Global Warming Makes Perfect Sense

September 7, 2017
2 mins read

Global warming now makes you a bad driver:

NEW YORK, Aug 31 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Climate change – not increased use of cell phones – might be to blame for an unusual spike in road deaths that hit the United States two years ago, said a study published on Thursday.
The study said people might have used their vehicles more frequently to avoid increasingly bad weather – rising temperatures and heavier rainfall – resulting in an increased number of deaths on the road.

As is the case with most global warming hysteria, there’s not a shred of hard evidence to support the article’s arguments, which is why the text is filled with “might haves” rather than measurements. According to the abstract, an epidemiologist measured the propensity of urbanites to ride instead of walking in bad weather, projected that difference onto the whole nation, then estimated how many miles Americans would have driven if the weather in 2015 had been identical to 2010. The difference between projected and actual deaths he then blamed on global warming.  Global warming hystericists have obviously jumped the shark.

Sign of the times
A sign of the times

It’s hard to blame them, though. Al Gore’s latest offense against numeracy is being outsold on Kindle by a book debunking it. Despite decades of tax-funded political pressure, we still don’t have carbon taxes withheld from our paychecks. Every year it seems a global warming rally gets snowed out or a polar expedition to document loss of sea ice gets stuck in it. We even have a president who calls the whole idea that CO2 is a magical global thermometer bunk. These are hard times to be a global warming charlatan true believer.
It doesn’t mean they’ll give up, however.  When the earth stopped warming 20 years ago, they simply began to cool the past.  It’s a diabolically brilliant idea.  Today’s temperatures can remain the same or even drop, and this can still be the warmest year on record so long as you drop past temperatures faster.  Which is exactly what’s happening. 100% of net global warming in the past century is the result of data tampering.* All of it.
And once the next cooling cycle becomes too obvious to deny, climate science will slide seamlessly into predicting a new ice age, forgetting all about global warming just like they forgot about global cooling last time**.
But the ‘solution’ will still be the same. Because it’s really not about the facts at all. And it’s really not about the climate at all.  It’s not even about safe driving at all.  It’s about a centralization of power and money in their hands.  Once you understand the solution, the stories they tell make perfect sense.
*If you’re interested in the climate “debate” at all, I highly recommend you spend a bit of time at Steve Goddard’s Deplorable Climate Science Blog.  You may already grok how corrupt climate science has become, but I’d bet you’ll still be shocked by the audacity.
** Technically, they didn’t forget about it, they just denied that they ever promoted it.

El Borak is an historian by training, an IT Director by vocation, and a writer when the mood strikes him. He lives in rural Kansas with his wife of thirty years, where he works to fix the little things.


  1. “100% of net global warming in the past century is the result of data tampering”
    Data tampering paid for by taxpayers. Criminal.

    • All the professionals who lied should have all their credentials revoked.
      Then, their names should be placed on a shame list.
      Then, they should be tried for racketeering.

  2. Actually, I’m thinking that the zombie apocalypse might be the cause of the rise in traffic accidents. People might be driving more to avoid all the zombies.

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