Beast Life -Reverse Grip Cable Row

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This exercise should round out the base of your back routine, along with the T-bar row and the pull up. Most gyms have a row station. But usually folks will go for a hammer grip or a over hand grip. The reverse grip will put focus on parts of your back that only get lightly touched during the other exercises, like the mid and lower parts.
You will want to put the lat-pull bar on the cable. Sit in the station seat. If it has foot pads, put your feet in then. Lean forward and grab the bar underhandedly, at a wide grip about where the bend is in the bar. Now push back with your legs until they are mostly straight, while straightening your back up to a full up right position. Keeping your back tensed against the weight, pinch your shoulders back, and start to pull. At a full pull, you may not be able to touch your chest, but this is your goal. When your set is complete, let the weights pull your torso forward, let your legs bend, and set the weights down. Don’t be a fag and let them slam. No body is impressed with how hard  you work out when you do this. They just think you’re a retard. A retard who can’t handle their shit.

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