Five Problem Solving Tools

May 18, 2019
1 min read

This is a list for people that get stuff done. If you aren’t doing things, don’t bother.
The only one I haven’t used is the Burke bar, only its smaller brethren prybars.
The high-lift jack is useful in ways you didn’t know you needed it, until you do and they lift a crap ton of weight.
If you don’t have a multi-tool stop being a tool and buy one today.


  1. Going to be that grumpy guy and say that a Burke bar is just a big prybar. It doesn’t get its own, fancy name. What do we call a 2 lb sledge? A sledge. What do we call a 9 lb sledge? A sledge.
    But fine, that is the one tool I don’t own, so off to…actually…it looks like you could build a pretty good one…hmm…

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