Apostolic Thought vs Talmudic Thought Part 1:  Making Money vs Getting Money

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Henry Ford in his tiny masterpiece “The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem” has a great way of explaining the differences between acquiring money honestly (Christian), and acquiring it dishonestly (Talmudic).

Ford says that there are people who physically and mentally work hard to make other people’s lives better (Making Money), and there are those who mentally (never physically, they abhor physical work) work hard to take from others (Get Money).

Ford in his assembly line found a wonderful way to increase the efficiency of Making Money, he realized a way to increase the amount of labor a man can do, and actually made more things (automobiles) that improved other people’s lives.  When someone who Makes Money gets rich it is because they are continually getting better and better at doing things for others.  And Ford does not shy away from saying that physical labor is very good for America.  He also says how the Jew hates physical labor.  The rabbis have much scorn for lesser Jews that worked the trades in their own land (think of Tevya the milk man), and had eternal disdain for blue collar Goyim (the rabbis are the most rascist people on earth).

Henry Ford offered double the wage of his highest paying competitor, knowing that human labor talent and skill would give him more profits, and those profits went right back in to his Making Money.

Luther also said that the backbone of German Christianity was the handicrafts (trades) and farmers.  The German people highly respected smart hard working men for how they improved other people’s lives through their labor.  Work, not loans, Main Street not Wall Street.

In Christendom Usury (any interest on any loan) was severely punished by good princes, and bad princes brought in the way a mayor today brings in strip clubs and Big Pharma or a prison into your town (i.e. the mayor and prince get rich while the people suffer for the filth brought in).  Dante puts Usurers in the lowest level of Hell along with sodomites.  For the sodomite takes what is fruitful (sex) and makes it unfruitful.  And the Usurer takes what is not fruitful (money) and makes it “fruitful”.  We have a problem in this country that good Christian people would rather send their kids to Communist colleges to get indoctrinated, instead of teaching them handicraft or farming.  This site has done a good job at correcting this problem, but I want to specifically address the “why” it was a problem, and “why” do good solid patriarchal men now see it as a problem.

The problem is that we have replaced Apostolic Christianity for Talmudic Christianity.  We have replaced Apostolic Thought with Talmudic Thought.

The Apostolic Church is in full continuity with the Patriarchal shepherds and ranchers of the Old Testament, it is a faith of fisherman and carpenters, warriors, Men of the West,  And yes, it is also the faith of learned men like Daniel!  The Talmud says that labor is meant for Goyish slaves.  The Talmud is a collection of writings of satanic madmen, which is full of every attempt possible to contradict the commandments and the history of the OT.

We follow Moses the shepherd and warrior, David the shepherd and warrior, Nehemiah the statesman and warrior and engineer (and construction Superintendent).

Henry Ford realized that honestly improving other people’s lives through your diligent work is Making Money.

The Usury and speculation of the Bolshevik, Jewish, Money Power is “Getting Money”

Any job you do that does not make other people’s lives better is a Talmudic job.

Any job that biblically makes other people’s lives better is an Apostolic Job (and according to Luther – Tradesmen and Farmers are the backbone of that).  The sign of how few tradesmen we have left in the church is a sign that the church is becoming Talmudic, and therefore the tradesmen are becoming disgusted with it.  I have never spoken to a farmer or tradesmen who does not clearly see what is “going on” in our country.  I speak with people who have Talmudic jobs all the time who don’t “get it.”  

I challenge you Men of the West to ensure that you are doing an Apostolic Job, not a Talmudic Job.  Once you have one then be diligent in that job.  Earn enough money to provide for all of your family and still be able to be charitable to others.  Eat out less if you need, or only eat at places that help your body and soul to thrive (maybe the local diner IS a place where Men of the West gather).

Be Henry Ford who always put America First and didn’t put Zionist madness on a pedestal.  In fact he had the guts to call out the World’s Most Formost Problem.  And he also called out the answer – Patriarchal Men of the West (and East my slavic brothers) Making Money in Christian Apostolic work that betters everyone around them!

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.


  1. Unfortunately, you are right, we are headed straight for a Talmudic order. Just what “they” wanted. I feel like the lack of real tradesmen has lead to the soft, incapable feminine men we’re seeing in our culture today. They are dismantling our culture at an exceedingly fast rate.

    • Yes brother.

      And the antidote is to live the way we hope other will live too!

      Farmers and handicrafts (tradesmen)!

  2. Bret from Iron Ink here.

    This is good stuff Daniel. May the Lord Christ bless your efforts to expand the already present total Kingdom of God into every area of thought and life.

    • Bret,

      The more people keep speaking out loud the better!

      I enjoyed your article speaking out on Doug Wilson. Those who pretend to address the “tough” issues, but won’t get to the nitty gritty like Luther and Chrysostom would…

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