell me my prognostication was wrong… 

**** if hysteria can be considered a material.

El Borak is an historian by training, an IT Director by vocation, and a writer when the mood strikes him. He lives in rural Kansas with his wife of thirty years, where he works to fix the little things.


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