At some point we must accept that mere deportation does not work. I mean, what do they have to lose? You sneak across the border, you suck away as much of America’s resources as you can. If and when you eventually get caught, all that happens is a free plane ride back to your home country so you can sneak right back in and start the whole process over.

They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It is time to make illegal immigration more risky.

The Hard Right Proposes:

  • Crossing the border illegally will be a felony with a jail sentence of one year for the first offense.  and with escalating penalties for each offense thereafter.
  • Illegal immigrants caught in the US will also be subject to property seizure. Whatever they have gained and built while here, they have done so illegally and thus they do not rightfully own it.  Proceeds from these seizures will be specifically used to build and maintain the wall and for further border patrol and immigration expenses. A fund may also be setup to compensate those directly harmed by illegal immigrant crime.
  • Open and maintain a system of border exits from the US where those here illegally can flee without fear of being arrested at the border. The object after all is not to arrest them. The object is to get them to leave voluntarily.

It is time we stop calling them deportees and start calling them felons.

Now, the first obvious complaint this plan raises is cost. How can we afford to jail millions of people?

The answer is we won’t have to. The law must be written in such a fashion that gives those here illegally the chance to get out on their own. So once the law is signed there should be a 6 week grace period where those who want to leave and avoid the possibility of jail can do so.

Solving the demographic problem is not that hard. Solving the immigration problem is not that hard. This one simple bill would do it.

We call on the Congress of the United States to enact legislation to this effect. They have to go back. The Hard Right solution is not the only solution. Its just the cheapest, most compassionate, and least violent solution.

We are the Hard Right.



Or get the Hell out of the way.