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In Portland, Oregon, known as one of the more liberal cities in the country, AntiFa has decided to make their execrable presence known:

For more than a decade, 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association, in partnership with local businesses, residents and community groups, has hosted the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade. This event, created to celebrate and promote East Portland and the diverse community that lives, works and plays on 82nd Avenue is also the first sanctioned event of the Portland Rose Festival.
Following threats of violence during the Parade by multiple groups planning to disrupt the event, 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association can no longer guarantee the safety of our community and have made the difficult decision to cancel the Parade originally scheduled for Saturday, April 29 at 9:30am. The related Carnival at Eastport Plaza is also cancelled. We are deeply disappointed that the agendas of these outside groups have so regrettably impacted East Portland and the 82nd Avenue community.

The received email contains this threat: “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out”.
“[T]hose people” are the Multnomah County Republicans, who were intending to march in the parade. According to an open letter from the county party:

This is criminal conduct. The author is threatening, and has already taken overt acts toward organizing the crime of riot: “while participating with five or more other persons the person engages in tumultuous and violent conduct and thereby intentionally or recklessly creates a grave risk of causing public alarm.” ORS 166.015.

At Men of the West, we will call this what it is: Terrorism. Violence done, planned, or threatened with political gains in mind.
We are disappointed that the Portland police don’t find Republicans worth protecting. We call on the 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association to condemn these lowlifes who have threatened their celebration and call on them to release all information possible to track down all who made these cowardly threats.


  1. These Antifa idiots are out of their minds. Note that they love to congregate around liberal enclaves: Berkeley, Portland, even Auburn (while in Alabama, it is a University, so by default liberal). I am curious to see what they actually do in Pikeville, KY this weekend. That is not their normal stomping grounds. I am sure their reception will be quite different.

  2. Nothing will change until the right refuses to back down and provides its own security, backed up by deadly force if necessary.

  3. It’s telling that these idiots keep strictly to the borders of Portland and do not venture out. The reason: their amenable authority only extends, and barely so, to the borders of the city. The towns, who have little love for Portland to begin with, hate them, and there were Patriot groups actively organizing to defend this march when it was shut down. They wore out their welcome during the inauguration riots and even the Portlanders are starting to cheer when the police do their jobs and make arrests.

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