Basic Skills – The Tape Measure

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First off, this guy is brilliant. He knows his stuff and he explains himself simply and clearly in a very approachable manner. A real salt-of-the-earth fellow.
Second, it’s far too common for our day and age to have biological men who don’t know how to build things. If you find yourself in this category: Despair. Cover yourself in ash, put on sackcloth, and beat your chest in sorrow and anguish.
Here, watch this and see how powerful the tape measure is. Buy one and build something, anything, you slackjawed ninny. Arise from the travesty of your shell of a life.
For the rest of us, watch a master at work.


  1. This was extremely informative to a hack carpenter such as I. Stanley……the A R 15 of tape measures!

  2. Essential Craftsman runs an excellent channel.
    He is a master of his craft, a Christian man, a teacher, and a model of the Men that God used to Create the West.
    If you can’t build or fix things, watch a bunch of his videos, then go do something. Best way to learn!
    His channel, and others like it, have helped me learn how to do basic things around the house that my father was too busy to teach me. I have saved my family thousands of dollars over the last 15 years by doing things myself, and have been able to teach my son how to do those things as well.

  3. Thanks all for the comments!
    We should all know how to swing hammer, cut wood, and fix things!

  4. We use the imperial system ’cause this is America damnit.
    Great video sir. Finally know what the black diamonds are for. Worth watching right there.

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