Alt-West (Hard Right) Manifesto

September 11, 2017
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The Alt-West is an alternative to the currently effeminate, impotent, cowering, post-Christian Western Civilisation.

We are not Alt-Right because the term Alt-Right was coined by a Neo-Nazi LARPer and we consider such people to be anti-civilisational as well as unintelligent. While we have some similarities with the Alt-Right and while we accept the conclusions of science (when they are in fact science and not politics) we hold no specific requirement for any specific ethnic group. In this respect we simply refer to our point 13 below.

Alt-West Manifesto

  1. God is perfect Love, Truth, Justice and Beauty and Jesus Christ is the Word.
  2. Christianity is most responsible for the evolution of Western civilization which is the pinnacle of Human evolution.
  3. We reject absolutely all forms of Feminism, Marxism, Socialism, Political Correctness, Social Justice Warrior “ethics”, the very concept of “equality” in the world, and all the proponents of such lies. This includes the total rejection of any kind of communism, national socialism (Nazism) and their related ideologues and ideologies.
  4. Christian charity, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and kindness cannot exist indefinitely without justice, therefore, the general principles of just war and justified violence in the defence of oneself or others, including pre-emptively if strategy, prudence and common sense require it, while never to be done in the name of God, is perfectly acceptable in correct Christian thought.
  5. We subscribe to the Biblical concepts of marriage and as such do not believe, value or accept gay marriage, transgender anything, or the inappropriate sexualisation of children. Homosexuals are to be treated as one would treat any human being afflicted by a painful and sometimes incurable defect. They are not to be hated and vilified, much less attacked, but nor are their sexual proclivities to be accepted as “normal”. They are not. Nor are they to be glorified in any way.
  6. Child rapists and molesters are not to be tolerated in any way, shape or form. Organisations such as NAMBLA for example are to be considered a virulent and toxic enemy and pedophile priests should similarly be punished in the strongest possible fashion allowed by law. The law should also change to permit the worst of these offenders to be simply put to death.
  7. Not all religions are equal. Broadly speaking:
    1. Christianity is responsible for the pinnacle of human achievement.
    2. Buddhists and agnostics can certainly be tolerated and worked with.
    3. Some Atheists can be tolerated.
    4. Some Atheists Should be rejected.
    5. Pagans of various types may be tolerated or not, depending on their specific practices
    6. Islam is incompatible with Christianity and we reject it as an evil and perverse ideology.
    7. Jews who reject Jesus as the Messiah are generally to be viewed as the pagans, but given their historical precedent for behaviour that is harmful to the native Christian population, should be scrutinized, and in general peacefully encouraged to return to Israel.
  8. The Alt West is not a defensive attitude and rejects the concept of noble and principled defeat. It is a forward-thinking philosophy of positive offense, in every sense of that term. The Alt West believes in victory through persistence and remaining in harmony with science, reality, cultural tradition, and the lessons of history.
  9. The Alt West believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations and the Graeco-Roman legacy.
  10. The Alt West is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms and the right of all nations to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.
  11. The Alt West is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.
  12. The Alt West is anti-equalitarian. It rejects the idea of equality for the same reason it rejects the ideas of unicorns and leprechauns, noting that human equality does not exist in an observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.
  13. The Alt West does not believe in the general supremacy of any race, nation, people, or sub-species. Every race, nation, people, and human sub-species has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and possesses the sovereign right to dwell unmolested in the native culture it prefers.
  14. Churchianity is not Christianity.
  15. The Alt West is a philosophy that values peace among the various nations of the world and opposes wars to impose the values of one nation upon another as well as efforts to exterminate individual nations through war, genocide, immigration, or genetic assimilation.


  1. “2.Christianity is the religion most responsible for the evolution of Western civilisation which is the pinnacle of Human evolution.”
    Why add “the religion”?
    Try this
    “2.Christianity is most responsible for the evolution of Western civilisation which is the pinnacle of Human evolution.”
    Oh, and using the letter “z” is even farther up the pinnacle of evolving civilization.

    • Granted on the first half. On the second half, of course, you are utterly wrong and your bastardisation of the English language demonstrates you’re barely above the level of a lizard-eating African forager.

  2. Rather than yet another term what about “Alt right Christian”
    which is already got a following and its points are pretty much everything this site produces and promotes surely?
    just instead of another 13, use the 21 theses already mentioned?
    love the site, and so do all my friends IRL!

    • UNS: what part of “Alt-right is a term invented by retarded Nazi LARPERs” do you have trouble understanding?
      We are not Alt-Right anything. And never have been. We are Alt-West. And I’ll throw a Nazi LARPer into the sea just as fast and as far as I would a Saracen.
      They are not part of Western Civilisation and never have been nor ever will be.

      • I don’t think it’s useful to fight among ourselves. We should form a common front against the threat. “Alt-Right” is a very broad term incorporating the general pro-western movement (racial, religious, cultural, etc.).

        • That’s the point. There is no “ourselves” or “we” with the Illinois Nazis. They aren’t.
          If it makes you happy, they can go ahead and be the Spanish Army in the Peninsular Campaign. Good for harassing a common enemy. Useless for winning the war and really just cause problems when in the ranks.

      • I fail to see the problem, Kurgan. Damian Michaels is offering a sub-set of points that collect Vox Day’s insights and concern themselves with Christianity more or less exclusively. None of it refers to any political actors, except insofar as they deceive by presenting themselves as Christianity.
        Indeed, that fact that Damian doesn’t really address issues beyond Christianity is why UNS is wrong and we can’t substitute Michael’s 21 points for your 15. Their 21 has to be a sub-set of your 15 or Vox’s 16, and the only disharmony is your point #7 and their Point #18 (where they say Christianity is best, but we’ll listen to others and consider insights). In principle, I see no reason why the 7/18 differences aren’t fully reconcilable.

        • The point is the name Alt-Right is corrupt and always was. There is a reason why we called ourselves MOTW and specifically avoided the name Alt-Right.
          Clarification on this now needs to be made clear.
          Socialists are not of the right.
          And Nazis are socialists.
          They are our enemies.

  3. When I read this, I heard it in George C Scott’s voice (Patton) with the Star Spangled Banner playing softly in the background.
    God Bless America!

  4. Points 7.b – 7.e are a bit vague. Other than that, it’s good stuff.
    I’d also like to add that those still calling themselves libertarians are eventually going to have to pick sides. Trying to remain neutral will be bad for their health.

    • Anyone still calling himself a “libertarian” today is quite simply an idiot.
      And they invariably tend to be left leaning.

      • The big “L” party has been fully converged by SJW former Bernie supporters. Therefore, I must agree that calling oneself any form of “libertarian” is no longer a productive action.

  5. I think I might consider myself alt-west, but please to clarify what you mean by “[not] equalitarian.” This is conflicting with my support of the Declaration of Independence in which all men are created equal. Do you mean to say that men (that of the gender male) are equal and women are not? I am asking so I can understand your meaning, not to pick a fight.
    And for my own purposes, I tend to refer to the alt-right as the “John C. Calhoun types.” They appear to be his g-g-grandchildren.

    • The basic idea is that men are men, women are women, they are not the same. This is not about “better” or anything like that. It is saying that there are specific things that are in a man’s domain, while there are things within a woman’s domain.
      The lie is that anyone can be or do anything. That is simply not true.

    • I mean that not even twins are equal. Equality literally doesn’t exist. We can paint a legal veil over it but we all know women and men and even different types of men are not anywhere near the same. So if we did make the law “equal for all” (we do no such thing of course) the reality is that it would place many at a disadvantage, be it for average IQ, psychological differences due to sex, or whatever.

    • It is never addressed specifically, but if the point is simply that equality does not exist in any empirical sense, then this is true. What isn’t discussed is whether equality exist in any metaphysical sense and I happen to think that it does. Specifically, we are equal as persons. We are all created in the image and likeness of God. This is summed up in the CCC:
      “The dignity of the human person is rooted in his creation in the image and likeness of God (article 1); it is fulfilled in his vocation to divine beatitude (article 2). It is essential to a human being freely to direct himself to this fulfillment (article 3). By his deliberate actions (article 4), the human person does, or does not, conform to the good promised by God and attested by moral conscience (article 5). Human beings make their own contribution to their interior growth; they make their whole sentient and spiritual lives into means of this growth (article 6). With the help of grace they grow in virtue (article 7), avoid sin, and if they sin they entrust themselves as did the prodigal son1 to the mercy of our Father in heaven (article 8). In this way they attain to the perfection of charity.”
      Many have argued that liberalism is a radically secularized Christianity, free from theology and metaphysics; a kind of positivist Christian heresy. Liberals misuse Christian concepts like love, hate, and social justice. In short, without God and the transcendent, no meaningful sense of equality exist. The left rejects God, but they don’t want to give up human equality with it, but the only equality that makes sense to godless, materialist leftist, is empirical equality, which we can see does not and cannot exist.

      • We can argue later about the Fall and man’s loss of the image of God. But for now, the point stands that even in your quote, there is nothing on equality. All humans have dignity/value from being created in God’s image. Not equality. Major difference.

        • Human beings created in the image and likeness of God are equal as persons and thus each individual is accorded dignity. Every human being belongs to God and thus no individual must ever be treated as mere objects or means to our own personal ends. This proposition is metaphysical not empirical and is essential to orthodox Christianity.

          • You slipped in that “equal as persons” bit again. Take that out and I agree with the rest of what you wrote.
            Unless the argument is categorical…all dogs are dogs…all humans are humans…sure, why not. But kind of pointless.
            If not, then now that the sainthood thing is out of the way, let me be the first to welcome you to the Reformation!

          • I am not saying that all humans are humans. That is simply a meaningless tautology. What I am presenting is a metaphysical claim. Essentially it makes no sense to say “individual A has more dignity than individual B”. Human dignity is rooted in what we are and is not contingent on any physical, empirical property.
            Now it could be the case that “equal dignity” is incoherent as dignity is not something that is countable or mathematically measurable (something equality requires) and thus “individual A has more dignity than individual B” is incoherent nonsense. If you agree with this then we are in full agreement.

          • That welcome l was to Hoosierbillu of course. Urban II has room temperature IQ. At best. At worst he’s a liar.

          • Well are you talking about Kurgan? You obviously lack any understanding of Christian tradition and Catholic teaching and are clearly not suited for philosophical discussion. Good luck graduating high school.

    • To clarify, since people are often confused by that line, the “created equal” phrase in the Declaration was referring to social hierarchy. It was a rejection of the notion that anyone was born into a special class (a la the nobility). That is the sum extent, and taking it any further perverts the idea.

    • The Declaration meant “equal before the law and before God”. It did not support “equality of outcome” or “equality of talents”.

  6. Can point 2 be brought in line with point 7.a? Human achievement is fine. Human evolution carries with it a whole mess of presuppositions that brought us modern liberalism.

      • Human evolution carries with it the underlying assumption of the perfectibility of man. That man evolves onwards towards a wonderful final enlightenment and harmony with the Universe. Which is hilarious.
        Thank you for the welcome above sir. I am no high flier on the IQ scale, but the men here have built a great place to learn and cut teeth on hard thoughts.

  7. I do not see the need to reject the label “alt-right.” Just to expel the LARPers from it. I tend to agree with Vox Day in that if I run from that label then I will run from any that the MSM can tar with the nazi brush. Certainly MotW never endorsed it, but why eliminate those of us who do?

    • Exactly Dread Blacksmith, especially with the christian element already established , if there’s anything the west needs its certainly an alternative right, back to-roots, traditional western, born again, saving grace Christianity of our ancestors.
      such as those beliefs that were held by the men whose statues were pulled down by the orwellian nutjobs recently over the southern USA (and England and Australia lined up next)
      and surely we are doing the left and medias job for them when we call others the names they create for us?

      • Again, you are using “us” and “we” to mean something different than MOTW is. The Alt-Reich (or Alt-Retard, if you will) is not part of “us,” so there is no problem with pointing out their errors and wayward direction.

        • Excellent, I see. I think that is the distinction that was murky. I certainly would agree the Alt-Retard is not of the right or interested in preserving the West. Thanks for the clarification.

    • If you can’t understand basic logic that’s not my problem. The issue is NOT the MSM, which is irrelevant to terms like Alt-West. Or do we care what they do.
      The point is Alt-Right was a Nazi LARPer term to begin with and as such we want nothing to do with it.
      If you are not Christian you can’t possibly understand. Truth matters. History matters. Beauty matters.
      I’m happy to die fighting anyone and anything under the banner of being a Christian dedicated to Western Civilisation, regardless of what you call me. But I’d never do so wearing a Nazi uniform.
      You’d have to be Christian to understand.

      • Names do not always belong to those who lay claim to them. I would also challenge the history you present. I do not hold to the beliefs that any Neo-Nazis or White Supremacists are of the right or of the west. I also refuse to surrender terms to them. “Alt-right” was never theirs, I refuse to concede it to them. Please note the distinction Theophrastus provides above. You are correct: truth matters, beauty matters and certainly history matters.
        I hold to the 16 points of the alt-right as presented by Vox Day, which clearly and unequivocally declare Christianity to be foundational to the West.
        I rather find it strange that you feel the need to impugn my faith and challenge my intelligence instead if trying to understand my question and clarify a point I may honestly be misunderstanding.

        • I don’t see how I can make it any clearer.
          Using the term Alt-Right is the rhetorical equivalent of wearing a red armband with a swastika on it.
          It’s retarded. And unnecessary.
          You hold on to the term Alt-Right if you want to, just don’t think you belong were we Alt-West are or go to.
          You can’t serve two masters.
          The term Alt-Right, and those who cling to it will never rise to the saving of Western civilsation.

  8. The Nazi LARPer stole the term ‘Alt-Right’ from a Jew, Paul Gottfried. The Nazi attention whore doesn’t have an original thought in his head.

    • Seek Him out in humility. Pray sincerely for understanding. Read His works. Talk other men that have found Him.
      God doesn’t hide from those that truly seek Him, but He picks His own time and how to reveal Himself.

  9. I think Paul was spot on in describing groups like the alt-right in 2 Timothy 3:5 when he said “…having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away”.
    The alt-right only pays lip service to Christianity. All they do is talk about how Western Civilisation is superior to other cultures because of the white race who build it. They lay the emphasis on race itself (genetics, just like the Nazi´s) but do not seem to understand that without Christianity the white European race would still have just been as pagan and wretched as any other culture who rejected Christ.

  10. “The term Alt-Right, and those who cling to it will never rise to the saving of Western civilsation.”
    You may be right. For now I use “Alt-Right” and “Alternative Right” as labels, mainly because “Fake Right” seems rhetorically effective to discount the Nazis, and as far as my own posting goes I find Vox’s arguments re: branding to be convincing. To that end, I don’t think that calling Nazis LARPers “Anything” Right will stick any more than calling a waffle a pancake. Could be wrong.
    Regardless, the content of my comments is consistent with the 16 points. It’s also consistent with these 13 points. I note that despite leaving out Vox’s infamous 14th point, the 13 points include point 9…which amounts to the same thing.

  11. I agree with everything on this list except number 7-g.The Jews are God’s chosen people whether or not they accept or reject Him. I do not think it’s okay to “encourage” them to move to Israel. I do not mind co-existing with Jews at all. They are non-violent.
    I’d much rather see muslims returned to their sand pits instead.
    Overall, this manifesto is excellent, much better than Vox’s (even though it’s heavily borrowed from).

    • That’s the idea. Improve on things.
      Perhaps Alt-West didn’t exist at the time when Vox latched on to Alt-Right, and came out of that initial primordial soup, but it does exist now.
      And while I have zero problem fighting off anyone who would try claiming Alt-West is also a “Nazi” term, (Christianity is incompatible with National Socialsim and their quasi-Pagan views) the reality is that the term Alt-Right IS forever connected to Nazi LARPers. And I for one want nothing to do with those kind of idiots.

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