COOTIES-19: We’ve All Been 9/11-ed

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Editor’s note: Laramie Hirsch first posted this on his own site, but has agreed to post here at MOTW, as well.

I spent a lot of this September thinking about how so many of us were duped after the September 11th attacks on America in 2001. I suppose I’ve been thinking of the shenanigans of that day because of all of the similarities with the gaslighting going on now. September 11th struck me in a personal way. New York City always held a special place in my heart, probably in the same way a valued-but-troubled family member stays in one’s prayers. And after those towers fell, I went up there to Manhattan to see Ground Zero for myself. I’ll never forget the crowds that surrounded the barrier, the smoke rising from the rubble because of the still-burning metals deep within the ground. The city would never be the same for me after that, and I was furious and wanted revenge. And so, every September, I sit back and reflect on what happened, what could have been, and what kind of future we now have to live with because of what was done to us.

Now that we’re being pushed into a new mythology with COVID-19, I just can’t stop comparing the similarities between these two historical events. And the first things that come to my mind are all of the weird inconsistencies that were never explained. They’re just left hanging in the air, never addressed, sort of how Bergoglio never answered the Dubia on Amoris Laetitia.

I look back, and I think about how World Trade Center buildings 1,2, and 7 were brought down, even though nothing hit Building 7. I think about how both planes mysteriously crashed into the computer rooms—which, the summer before, had men bringing in mysterious black boxes; workers in these computer rooms were told they were backup batteries for the computer systems, although they were never plugged in to anything. I think of how there was no kind of a public investigation, how it was foreign companies who were contracted to clean up the disaster, and how all of the steel—which was evidence—was cut up into small pieces and shipped off to China during a time when steel was very cheap and exporting it made no sense. I think about how the John Ashcroft FBI failed to acknowledge that there were explosions in the basement before the planes hit, and that there was the presence of nanothermite at Ground Zero.

I remember Larry Silverstein, who obtained a 99-year lease on the World Trade Center just five weeks earlier. It was a bad buy, seeing as how the buildings were loaded with asbestos and needed extensive removal. I think about the 4.5 billion dollars Silverstein made from the insurance claim. I think about how this man, who once stated “I felt a compelling urge to own” the World Trade Center, would have breakfast at “The Windows of the World” every single day except for that September 11th. I think about how Silverstein was good buddies with Rupert Murdoch, Ariel Sharon, and Benjamin Netanyahu, who chatted with Silverstein every Sunday. I think about how Silverstein was indicted in a drug conspiracy with Bill Clinton, only to have the case dismissed in court. And I can’t help but remember his strangely-forgotten statement about that day:

I remember the dancing Israelis on top of that parking garage who cheered and celebrated the destruction and mass murder. And I remember how, before any of the towers fell, Building Six had a hole blasted in it, that it was a customs house, that inside of it was kept gold and evidence for big national crimes, and that no data was collected about what happened to that building. I remember how Bloomberg, who was supposed to be elected the day of 9/11, successfully stifled all investigations of what happened that day—and I remember how the laws were changed so that he could have a third term as mayor of New York City. I remember how political Zionists were at every key point during that crisis.

I let out a jaded chuckle when I consider the Pentagon attack, how we’re supposed to believe a massive passenger plane was able to be flown mere feet above the grassy lawn, and that such a plane was able to only leave a missile-sized hole in the building with no plane parts. I chuckle at how I’m supposed to believe an aluminum-bodied aircraft has the capability to devastate a twelve-inch thick wall of concrete and limestone—ignoring the fact that it’s usually uranium warheads that do this kind of damage.

I also cynically laugh when I remember the so-called crash at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Who can help but snort in derision when I recall how the burning crater—where a plane was supposed to be—was actually a burning reclaimed mine? The coroner never even saw the bodies or plane remains of the crash. I chuckle at the notion that these mysterious bodies were dumped in a landfill or mass grave somewhere. I laugh when I recall that the hole of “the plane” in Pennsylvania was the size of a small trailer, that locals saw no bodies, that we’re supposed to believe the plane liquified the ground, and that the trench of the supposed plane crash existed as early as 1994 and that locals burned trash in it. And I reflect on how the Shanksville locals witnessed a military jet flying around the area before anything ever happened there.

What Did We Get With 9/11?

The fruits of 9/11 was a long string of radical changes that transformed our world. As journalist Christopher Bollyn says, our relationship with our government changed that day, and it’s never been the same. We were given “The War on Terror,” a ridiculous war on a tactic. We were given the Patriot Act, which created a myriad of new agencies and a police state. Now, to fly, you have to submit to a humiliation ritual—shoe-less pat downs and full body x-rays. All phone calls, emails, and online social media is recorded and stored—and if any incriminating evidence is needed at a moment’s whim, it’s right there and available to the national security agencies. Presidents Bush and Obama were given the green light to assassinate whomever they wanted, and the latter is well-known for his various drone strikes against innocent civilians. Dick Cheney was allowed to make backroom oil deals that made him one of the most despised men of that era.

But beyond the feds, another power player was able to benefit from our orchestrated misfortune. The entire circumstance enabled the United States to go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, war plans thought out long before those terror attacks. In fact, in the 1970s, the Israeli Netanyahu Institute had already planned out the idea that there would be a perpetual war against terrorism. And remember when Netanyahu came to the U.S. Congress at the behest of the U.S. Republican Party, and he was welcomed and celebrated with thunderous applause? Remember how, in April of 2019, the Florida Congress defined anti-Semitism as any kind of perception that was against the Jewish people, that it would be anti-Semitic to even claim Jews exaggerate the Holocaust, or to accuse them of being more loyal to Israel or the Jewish people over America? That was but one of the first stabs in the heart of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Adding further insult to injury, a bipartisan bill was put forth that would give Israel a veto over U.S. arms sales to “unapproved” Middle Eastern nations.

We were all unified on that day. We were all ready to do whatever it took to keep America safe. The citizens were filled to the brim with a patriotic fever. We were led into a cult-like mindset that was so religious in its nature, that we foolishly left our suspicions at the door. We totally dropped our guard, and we were taken for a ride. Who benefitted from the 9/11 attacks? Not you. You’ve all been tricked, and the world you now live in is much much worse than it was before. No, we have seen the tail wag the dog, and beneficiaries were the Feds and Israel.

COVID-19: The Latest False Flag

And so, once more, an elaborate series of events—a narrative that remains unquestioned and forcefully pushed by the Establishment Media—has led us again into that cult-like mindset we were in almost twenty years ago. Much has been said of the symbolism of these masks that we are forced to wear. Much has been said regarding the precedent being set by these harmful lockdowns. The implications are clear, and yet, so many people still give in to the fake story we’re all forced into believing.

The West is being terrorized by its own government and its own media, and the acolytes of this trend, this secular religion, this “pandemic phenomenon,” are happy to believe the Pravda of our day. Willful believers, the most gullible of us, are happy to take on the role of tattle tale, hall monitor, and finger wagger. They will whole heartedly defend the exaggerated narrative of “the dangers of COVID-19,” and they gladly maintain apologetical arguments to defend their new religion. They clutch their pearls in horror at the sight of any who dare not conform to the rest of the herd. They suck at the teat of the Nanny State’s lie, pushed mercilessly by a puppet media. With a clipboard in hand, the Karens are ready to take down the name and information of any who question this mostly un-fatal variant of the common cold. The Public Mind gives in to the new hysteria, and the realm is cursed with a growing number of useful idiots who worship policy over practicality.

During the Soviet Era, neighbors were induced to report on neighbors. One wrong word about you, and you would be arrested and sent off to suffer and die in a gulag in the deepest parts of Siberia. If your opinion against the government got out, was overheard, or even if there were some rumor about you being critical of Stalin’s legacy, that was the end of you. The government made you disappear. In East Germany, where communism dominated, the same conditions existed. And there was a secret police which we know as The Stasi. Should you fail any ideological tests or prove yourself to be against the government, your life would be made into a living hell. It is said that, in college, Angela Merkel was once told to turn in her fellow colleagues to the Stasi, but that she refused. George Soros, on the other hand, is well known for “having no sense of guilt” in collaborating with the actual Nazis during the Holocaust. And now, it is our turn to enter this “Stasi mindset.” America does everything bigger and better than everyone, so by gollee, we’re going to plunge into an oppressive low-trust society just as quickly as you can say “burn the Constitution.” Make way for the American Ministry of Truth. It’ll be “double plus good,” I promise.

It’s taken almost 20 years—from the September 11th False Flag until now with COVID-19—for the Deep State to gaslight and manipulate the populace. I wonder what new horror they’ll cook up 20 years from now. How twisted and lied to will Americans be by then? In what direction will we all be stampeded? What will the American Religion resemble by then? Whatever form That Hideous Strength takes, I’m sure that by then no one will be allowed to even acknowledge it openly.

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