Fight (for) the Patriarchy.

April 24, 2017
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21…and be subject to one another in the fear of Christ. 22 Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. 24 But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything. Ephesians 5:22-24

There have been a lot of changes to the family structure in the last century. As the saying goes, not all change is progress. The authority of the father has been reduced, even in Christian marriages. Now pastors emphasize Ephesians 5:21 to soften the message of the above passage. It is true the bible was written without the chapters and verses. But there was a a good reason that a division was placed between Eph 5:21 and Eph 5:22. It is because he wasn’t talking about marriage in 5:21.
Nowadays, there is a push for “mutual submission”, as if that even makes logical sense. The authority of husbands and fathers has been nearly destroyed in secular society. In lower income segments of our society, 80% of children are born out of wedlock. We are doing away with the concept of a father altogether. It isn’t politically correct to say so, but those segments of our society are supported almost completely with welfare. Remove that support, and they will be starving in the streets. Given our government’s financial situation, that rings very ominous indeed. A single mother society leads to the death of civilization.
We’ve been sold a bill of goods that women are the same as men. They aren’t. Women are very good at nurturing children. It’s almost like God created them for that purpose. Yet, a father’s influence is essential to have a successful outcome. Children raised only by their mother don’t do as well. The absent father has no motivation to improve himself. The government will provide. Children raised in this situation have less chance of creating a two parent home themselves.  Once you remove that civilizing force, you can’t get it back.
It is ironic that one of main objections to the quoted verses is that a man will become a tyrant. In some cases, he may. But looking back at older couples that modeled a biblical marriage, that wasn’t often the case. The irony comes that in resisting that biblical command will cause the destruction of Western Civilization and usher in an era of barbaric treatment of women.

Men created Western Civilization. Try to think of any modern technology invented by a woman. But men didn’t do it just for kicks. They did it because they wanted to make the world better for their children. Enter feminism. Suddenly a woman at home raising children isn’t considered glamorous. Eventually women are expected to work outside the home. Adding that many people to the labor force without a corresponding increase in consumption, and you get a depression of wages, due to the increased labor supply. Soon a man finds it difficult to earn enough to support a family alone. Now, the wife almost has to work. In this situation, the state is educating their children, and instilling the same anti civilizational values.
Now, with their influence reduced, or having been completely removed from the family, some men are checking out or avoiding marriage. There are more Millennials living at home with their parents than are living with a spouse.
Western Civilization cannot survive when the next generation isn’t being born, or is instead raised by single mothers, while the fathers smoke dope and play video games. By removing the influence of fathers, we’ve destroyed their motivation. By destroying their motivation, we have cut off that branch that we were all sitting on, and the costs will be enormous.
The solution will be painful and difficult; yet, it’s obvious. We must return to the family structure that built the whole thing: Men, leading their families, shaping their world and their children for the future.  If you have the opportunity to be a patriarch, do so, and save the West.


  1. I think what this Patriarchy is talking about is specifically about Christian Patriarchy. Which is ordained by God as a hierarchy of Agape reflecting the glory of God and imaging the relationship between God and his people, optimal of all arrangements.
    Islamic Patriarchy for example differs from it radically and is satanic in origin. It is exactly the boogeyman that feminists accuses Christian Patriarchy of being.

    • Yes. Everything we advocate on this site finds its roots in historic Christianity (as opposed to Churchianity, which much of our current “church culture” has succumbed to).

  2. The authority of husbands and fathers has been nearly destroyed in secular society…
    This is not limited to the authority of husbands. Liberal secular society rejects the concept of authority. Each individual is his own authority – fully autonomous – self created and self defined. Liberal governments act as the supreme authority while simultaneously rejecting the concept of authority. This incoherence results in a kind of anti-authority authoritarianism.

  3. The man is to be the head of the wife and family as Christ is the head of the man and church. This is a huge responsibility. Blaming society, schools, feminism or anything else is just a cop-out. Of course the devil is having his day, you and I, we men let this happen. The Holy Text gives us all the tools we need to defeat this evil and we haven’t done it. We let this happen, I being chief among us who as at fault. Look in the mirror, accept your failure, beseech the Christ for forgiveness and take hold of your people’s future. It’s your fault, and your problem to repair.

    • Check yourself. I did my part. Married and stayed that way. On blue collar salaries, “We” raised three children to responsible, law-abiding adulthood without the benefit of govt handouts. I and my wife are in no way at fault for this society’s failures, nor are we obliged to fix them.

      • First, thank you for raising good children. We need more of that.
        However, if we sit idly by and let society crumble, what kind of world will they live in?

        • Which is why I’m doing what I’m doing which is trying to get people to form Liberty Communities…I am trying to draw people to my area and have been offering to help them find jobs and places to live…

  4. Churchians are all about this verse. Right up until you say that the husband has any real authority, can enact consequences, or command her to do anything. Even the staunch anti-feminists like to affirm the words and verses while defining them in a way indistinguishable from feminism

      • And that’s what needs to be said every day in the mirror. Do what you preach, preach what you do.
        Which is why I enjoy MOTW, and it’s making me consider an Orthodox church with greater enthusiasm.

    • I am. And I have the scars to prove it. But I remain married and in charge of my wife and my sons. It requires an iron will and much Dread Game, forever without rest.
      It is also possible to impose it on external actors and organizations. This I have done to our scout unit, if you can accept as much.
      Patriarchy is attainable but only through Acting Like a Man.

  5. As a woman I embrace the patriarchy God created. If a man lives as Christ lives, I will gladly let them lead, as I do my own husband of 16 years. I know he leads with love, strength and he will sacrifice for and protect our family, provide for our needs and guide us through trials and tribulations (in other words he is a real man; worthy of respect and admiration). He is gentle, yet firm; he is loving; and he gently corrects me, never with sarcasm or anger (if he is upset he waits till he is cooled down). It took a long time to accept this because of societal programming, but I see the wisdom in it and our family is happy, healthy and very loving. We both serve each other, trying to find what most bothers and fix it out of respect; finding what is most appreciated, and do more if it. In the spirit of serving, helping, forgiving and loving each other, if one needs help we step up, especially family life requires this. Living the way God wants us to live is certainly the best way to be content and joyful in this world. He also accepts and takes seriously my gentle and rare corrections, not nagging or reproving, but in a manner alone; so that we are always united in front of the children. I pray for him regularly and know that God blesses us all more through him when I do, and he prays for me and we all pray together. It’s also helpful to understand the temperament of your spouse and children; then you can relate to them better; how to or not to address any issues based on how they are “hard wired” genetically. And understanding strengths and weaknesses with each temperament (Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, & Phlegmatic), gives us goals to work toward, so that we can all strive for improvements with our weaknesses, growing in holiness and resulting in a deeper and more rewarding relationship with God, and each other. When real men lead, real women follow. Chivalrous knights will renew our civilization.
    I have a deep appreciation for the good, men have done in the west, and I thank you for all you have contributed to it and its blessings.
    Unfortunately many women have been betrayed by the very men that were supposed to be their providers and protectors (especially sexual abuse) and this sin has fueled the hate of men, and why so many women cannot, even in their mind, conceive the concept of a good father or spouse figure. In fact the last thing they would do is trust a man. So this is also a wound that needs to be repaired in society. This hatred is an expression of pain and grief that has been distorted beyond all proportions by the demon and his minions in this world, so much so that I am not sure even the women would admit this, but there it is. The hard (and thus manly) thing to do is to pray for their healing, take the abuse and love them anyway; that is the example of Christ that is the only one that reaches to these broken souls and repairs the damage. They have been taught to reject their children… reject marriage…. Reject anything of the feminine virtues… in other words to reject themselves…. It is diabolical to be sure.
    I understand their freaked out response from being treated well…’s strange…different… so they reject it…. But do it anyway and with God’s help things can heal…in time. Blessings to all who fight for the good!

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