Anatomy of a Leftist: Cheater

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You’ve heard the phrase “Easy as shooting fish in a barrel”. Sometimes you make a call that’s obvious. Like if you said, “The sun will come up tomorrow”. I told you leftists were liars. We didn’t have to wait very long to catch one lying.
Hillary Clinton Tweeted the following:

This was at least two days after that had already been debunked. Brett Kavanaugh did not call birth control “abortion inducing drugs”. He was referring to a case in which that was the position of one of the litigants.
On to the next barrel. I told you Democrats were hypocrites.  We have the Democrats trying to prevent Kavanaugh from being confirmed over a bogus sexual assault claim. They are not applying that same pressure on Keith Ellison. The evidence is a lot stronger in Ellison’s case, yet they aren’t demanding his resignation.
Democrats are cheaters. They rig the game, they don’t play by the rules, they flat out cheat. I believe this trumped up assault case by the Democrats is just a tactic trying to delay or prevent the confirmation of Kavanaugh. They’re desperate. This represents a swing towards the right on the Supreme Court, and justice Ginsberg is looking frailer by the day. So they are willing to try anything.
They aren’t very imaginative. They have a history of trumping up harassment claims against conservatives. They did it to Clarence Thomas, they did it to Roy Moore. It worked against Roy Moore. They are hoping it will work here. If they can delay confirmation until after the midterm election, perhaps they think they can take the house, impeach Trump, and put their own people on the court.
It’s a dirty trick, but Democrats play dirty. Expect it.

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