Get Cookin' Boys

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Alright, get off your lazy ass and get to work. There’s meat to cook dammit.
So what’s on the menu at Lector’s? Glad you asked. Today, I’m responsible for three things: fried turkey, fried Boston Butt, and fried green beans.
So, have you ever fried a Boston Butt? That’s a big ass ham for them what don’t know, by the way. Ain’t too difficult really. Here’s how it works:
Inject your ham with Cajun garlic, and marinate it for about an hour or so. Then drop her in the deep fryer at 350. Mind the oil temp, as it dips when the ham goes in. Plus don’t be getting too rushed… she pops pretty good when you put her in. I use peanut oil. Should take about 8 minutes a pound, but could be a little more. Tasty!
The turkey is very similar, excepting of course, you have to rub bacon grease all over it after you inject it. Turkey goes faster too, at about three minutes a pound.
And the green beans?
I don’t share that.
So how about you? What’s the menu at your place?


  1. Two Games Later Pork Ribs:
    1) Open a side of Smithfield Extra Tender baby back ribs when the pre-game show starts.
    2) Rub ’em down with Jack Daniel’s Beef Rub on the first commercial. Put ’em in the crock pot, meat (rubbed) side out. They should wrap around almost the whole way.
    3) Cover with 18-20 ounces of your favorite BBQ sauce at first kickoff and turn the pot on low.
    4) Baste the edges at the end of every quarter with the juice from the middle. Add more sauce if necessary when the second game starts.
    5) When the final gun goes off, pull out the bones, eat everything else.

  2. Sounds good. In these parts it is Elk Tenderloin wrapped in bacon on the grill, fried fresh Morel mushrooms, and the last of the wild asparagus steamed. All from the woods of Eee da How (Idaho for folks back east).

  3. If ‘Cajun Garlic’ means “Garlic adulterated with a crappy tasting variety of pepper remarkable only for it’s heat and ability to destroy your sense of taste” then count me out.

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