Crypto.Fashion Deplatformed

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That’s the bad news. They got dropped for some amorphous “violated terms of service” or some such nonsense. Of course, it is all bogus. CF did nothing wrong, except be on the opposite side of the “online storefront provider” that they were using.

So yeah, that’s the bad news. The good news? Well, this is a good excuse to go ahead and set stuff up without needing the storefront provider. So CF is currently updating their site, moving to a totally new server, and will be back online soon, without the danger of some leftist moron throwing another monkey wrench in the works.

That’s not all. All orders that were made before the provider screwed CF over are still being made and shipped. There is no break in service.

Wait! There’s more!

The head of CF is going to be on Rekieta Law on Monday, July 6 at 11pm Central time. We encourage you to tune in, as he explains everything that is going on, from the deplatforming to other things that are going on.

To go along with that appearance, CF is setting up a Go Fund Me to help with the costs for the downtime and the building of the new site. We would humbly ask that if you are able, help them out. Not only does CF make our MOTW shirts, caps, and patches, but they do so for lots of other like-minded groups. They are some of the good guys, and could use your support.

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  1. Mr. Theophratus,
    Please put out a note when CF is back up and running. I have not had the overwhelming desire to buy any of their stuff in the past, now I want to! I will glad support a business that suffers this kind of indignety, and then finds a way to carry on.

    • No problem, buddy. You can bank on a big post, once it is up and running. Should be fairly soon.

    • No. He mentioned it in his video. It was Shopify.

      The Gearbubble mugs are still up and available.

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