ANTIFA Plans to Disrupt Events in Pikeville, KY

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The Pikeville City Commission has passed an emergency ordinance banning hoods and masks.
Sit Rep:  Several Organizations are planning an event this weekend in Pikeville Kentucky including the League of the South.   Antifa has learned of this event and is planning to disrupt the activities.
Location:  126 Main Street  Pikeville, Ky
Date/Time: 4/29/17  2:00pm EST
Detail: Antifa Atlanta, the same group that was running point on their Auburn operations is again taking the lead here.  This group is known to gear up more than other Antifa groups.  Also Antifa groups are calling for their people to gear up.   Pikeville has a no mask law, and Antifa is warning their people to not wear all black.  They have also developed another way to identify each other.   We will provide more intel on this as we get it.
Warning:  Antifa material is specifically noting that KY is an open carry state.  They are all but encouraging their people to carry guns.   This appears to be a very unpredictable situation, and therefore potentially dangerous.  We expect escalation from Antifa.
We strongly encourage you to read it from Antifa’s own site.

Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South


  1. Good luck. Pikeville may be the flashpoint for the purge of Marxism from our land. Antifa(gs) will surely do something stupid. I suggest you have snipers with supressed rifles on overwatch.

    • For the record, we are reporting these events. We are not participants in them. We do have connections with some who are.

  2. Hills and hollers country. These clowns may well regret challenging good ol’ corn-fed country boys.

        • Well I live in these hills and hollers and I didn’t think those comments were bad. I actually thought they were funny. Not like they said the usual we screw our brothers and sisters and have no teeth crap. Just talking about shine and not messing with country folk. I take that as a compliment myself.

  3. I may not 100% agree with the people I may be standing beside Saturday, but something needs to be done about this communist scum. For too long they’ve run around suppressing our rights as Americans, and I’m going to try my best to be there to show that we won’t stand for it, not here in the south.

  4. I was a brother in the knights for 12 years when the nazis joined in with the klan I stepped out. But I know eastern Kentucky is full of White & proud Folks!!!

  5. You mean they are dumb enough to come to the mountains where people not only carry their guns but they use them. How stupid can you get. I think you people better stay in the big city’s where you have all the wusses. Because you won’t find them here. You will be buried where they won’t know you.

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