Unless you have been living under a rock and not reading our website, you know things are heating up in the war for America’s soul. Currently, antifa is marching openly against common decency, rule of law, and plain old common sense. They are numerous, to be sure, but they will be stopped because our side has more skill and resolve than theirs.

But even when they are shut down, or have to mutate into something else, the war won’t be over. Not by a long shot. The festering poison that is Progressivism has been rotting away our country for far too long. The infrastructure needs an overhaul of a titanic effort. Those that seek to undermine America will have to be rooted out and exposed to be rendered powerless. The war will wage on.

One of our weak points is food production. Only around 2% of the population works in the agricultural business, providing the rest of us with food.

Now, in a high trust, homogenous society, this wouldn’t be a cause for concern. But we don’t live in such a society. It’s a cause for concern.

We have a few options here.

  1. Support the farmers. If you know one, let him know there’s a whole bunch of us that have his back. I suspect too many think they’ll be left high and dry when push comes to “weapons free, commence firing”. If you don’t know one, maybe it would be a good time to befriend one.
  2. Learn how to grow your own food. This can range from as little as a tomato plant up to enough food for your family.
  3. Become a farmer. This is the hardest one to do. Farming has become a strange and twisted financial landscape with many traps for the unwary or careless.


Our complacent lifestyle can easily be disrupted. If we wait to respond after the face, it will be much harder for us. Now the time to grow.

To that end I want to highlight a couple of books that I’ve read and found to be a lot of help, both by David the Good.

We here at the Men of the West don’t get any sort of kickback if you buy David’s books. We don’t make a single penny of you buy anything from David. He’s solid, someone who I can recommend without reservation.

Start with at least this two books:

  1. “Grow or Die” (which, indeed, inspired the title of this post) 
  2. “Compost Everything”


He’s got other books but start with these two.

Once you get a taste, find out more at his excellent website: http://www.thesurvivalgardener.com/

You can also enjoy his youtube channel.

If you have questions, send him an email. If he can’t get you started on growing your own food, no one can.