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This is a problem I face when I’m traveling; it can also be applied to not having any money for the gym, but it always affects me when I travel.
I’ll get to the hotel and all they have is a broken treadmill and one 5 pound dumbbell.
My workout schedule while traveling is broken into legs and obliques on the first day and chest, back, and core the second. I have it broken down like this because I usually find a gym by the second or third day.
4 sets of air squats, 10 reps each
4 sets of lunges, 10 reps each
4 sets of calf raises, 10 reps each
4 sets of Russian twists, 20 reps each
4 sets of bicycle crunches, 10 reps each
All of these are done without a weight.
The second day is simpler but more physically challenging.
4 sets pushups, 25 sets each
(It doesn’t seem like much but this will smoke you)
4 sets of crunches, 15 sets each
4 sets flutter kicks, 15 sets each
4 sets planks, hold for 15 seconds each.
If the hotel has a treadmill that works I will walk on it for at least 15 minuets.


  1. I travel for work and have the same problem. For pushups, I do a set of 50, rest five minutes, set of 40, rest four minutes, 30 and three, twenty and two, and ten. I’ll also do forward and backward shrimps in place, and forward and backward rolls if I have room. A silver lining is the ability to use different strength gyms and BJJ studios in the places I go-nice to see what other folks are doing and roll with people who have different styles than the crew at home.

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