Khazars, Communists, and These United States, Part 2

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According to the “Jewish Conspiracy” theorists, what I routinely call the conspiracy for world government is run by Jews, proof of which is the presence on the roster of many Jewish names. And those names are certainly there. Why would this surprise anyone? There have been (in)famous Jewish gangsters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky. Jews are as good (and as bad) as anyone else. They are into everything; why not the conspiracy? It would be surprising if no Jews were there.

Indeed, has it occurred to anyone to observe that there are many, many more “Christian” than “Jewish” names on the conspiracy’s rolls? Why? Obviously because there are many more “Christians.” For every Heinz Kissinger we name,

Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger 

we could probably name three or four Jimbo Carters and Juan McCains. If we are going to decide what kind of conspiracy it is based on a conspirator’s ethnic and religious origin, shouldn’t we more accurately call it a “Christian” conspiracy? Just asking.

I don’t want to get controversial here. Stalin started out as a Christian seminarian named Djugashvili, presumably studying to be a priest, but he developed a proclivity to bank robbery. Could we safely assume he was not a Jew? But you certainly would not call him a Christian. Hitler came to us from Christian antecedents. Would you call him a Christian? The sensible answer appears to be that when such psychopaths enter the world conspiracy, they no longer qualify for that humble status.

For the same reason, the man who raped that lady and bit her lip bloody while he was Arkansas attorney general, loves to appear in public with a big Bible. No one with any sense would call him a Christian. We know from the inside that Jorge W. Boosh ridicules Christians in private, giving the lie to the preposterous theory that he is a Christian. Question: If Christians lose that status when the conspiracy recruits them, why does not the same principle apply to Jews? Why are the Christians no longer Christians, but the Jews remain Jews? Just asking.

Much of the commentary I have seen on the subject is written by outsiders with a chain saw to grind and it treats Jews as a homogeneous group. Is this not odd? In the non-Jewish population there is every disparity and disagreement. There have been Christians killing each other in war and at the stake. There is Arkansas rapist Clinton on one hand and sublime Christian gentleman and warrior Robert E. Lee on the other.

The clue that tells us something is wrong is that much of the discussion concerns “the Jews,” as if all Jews agree about everything important. It is obvious that “the Jews” are a propaganda concoction, skillfully manipulated by con men, in the same way that the totally discredited shakedown artist from Chicago and the sharpster with the hair claim to speak for thirty million black people in this country. “The Negro believes . . . .” Remember?

We have already seen that there is enormous disagreement among Jews on the subject of Zionism. The number of Jews who oppose it is huge. Most people don’t know that because our Communist media suppress it. Widespread understanding of that fact would dramatically change the Zionist debate. It would certainly dilute Zionism’s value as a propaganda weapon the conspiracy for world government has effectively used.


The children of Israel murmured against Moses. The Lord had to swallow them up. My King James Version of scripture says Jesus is a Jew. The “Jewish Conspiracy” folks say He isn’t. My Strong’s Concordance includes innumerable references to “Jews.” The “Jewish Conspiracy” folks say scripture does not. They are furious because Jews colluded in the execution of Jesus, which according to scripture is certainly true – the Jews responsible boasted about it – but at the same time they say “the Jews” did not exist. So were “the Jews” responsible for the execution of Jesus or not?

Christianity began inside Judaism. All the first Christians were Jews. They believed Jesus was the Messiah they awaited. Other Jews opposed them. Stephen was a Jew. Other Jews stoned him. Saul, a Jew, an accessory to the murder, became Paul. Three thousand Jews saw the light and became Christians. Christians were not called “Christians” before Antioch. They were simply Jews who believed.

For centuries, Christians killed each other. Hindus kill Christians and Muslims. Muslims kill everyone, including other Muslims. Everyone knows this. What has been suppressed is the sorry fact that Jews kill Jews. Indeed, the dispute among Jews about Zionism and other issues is more of a civil war than a disagreement, a literal civil war that is deadly.

Again, for the reason cited above, few people, even few Jews, are aware of it. Marvin Antelman is a scientist in New England; he is an American patriot, a Jew, a rabbi and a Zionist. His book, in two volumes is To Eliminate the Opiate (Santa Monica, Zionist Book Club, 2007).

To Eliminate the Opiate Vol. 2

I believe I do not exaggerate (maybe a bit) when I say that you have little chance of understanding all this until you read it. Not only is the rabbi brilliant; he is also a Zionist who passionately opposes the conspiracy for world government and has risked life and business in the battle. For instance, Rabbi Antelman was the head of a Bet Din, a Jewish court that excommunicated Soviet agent Heinz Kissinger. Did you know about that? Hmm! Why not? Everything I am telling you here comes from newly published volume two.

By now, we know that the Communists have infiltrated all religions. They do that because Stalin discovered the “attack from without” utterly failed. The more clergymen he killed, the more they sprang up. He reversed his strategy, implementing the new “attack from within.” Instead of killing priests, he sent secret policemen into the church, where they pretended to be priests. Over the years, the Soviets have infiltrated all the Christian denominations. That is the reason so many churches appear to have gone crazy. See also my book, The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles, where I discuss Soviet infiltration of religion in detail.

Stalin did the same thing to the Jews. Apostate “Rabbi” Alexander Bittleman helped mastermind the murder of Trotsky in Mexico. Two Communist “Jews” helped Stalin bring Hitler to power in Germany, after which Stalin killed them. The KGB operated a Yeshiva (a Jewish school) to train “rabbis” in Romania. One of its graduates was the chief “rabbi” of Kiev.

These are just a few of endless examples. These people were not Jews, just as the handsome, charming, perfumed fraud in the robes on the KGB payroll was not a Russian Orthodox priest. (Antelman, p. 63) Stalin was planning to exterminate all Jews in the Soviet Union. The trains and the equipment were ready when he died. (P. 70) Had he not died when he did, we would be hearing about Holocaust II.

David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel. Ben-Gurion killed thousands of Jews. What? The prime minister of Israel killed thousands of Jews? Yes, Pilgrim. If you exclude Titus and Hitler, you would probably find it hard to name someone who killed more Jews than he did. First, he was among those who sabotaged attempts to get Jews out of Hitler Europe. So, he shared culpability for their murders. He collaborated with the English to hunt down Jews trying to get into Palestine.

The Altalena was a ship loaded with five thousand rifles, four million rounds of ammo, thousands of bombs, submachine guns and vehicles, along with nine hundred soldiers. On June 22, 1948, during Israel’s War for Independence, the Altalena put ashore at a beach about twenty miles north of Tel Aviv. While the Jews who had brought all this ordnance struggled to unload, Ben-Gurion’s “Jews” ambushed them, opened fire, killing and maiming, and sank the Altalena with its cargo. (P. 163) The Jews fighting for independence did not receive it.

Why would Ben-Gurion do all this? He and his colleagues, like Golda Meir, Yitzak Rabin, Shimon Peres & Co., were Reds, active in the Socialist International, who paraded under red flags on May Day.

David Ben-Gurion

Communism was obviously more important to these traitors than anything else. Rabin for instance sent police to beat up religious Jews, threw rabbis into jail and even tried to intimidate Jews in the United States. If being a Jew is a matter of what you believe, he was clearly not a Jew.

Antelman writes that religious Jews immigrating to Israel “were shocked to find that their children had been kidnapped and sold for adoption, to line the coffers of the national socialist party of Israel, called the Histadrut.” (P. 219) An investigator was able to prove five thousand such kidnappings. Rabin threw him into jail for six years. Hint: How do you say “national socialist” in German?

Now, what about the big names in the “Jewish Conspiracy,” the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Morgenthaus, etc.? In the Antelman book (p. 166), we read that they strenuously opposed Zionism, opposed creation of a Jewish state. When they saw they couldn’t stop it, they came aboard and took control.

Remember that Nazism and Communism are two versions of the same thing. On page 215 of the Antelman book there is a picture of a Nazi Labor Day emblem. On it are the hammer and sickle and a likeness of the young Karl Marx. On May 1, 1927, Hitler said this: “We are socialists. We are enemies of today’s capitalistic system . . . .” Indeed, Nobel Prize economist Friedrich Hayek reports that as late as February, 1941, Hitler said, “Basically National Socialism and Marxism are the same.”

No doubt this helps explain why Communist “Jews” could collaborate with Adolf, even in the destruction of real Jews. Antelman writes for instance of just one incident in which they purposely sabotaged the rescue of 120,000 Jews (p. 218) Remember also that Karl Marx hated Jews and expressed that hatred regularly in the pages of Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune. Marx was the author of A World Without Jews.

Marx said this: “The law of the Jew, lacking all solid foundation, is only a religious caricature of morality and of law in general, but it provides the formal rites in which the world of property clothes its transactions.” Compare that to this statement by Hitler: “What is the object of the Jew’s worship in this world? Usury. What is his worldly god? Money. . . . The bill of exchange is the Jew’s real God. . . .” Oh, excuse me, did I say Hitler said that? No, I misspoke. Marx said it as well.

Obviously, all this is a lot more complicated than our Communist media tell us it is. And I have given you just a few examples. First, there is no such thing as “the Jews.” Jewry includes different kinds of Jews, just as Christianity includes different kinds of Christians. There are religious Jews who oppose Zionism. There are just as religious Jews who favor Zionism. Rabbi Antelman is one of them.

There are Jews who endorse assimilation in the nations where they live; there are Jews who oppose it. There are Communist “Jews” who pretend to be Jews to garner support and raise funds in Hollyweird from dumb Jews like Barbra. These are the kinds of “Jews” who have run Israel from the beginning almost all the time and who presumably belong to what Jesus, King of the Jews, called the “synagogue of Satan.”

There are passionately anti-Communist, patriotic Jews like Rabbi Antelman. There are “Jews” at the top of the conspiracy for world government. And there are Jews who vigorously oppose them. Did I leave anyone out? So, if anyone starts talking about “the Jews,” you can be pretty sure he either is ignorant or is a conspirator himself.

More and more it emerges that Jews are the victims, not the perpetrators of the conspiracy. Most Jews have never heard of any conspiracy, “Jewish” or otherwise. But don’t waste precious time presenting all this to a “Jewish conspiracy” believer. In my experience, that belief is not a mere disagreement about the facts; it is a derangement that is usually incurable.

You will notice that however much evidence you present, the victim is uninterested, because his belief is not based on the facts. He will respond by repeating that so-and-so’s real name is really this and that. Of course, the conspiracy for world government uses this weapon brilliantly – and may even have devised it – to confuse and neutralize opposition.

So, if I am so smart, what’s my solution to the mess in the Middle East? What should we do about the bomb there waiting to explode? Sadly, I am not that smart. But I do have the perfect solution for the people of the United States. And it looks as if you will have to wait another week to hear it.

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