America: Post Law

November 19, 2021
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Americans must take up every fight they can in every place they can. These are our last redoubts. After that, force is all that’s left.

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The results of the recent “vaccines” are clear to anyone willing to look for them. They have been a total disaster, and their implementation is one of the worst crimes against humanity ever seen. The people in power do not care. Society’s oligarchs, drunk with power, are in a feeding frenzy, oblivious to obvious, measurable effects of their policies. American society—and that of the world—is meanwhile trapped in a repeating cycle of mass psychosis. They are always afraid and ready to comply, their fears renewed every so often by the corporate news cycle.

In an obvious case of federal overreach, the current regime thought it could use OSHA to mandate the injection of harmful drugs, were one to remain a part of polite society. Many companies, giddy at the prospect of implementing such a mandate, jumped to the head of the line, making demands in advance that their employees inject themselves with these new, dangerous substances.

Yet, not everyone was willing to go along with the corporate coercion. Rightly, fights against the current mandates sprung up in many quarters. By the beginning of September, nineteen governors and two attorneys general issued critical statements against the regime’s intentions. On October 12th, a federal judge granted an injunction to New York healthcare workers who wanted religious exemptions. As of Halloween, nineteen states mounted multiple federal lawsuits against the Biden regime. Then, on November 12th, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a stay on President Biden’s mandate for companies with over 100 workers. Simultaneously, Tennessee joined Montana as the second state to ban “vaccine” passports and the use of mask mandates (the latter, having banned such measures in a new law as of late spring).

Nevertheless, the outcry and pushback from the citizenry fell on deaf ears. Corporate America and their loyal adherents despise and resist those disloyal to the regime. So now?  They defy American rule of law. For example, the Montana mandate ban is currently being challenged in court, and it is the second attempt at such a lawsuit in Montana. As for the Biden regime, they appear to shrug off any concerns about due process, law, and order. After the 5th Circuit’s injunction against the national mandate, the White House said to continue on with the mandates, anyway:

“People should not wait. They should continue to move forward and make sure they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, November 8th

Major power players demonstrate their unearned control of society, as they blatantly ignore obvious federal overreach and the self-evident abuse of human rights. This is clearly evil, but they do not care. Excited by newly-realized power, money, corporate perks, and new ties with Big Pharma, oligarchs push on with force feeding deadly mandates to employees, and damn the moral implications. They can’t stop now. They can’t walk it back. They can’t admit they were wrong. They’ve come too far. It’s too exciting for America’s CEOs.

An Example of Contempt

In just one example of an American-company-gone-mandate-happy, we have the nationwide hospital system, Ascension. This company markets itself as a faith-based, Catholic hospital system. It is the largest “not-for-profit” healthcare system in the country.

One would think that, adhering to traditional, Western, Christian ethics, this supposedly Catholic institution would exercise itself as such. The Catholic Church teaches that vaccination is not morally obligatory and must be voluntary. A person’s assessment must be respected if they find the benefits don’t outweigh the side-effects. A person is morally required to obey their conscience. And finally, there’s a moral duty to refuse medical products created using fetal cell lines. 

It does not matter what the questionable pope says during a news cycle, this is Catholic teaching.  Were any of these Catholic teachings considered by this supposedly Christian organization? No.

Ascension was positively thrilled about this mandate. They were so excited, in fact, that they announced their mandate for employees well before Biden ever announced a federal OSHA mandate. As early as late July, their company had announced the Ascension Strategic Plan. They would unify their strategy across all of their acquired ministries, seize previously unrealized system-wide opportunities, and transform healthcare in the United States. Already, they had it in mind that they would be undergoing a systematic transformation of their operations. Days later, the form of this plan was apparent, as they would mandate that every employee would be required to have an injection of harmful drugs into their bodies if they wanted to continue employment.

Again, this was in July. Bear in mind that Biden did not even publicly announce the notion of an OSHA mandate until September 9th. This was more than a month before federal mandates were a part of the national conversation. Ascension was in a mad rush to lead the corporate pack.

Many had no qualms with complying. Emergency rooms and hospital wards filled with examples of adverse effects. This did not register in the minds of those first volunteers to receive the drugs. Even to this day, many nurses and doctors continue to deny any correlation with the spike in vascular problems. Yet, there were also many who did not want any of the injections. These were obviously dangerous new drugs, and these people did not want it in their bloodstreams.

Of those who wanted to resist, many eventually gave in and rolled the dice with their health. But still, there were those who believed the entire mandate to be a clear violation of their natural human rights. Surely, they thought, the Constitution and the laws of the United States would somehow protect them against something so evil, right?

These doctors, nurses, ancillary staff, and others had two choices: file for either a medical exemption, or file for a religious exemption. But upon filling out the forms, religious employees found exemption forms loaded with prying questions about their religion and their beliefs. Furthermore, in order to submit their exemption forms, they’d have to agree that they’d be “voluntarily resigning” if their exemptions were denied and they remain “unvaccinated.”  The very process for filing for any kind of an exemption was a gauntlet of traps, no doubt prepared by a committee of lawyers. After these employees submitted their exemptions, they were largely answered with cut-and-paste denials. When they tried contacting HR, they were often answered with cut-and-paste answers. The deadline for submitting exemptions was over.

It was a waiting game, and many rumors swirled. For example, AMITA Healthcare in Illinois mysteriously announced that it would be extending its mandate deadline from November 12th to January 15th. Speculation swirled, and it did not go unnoticed that AMITA was a joint project between Ascension and AdventHealth, the latter unwinding itself from the corporate behemoth. Other news from Wisconsin (going back to August) discussed internal Ascension documents stating exemptions would be declined if employees objected against fetal cell lines or tried to use the my-body-my-choice argument.

Finally, after an agonizing month-and-a-half of denied exemptions and pressure on every level to give in and get the jab, suspension day began. Many had simply quit, retiring, finding other medical work, or going into other industries. But others had stayed on—employed, but suspended—unconvinced of the legality of any of it. The emergency rooms had been swelling with patients, and many of those ER patients had heart problems. Floors of hospitals found themselves lacking many nurses. Remaining, jabbed employees were being told they would have to pick up on the skills of other departments whose dwindling staff numbers crippled work throughput.

But on this suspension day—Friday, November 12th—Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor filed for a temporary restraining order against Ascension Healthcare. The action was meant to protect Oklahoma healthcare workers from religious discrimination in regards to the suspended “unvaccinated” workers.

We will not tolerate any form of religious discrimination against Oklahomans who seek reasonable accommodations from vaccine mandates based on their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor

This, along with protests and what would be a powerful rally in the state capitol, was a breath of fresh air to so many who felt a boot on their necks since July.

But did Ascension comply with the law? No. As it was with the Biden regime’s indifference to the law, Ascension appeared to ignored O’Connor, maintaining the suspension of their employees. This show of contempt forced the attorney general’s hand once more:

“They are playing games, in my opinion, disrespecting the temporary restraining order that was entered in court on Friday. So today we’ve had people, St. John employees, say that even though they weren’t technically suspended, they’ve been removed from the schedule. And so, what’s happening in my opinion, is Ascension is playing games with paychecks of these employees in order to bully them into getting this deal, and in my opinion, they should obey the temporary restraining order and see what the court says about these religious exemptions that people are claiming.”

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor

O’Conner declared that Ascension Saint John violated a Tulsa County judge’s order to not suspend or fire its employees over this mandate, and he issued a cease-and-desist letter to the company. The following day, O’Connor and eleven other attorney generals filed a new lawsuit against the Biden regime.

Such an abusive, coercive, bullying organization as this is far from the religious ideal of “the good Christian corporation.” Rather, such actions reveal a monstrous entity filled with motives beyond the ethical. Indeed, this not-for-profit Catholic organization somehow pulls in $21 billion annually. Not, exactly, Franciscan values. In fact, Ascension actually moonlights as a private equity firm, and it has, in fact, discreetly built a private equity operation worth more than $1 billion.

What’s worse, there has not a peep from the Oklahoma Catholic bishops. Throughout this ordeal, Oklahoma Catholics have had to appeal to the aid of the Colorado Catholic Conference, The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima, and it’s offshoot, The Holy Faith Foundation. But even then, the sad irony is that we are witnessing Catholic organizations trying to rescue people from Catholic organizations.

The on-the-ground situation is dicey for this company. Yet financially, Ascension appears to be rolling in the dough. Perhaps the loss of dependable, well-trained, critical-thinking staff is just the cost of business? Perhaps the loss of trust and a damaged reputation is also the cost of business? Perhaps it’s money and power that fuels this Catholic organization, rather than healthcare? It seems to make sense, given that Ascension CEO Joe Impicciche was advising the White House on economics just a year and a half ago.

On This Current Path…

There has been so much evidence for just how harmful the current “clotshot” can be, yet mandates still persist. On a daily basis, we are learning of more companies caving in and declaring there to be mandates for their employees — all this in spite of lawsuits, injunctions, and restraining orders. U.S. companies appear to be uncompelled by law to mandate anything like this “vaccine” mandate, yet they appear eager to jump on the bandwagon, court actions be damned. What’s worse, American society is poised to go even further, ready to inject children with these harmful drugs. And mind you, all of these decisions are being made by radicals who cannot discern the difference between a man and a woman.

It is increasingly said that SJWs always double down, and that is precisely what we have with the current regime. Slaves to the American corporate zeitgeist, people live in fear of losing their first-world comforts, their pensions, their paychecks. They live the fear of material loss in their hearts, their minds, and in the work of their hands.  You can see this every time you are at a gas station, and you spot a masked individual walking outside, to their car, by themselves. And they keep their mask on in that car, windows rolled up. Even though they’re alone.

For the sake of our survival, there must be many legal battles against companies converged with this insanity. Society will have to be taught many times that one does not need to be injected with harmful drugs to have value. The mandates were clearly an act of federal overreach. Everyone in each state who feels the pull of conviction must take action and stand up for their rights. They absolutely must lawyer up. Americans backs are to the wall. And even if the regime’s mandate is shot down on a federal level, it will likely still require the actions of the states to rescue themselves from this hydra. Because, as we have seen, different entities in different quarters are happy to do whatever they wish, regardless of precedence or the law.

And what happens if the law is completely ignored and trampled? What will happen if the American justice system fails its people? What becomes of this country if our very natural rights are disregarded? The answer is simple: force will be all that’s left. And if it ever came to that, we will have failed our children and our grandchildren as a society.


    • Fuck Child Sniffing Joe Biden!

      And that goes double for the Globalist
      parasites that pull his and ‘Willy Brown’s used kleenex
      on two legs’ puppet strings!

      There, fixed it for you.
      And you don’t even have to thank me.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  1. In The Harbinger II, Jonathan Cahn suggests the pandemic is a judgment because of abortion. (But this is the last idea that would ever occur to such villains as Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom or J. B. Pritzker.) Early in 2019 New York confirmed abortion with a new law, not much later New York got the virus.
    In the 1990s Bill Clinton was more apologetic, talking about abortions being safe and rare. But once a nation starts walking an evil path, there’s nothing but repentance to stop the nation from getting more and more evil.
    David Kupelian pointed out as long as people are sold on the idea of sex with no consequences, abortion has to be an option.
    Does that star-spangled banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?

  2. It is reliably reported that Ascension fired 14 RN’s from its very large OB/GYN unit at St Joseph’s in Milwaukee, and 13 RN’s from its med-surg (general) floor, same hospital. Its Elmbrook unit lost a number of RN’s and due to staff firing, the company may have to close one of its cancer clinics.

    “Catholic”? No. Not by a long shot.

  3. None of this is by accident, as shown by how it is being rolled out world-wide.

    The real question for Republican politicians like the governors and AGs of the states claiming to be against mandates is what will they do when words on paper are ignored? Are they willing to send in cops or even troops to seize records, funds, etc. Because force is the only thing that stops these people.

    Sadly, I’m pretty sure virtually all politicians are only going through the motions so they can claim they are fighters, even as they surrender because words on a piece of paper were sent to them by some out of state court. The only viable route forward for us is to get local and state power in the hands of those who are actually on our side, and fend off federal overreach by any means.

  4. they are creating a world they wont like living in.
    It was put nicely by the dramatist Robert Bolt in “A Man for All Seasons” in this exchange between Sir Thomas More and his son in law:
    William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!
    • Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    • William Roper: Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
    • Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!

  5. Good read; Thank You!

    Here in O-HI-O, ground zero for Cleveland Clinic, Summa Health Care, and University Hospital Network, and all kinds of medical professioanls, the landscape has a substantial Catholic faith-based populace.

    So when “Holy Mother Church” here CAVED in 2020 to Caesar with the CV19 malarky (masks, social distancing during Holy Mass via “cattle prodding ushers,” dispensations for this, that, and the other, I contacted my Parish Pastor. Wanted a dialogue with facts. Nope said he, his fingers were tied by the Bishop’s commands “OBEY CAESAR.”

    So, on I went to the Bishop’s Office in Cleveland. I presented my case via emails of noted and researched findings of the tiny sliver (yet highly relevant) conclusions of the medical community that said masks and distancing were ineffective, and for youg kids, downright harmful. I also presented the absolutely bizzare mechanics of the so-called vaccine and potential dangers.

    It was as if I were channeling the Battle of Dunbar in 1650, pleading: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that you may be mistaken.”

    Where did this all get me? I received a terse reply from “Brother Flannel Mouth Pasty Face,” some on-line stooge put out to trip up or snare the country hicks and rubes like me trying to educate my Diocesan head.

    I was told a vast and powerful Catholic group of “local emminent physicians and virologists” at the Chancery had looked into all relevant matters and unanimously concluded to “go with Caesar.” No names or creds were revealed. I was told to “run along and not make any further trouble.”

    HEY! You’re dealing with folks’ temporal AND spiritual health here, so I pressed on.

    So, following the instructions of my boss, a Jewish Carpenter from Nazareth, I moved up the chain of command to the Ohio Catholic Bishops Council. Sent them the exact tightly worded WARNINGS of the CV19 nonsense and dangers. ZERO reply. It was the “ignore the dupe–he’ll go away” treatment.

    So today–Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe in Catholicism–we’ve got Bishops and Priests and Deacons and Nuns furtively running around with face diapers instilling fear abd dread into people. Tiny kids at Mass unable to breathe with face masks with parents wearing the proud “I’VE COMPLIED” look. Very sad indeed.

    …it will not go well for them that distort or evade truth. And what is TRUTH?

    • This is how I know you go to the Protestantem Ordo Missae, because in places that don’t have sacrilege built into the Mass, you almost never see someone with a mask on their face, and when you do see them, it is odd. You keep looking to a group of Karens and effeminates and expect them to change, they will not, without direct intervention of God Himself. Get away of that toxic environment. Find the real Mass and move on with getting yourself holy and pull in as many as you can.

  6. “And if it ever came to that, we will have failed our children and our grandchildren as a society.” Yes and no. We are going to have to clean up one hundred and fifty-plus years of our ancestors kicking the can down the road. Those that came before us, did not give two shits as long as they “got theirs”, and the ” just think of the kids” statement is worn out, just stop. Parents have not wanted to parent since the eighties, they just wanted to be “friends” and look where society is. Let us get this fight on, not because of “the kids” but because it is what we humans do, and it’s past time…

  7. Any religious hospital that is “not-for-profit” instead of “non-profit” is more than likely run by non religious lay people. The primary difference in the two incorporation schemes primarily involve how much of profits must be turned back into the system, and records keeping. Not for profit hospital systems may keep records from the public, non-profits must open records to the public. There are other major differences, but I’ve found over the years that one thing usually kept behind the curtain in not-for-profit hospitals is the insane amount of money corporate officers take from the system.

  8. Good article. However, we must always keep in mind NONE of this could be implemented without the full cooperation of: “The Thin Blue Line.” You only have to look at what the FBI just did to that woman in Grand Junction, CO, who dared to challenge the school boards.
    The article mentions the petitions and clamor “…falling on deaf ears.” They are not deaf. They are smug and confident in their agenda because they have legions of “law enforcement officers” at ALL LEVELS of the Leviathan guarding them and ready to strike back and hammer down any nail which is sticking up higher than the others. The 5th Circuit may have overturned the OSHA mandate. So the next step will involve the nine black-robed druids of SCOTUS. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

    • Howdy Dweezil,

      Fancy meeting you here brother!

      Yes, the badged orcs and orcettes ARE the domestic enemies front line
      shock troops, followed closely behind by the domestic bolshevist versions
      of both the KGB and Checka, the ‘Just-Us’ department and Famous But Liars.

      On the local level, there’s the support and enablment cadre made up of
      the ‘usual suspects’: the ‘Romans -13’ sychophants, the Tradcon cuckists
      (perfectly exemplified by the likes of both Charlie Kirk and Bill Whittle..yeah
      Americans will take back the country in 2024….NOT!!) and the cantankeous,
      caterwalling ‘Karens’….bitchy hags that think that THEY know better how to live your
      life better than you do. Oh, and don’t forget all the local sjw/bolshevists (is there a
      difference?..none that I can see) and the indoctrinated fear driven NPC’s/normie sheepies.

      Here near my AO, the local tribal chairwoman and her fellow band of go-go gophers
      are doing their best to get all their tribal members jabbed with a incentive program
      that pays each ‘jabbee’ up to $500 (blood money if I ever saw it). Given the widespread
      life threatening results from the jabs, the next census of the local rez might be as simple
      as ‘one little, two little three little indians’…

      And they will have done it to themselves…….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NG: Good to see you’re still up and around. I keep waiting for the Jabbees to start dropping dead in the middle of the streets, or in elementary school. It would seem the Israelis have their hands full with sick Jabbees. However, it soon may be moot.
        After the “RED SUV DRIVER” took out grannies and kids in Wisconsin as a payback for the NG on Mr. Rittenhouse, we are very close to civil war. No matter how the media tries to spin this, more whites just woke up to reality. Black Amerika hates them and wants them dead. Bleib ubrig.

  9. I don’t know how I landed on this page, but it’s people like you that are making my husband (an ER MD) and his colleagues’ life a daily hell. They have cared insane hours for patients dying terrible deaths, air-starved, alone but for an iPhone to say good-bye to family if there is a nurse who can spare the time. ALL OF THOSE DYING NOW ARE UNVACCINATED. All of them. He’s had about three who were vaccinated, but all very elderly with multiple other health complications. He is not one to bring work home–always resilient and optimistic the 23 years I’ve known him. He once spent two months treating the poorest, most diseased street people in South India while training other doctors. That was a cake walk compared to the stress and grief I’ve seen on his face lately.
    Before mass vaccinations the 1920’s, 6/10 CHILDREN DIED BEFORE THEIR 5TH BIRTHDAYS!
    You all seem obsessed with your heritage. Look back at your family trees and you are very likely to see early death on many leaves and branches.
    Over 8 billion doses of Covid vaccine have been given worldwide. You think we wouldn’t know by now if it were lethal? You don’t get to have all the individual rights you want when it comes to INFECTIOUS disease. We share the world and you all are weakening it while you pathetically fantasize about being he-men. Go cosplay some viking game, but stop filling hospitals and keeping America sick!

  10. Recently read The Real Anthony Fauci. Not that the book is perfect but it’s quite an illustration of the pernicious mischief that results when nearly all scientists are non-Christians. And it makes one wonder if we’ve been lied to about AIDS for decades.
    “Fauci” means “sickle”, a fact Ben Garrison doesn’t need explained to him.

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