Christian Apologetics: The Cosmological Argument Part 2

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In the first post on the Cosmological Argument, I discussed some of the scientific evidence that points to a created universe.
Now we can infer some of the characteristics of the creator.
It must be spaceless and timeless. Time and space are integral to the universe and the creator of the universe must necessarily live outside space and time.
It must be powerful. To create everything from nothing, all space and matter, it must be extremely powerful
It must be intelligent. We will get into this more in the future post, but their is a lot of details in the universe. I don’t think that this is due to a lucky accident.
It must be personal. It had to make the decision to create.
We can’t say that science has proven that God exists. At least the atheists cannot say that there is no evidence for God, because the scientific evidence points to a created universe, and and that requires a creator.

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